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(X-Entertainment)   Interview detailing Richard Harris' participation in Harry Potter before his death   ( cinecon.com) divider line
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2002-10-25 11:19:21 PM  
dont they know hes dead?....
2002-10-25 11:20:40 PM  
oh wait - we have to do TWO "sad that harris died" threads? Damn, I am still emotionally spent from the first one!
2002-10-25 11:21:29 PM  
2002-10-25 11:21:46 PM  
Yes, but will they use the vibrating broom on the next movie?
2002-10-25 11:22:10 PM  
Harry Potter is dead?
2002-10-25 11:24:06 PM  
aww that sucks, that guy was cool,

i wonder if this is going to stop them from making any more harry potter movies, anyone else as dumbledore just wouldn't be the same

RIP man, you will be missed
2002-10-25 11:24:37 PM  
All reports since then say he's responding really well to the treatment, and they guarantee that he'll be back.

Foot, meet mouth.
2002-10-25 11:28:25 PM  
yawn....snores.....falls into a deep sleep to wake in 2014 and an article debating whether JK Rowling is suffering writers block on the eagerly awaiting 27th Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Wizards Pension...blah blah blah
2002-10-25 11:29:11 PM  
why does it say it links to XE ?
2002-10-25 11:29:37 PM  
yeah, heh, i guess my comment would better suit the article a few threads down, ohwell, it'd be buried there, here its near the top
2002-10-25 11:55:47 PM  
I just watched Harry Potter five times in a row with my son, and who is Dumbledore? I had a crush on the tall guy who was supposed to be the bad guy, but he really wasn't, and Harry Potter thought he was trying to steal the stone, but he wasn't...boy, I need a date.
2002-10-26 12:06:14 AM  
Albus Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts, the really old guy.

Read the books, dangit!
2002-10-26 12:07:09 AM  
dumbledore is the wizard looking guy with the long white beard, pointy hat and great voice, and i think you're referring to prof. snape, don't know who that guy was

yeah i'm that much of a dork, read all 4 books already, ugh
2002-10-26 12:18:57 AM  
I beat all comers on dorkiness: I read all 4 books.....in 40 hours. Had a weekend at college where everyone went away, but my parents were too cheap to get me a plane ticket home, so I had to stay. So, I read. Alot.
2002-10-26 12:20:29 AM  
WHY XE?????
2002-10-26 12:34:23 AM  
Professor Snape: Alan Rickman (also of Dogma, Galaxy Quest, and other movies as well)
2002-10-26 12:35:10 AM  
Snape was played by Alan Rickman, also known for Dogma, Galaxy Quest, and Robin Hood - Prince of thieves.
2002-10-26 12:36:31 AM  
Damn you, Data, and damn your faster refresh time...
2002-10-26 12:56:09 AM  
I might be wrong, but it looks like X-E Matt wrote the article, or had the interview here or something. Maybe he'll find this thread and tell us himself.
2002-10-26 01:20:23 AM  
after surfing XE site I found that Matt did indeed write this article.
2002-10-26 02:19:58 AM  
heh, ohyeah, that guy, apparently i do know who snape was, ohwell
2002-10-26 08:36:33 AM  
Cryinoutloud: Snape? Do you have the hots for Trent Reznor as well? ;-) ps: watch "Dogma", he exposes himself... heh, in a manner of speaking.
2002-10-26 08:56:21 AM  
Richard Harris is DEAD????
2002-10-26 09:31:31 AM  
Since he must be replaced, I put my vote in for Sir Ian McKellan.

Sure, he's also playing Gandalf in the LOTR trilogy, but hands down he's one kick-ass actor that could fill the role perfectly.

RIP Richard. :(
2002-10-26 10:01:53 AM  
Yes, I did write this interview. Obviously seemed like a sore subject for these guys. The conference with the kids should be up on Cinecon tomorrow.
2002-10-26 10:14:33 AM  
He is great as Dumbledore, but my favorite is as English Bob in unforgiven.

A story he used to tell:

Him and Peter O'Toole were in a play together in London. There was a long scene that neither had a part in, so they would sneek across the street to a pub to drink beer. One day they stayed too long and drank too much, and had to sprint back to the theater. Harris comes stumbling on stage, trips, and falls into the lap of a lady sitting in the first row. She says "My God, Harris is drunk!" and Harris replies "Madam, if you think I'm drunk, you should see O'Toole!"
2002-10-26 10:32:07 AM  
Interview detailing Richard Harris' participation in Harry Potter before his death

...because interviewing him after his death would be a yawn of an interview.
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