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(Local6) Video Video of strange object flying through sky shot by TV news photgrapher   ( divider line
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352 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Oct 2002 at 4:40 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-29 09:53:41 AM  
2002-10-29 11:17:12 AM  
Oh, what a biatch that anchor poodle woman is...

die hairdo ! die !
2002-10-29 11:30:02 AM  
It's a video of a farking bug flying by the camera.
2002-10-29 11:46:55 AM  
"It seems to be long and narrow and symmetrical and traveled at a high speed"

or it's short, small and traveling 3 feet in front of the cameras lens at a very low rate of speed. Basically what Balrog said.
2002-10-29 01:29:01 PM  
Pull your head out!!! It's a farking ROD!!!

2002-10-29 04:51:05 PM  
man would i give to be a photgrapher right about now..they get all the chicks...them phots need to be graphed, and how!
2002-10-29 04:51:30 PM  
Small bird or insect flying low and in front of the camera.

That Air Force guy is an idiot.
2002-10-29 04:52:05 PM  
anyone else notice that they attempted to use html tags in the title of the window?
2002-10-29 04:52:18 PM  
using Dumbass;

if (object == UNKNOWN)
object = ALIEN;
2002-10-29 04:53:38 PM  
What the fark is a rod supposed to be anyway? Gee that makes SO MUCH farkING SENSE! Since you know, OBJECT SHAPES are always found FLYING AROUND. OMG I looked up yesterday and found a SPHERE! Holy shiat! A SPHERE! SPHERES ARE ALIVE MAN!

No, sorry, it's a farking bug.

My favorite bit is that they say on that page that the object is METALLIC. Well, they obviously know everything about that! It's metallic, they're sure of it!
2002-10-29 04:54:01 PM  
Sure. Send it to the FBI. I'm sure they'll tell the news station the truth if it's a UFO, aren't you? :)
2002-10-29 04:54:52 PM  
It's the RODS, the RODS! Ya see, if you have your vid-ee-oh camera set up just right, the right frames per secand and all, ya can get a cool video of a bird or a flying I mean a ROD! Yeah that's it, a ROD! And the darn government NEVER admits that they can pick these things up on radar either!
It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

Turned the tape over to the FBI!?

2002-10-29 04:55:25 PM  
It was someone jerking off in front of the camera with the money shot coming 2 feet from the lens !
Not that I've ever done that sort of thing, no ....
2002-10-29 04:57:34 PM  
Someone call Art Bell quick!
2002-10-29 04:57:34 PM  
Was it the Ambiguously Gay Duo?
2002-10-29 04:57:57 PM  
Unidentified Fecal Object. Head is up ass.
2002-10-29 04:58:45 PM  
feh, its a bug, what a farking moron.


2002-10-29 04:58:53 PM
2002-10-29 04:59:06 PM  
Bah, swamp gas; Hornet Spooklight
2002-10-29 05:00:46 PM  
did you read about that guy and the cat?

In Case You Missed It

that guy's got to be mental:
/where are my keys??? where are my damn keys??? fluffy, if you did something with my keys... where are my farking keys?
2002-10-29 05:01:54 PM  
In rod we trust

2002-10-29 05:02:00 PM  
Would have been more interesting if they showed more of the `ufo` and less of the people's faces yapping.
2002-10-29 05:02:06 PM  
The Inanimate Carbon Rod!
2002-10-29 05:02:55 PM  
Yeah, it is a 'rod'. Rods are bugs.
2002-10-29 05:03:37 PM  
its a WWW. MOTH Dot COM
2002-10-29 05:04:30 PM

While i don't support the whole " OMG!OMG! UFO!!!!111" reactions, there have been similar sightings. Be afraid...
2002-10-29 05:04:35 PM  
You are all cynics. Not EVERYTHING is completely known by science yet. Rods are weird and hard to explain. Checkout .

Try to have an open mind. ( I personally think they are insects that photograph in an unusual way, but there are other theories)
2002-10-29 05:04:40 PM  
Quick someone tell me if France Surrendered?
2002-10-29 05:05:21 PM  
This in irrevocable proof that there is no God and that evolution is fact and that abortion is good for the economy of poor down-trodden african-albino gays.
2002-10-29 05:06:26 PM  
It's gotta be a bug. A single video frame probably captured two full wing beats and corresponding horizontal travel. It's a bug.

Sure is nice to know we're spending tax money having the FBI looking at bugs on video.
2002-10-29 05:06:45 PM  
uhhhhh, ok. Why are these UFOs always so damn...obscure? Wait. Wait. don't answer that.
2002-10-29 05:06:47 PM  
Also I was wondering, how could the cat have "lost his keys" if this cat was a STRAY?!
2002-10-29 05:07:37 PM  
"It seems to be long and narrow and symmetrical and traveled at a high speed," "Jeez it looks like a giant..."
"Willy! get over here! holy crap that looks just like a.."
2002-10-29 05:07:38 PM  
2002-10-29 05:07:51 PM  
Could just be the freaking space station, although I'm not sure what latitude it is currently visible from. otherwise its probably some secret government satelite, assuming it isn't just a bug.

BTW how did this article get through the submission queue when the article linked on that page about the guy who tortured a cat and ate its tail because it "misplaced his keys" didn't get through the queue, at least that article is interesting
2002-10-29 05:08:32 PM  
Art Bell has had this video on his site since he announced his retirement, again.
2002-10-29 05:08:34 PM  
I think its a elecromagnetic "rod" that happens all the time in nature. I watched a show on it with a lot of cool shots of a rod zig zaging all around people its not a bug at least.
2002-10-29 05:09:04 PM  
Yeah these things have been filmed caught on video before... for years they have been seen.

But as far as I know they have never been seen on regular film cameras... so they might be some type of video illusion.
2002-10-29 05:10:14 PM  
that was the worse reporting job i have ever heard
2002-10-29 05:10:54 PM  
I bet its a secret government spy plane with a sophisticated cloaking device used to photograph our personal lives and map our habits, all in preparation for the upcoming 1984-like regime dedicated to preventing deviant thought through threats, clever propaganda and mass manipulation of the media after the "war on terrorism" creates the necessary air of "perpetual war," to cause enough love for your country that you fail to see what's really going on.

Whoa. I need to go home and have a martini, or something. Sorry 'bout that guys...
2002-10-29 05:11:36 PM  
Carolyn99 : I hope you submitted that...the hard choice would be which tag to use.
2002-10-29 05:12:10 PM  
farking idiots
2002-10-29 05:13:18 PM  
I keep trying to get my wife to play with my rod on video tape.
2002-10-29 05:14:37 PM  
all right, how come no one's posted the necessary image yet?
2002-10-29 05:15:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Don't worry, folks. It was just a bug.
2002-10-29 05:17:02 PM  
OK Art Bell has been talking about flying rods seen only on videotapes for about 5 years now. His site has pages and pages of the things and they look just like this one. No one knows what they are, but the theories abound and often suggest using tinfoil hats as protection from the rods.
2002-10-29 05:20:35 PM  
It looks like a microscope close up of a microbe in some water. *shrugs*
2002-10-29 05:20:35 PM  
seriously folks.

skolnick's plan b []
2002-10-29 05:21:48 PM  

Since when did you become an established media critic?

Maybe they are doing the best they can!
2002-10-29 05:21:49 PM  
How can you say it's a bug?! It's obviously an unidentified flying object from outer space!! It's proven!! What's wrong with you people?! ALIENS ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL!!
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