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(   Courtney Love is abusing Nirvana's legacy for her own gain   ( divider line
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2002-10-25 11:02:12 PM  
In other news, Courtney Love hasn't released anything relevant since "Live Through This", so needs to go to hell in steadfast manner.
2002-10-26 12:45:38 AM  
Big deal. Everyone hates Yoko Ono, too. What's old is new again.
2002-10-26 12:46:09 AM  
Why do people keep posting things about this nasty skank? Its a tough race between her and lil miss aguilera for nastiest skank
2002-10-26 12:46:52 AM  
yeah but courtney's got mucho experience.

christina is new to the game...well, publicly anyway
2002-10-26 12:47:08 AM  
This is what happens when you are untalented, but lucky enough to get impregnated by a guy that managed to change the music industry almost overnight.
2002-10-26 12:50:41 AM  
Um, yeah.....and this just in - water's wet...
2002-10-26 12:52:58 AM  
She's just the small business version of the RIAA.
2002-10-26 12:53:04 AM  
This is what happens when you are untalented, but lucky enough to get impregnated by a guy that managed to change the music industry almost overnight.

Whoa! I didn't know she got knocked up by the Napster.
2002-10-26 12:53:40 AM  
Courtney Love is soooo hot. Therefore, I am fine with her running Nirvana's legacy.

Better her than a bunch of suits sitting around a high-gloss table, tapping manicured fingernails while they listen to earnings statements based on how they sold "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as elevator music.
2002-10-26 12:53:50 AM  
Can we get her on O'Reilly for an old-fashioned stomping? I mean, if Fox News can cover Mariah Carey's choice of covers, they can certainly cover this.
2002-10-26 12:54:45 AM  
Cun*ney Love needs to eat a fist. Mine would be cool.
2002-10-26 12:55:34 AM  
"Live Through This" was an awesome album, some of Cobain's best work ;)
2002-10-26 12:56:04 AM  
It is unfair to say that Courtney Love is to Nirvana what Yoko Ono is to the Beatles - unfair to Yoko, that is.
That IS a good line though.
2002-10-26 12:57:09 AM  
Whoa! I didn't know she got knocked up by the Napster.

lol you dont remember much about big hair rock n roll do you?
2002-10-26 01:00:55 AM  
Courtney will not be able to flog her own diaries. Kurt Cobain is not around to write them.

Hey, Kurt didn't write ALL her music. I heard Billy Corgan wrote her last album.

(man, I miss those pumpkins)
2002-10-26 01:01:08 AM  
Isn't she about due to OD sometime soon? Not soon enough, if you ask me.
2002-10-26 01:01:11 AM  
Hmmm. 'Hole' kinda sums it up.
2002-10-26 01:01:14 AM  
"This is what happens when you are untalented, but lucky enough to get impregnated by a guy that managed to change the music industry almost overnight."

Their relationship was much deeper than that. Their love for each other was only surpassed by their love of heroin and alcohol induced stupors.
2002-10-26 01:02:32 AM  
I think this one *definitely* wins the "DUH" award for the morning...

2002-10-26 01:03:16 AM  
Id hit it, but i would make it hurt cuz ya know shes a biatch.
2002-10-26 01:05:21 AM  
I'd hit it with Weazel's woozle.
2002-10-26 01:07:29 AM  
I was not informed of this woozle.
2002-10-26 01:13:44 AM  
I hope she chokes to death on one of her own implants.
2002-10-26 01:16:02 AM  
Kurt & Courtney: Most untalented musical couple since Sonny & Cher.
2002-10-26 01:19:59 AM  
Aqua, now there's a band with talent!
2002-10-26 01:21:00 AM  
Okay... first off, I think it's unfair to drag Yoko into this at all, she has nothing to do with it. Yoko has done nothing but treat her husband's legacy with supreme grace and dignity and god bless her. 99% of you have never heard her groundbreaking, influential albums from the early 70's, which were truly great and featured such greats as Lennon, Ringo Starr, and Eric Clapton backing her up, just to name a few. Don't dis Yoko before you truly investigate her magic. It's true.

As far as Courtney, I think Live Through This and Celebrity Skin are both great albums, if you can seperate all the gossip and antics from the music. As far as her exploiting Kurt, it's probably bullshiat. Isn't she the one that tried to prevent Kurt from being exploited by the record company in the first place? They were ready to rush out a "product" to cash in -- blame the record company, not her for exploiting Kurt.

I say : Courtney rocks! She's one of the only people around in the music industry that still subscribes a bit to the original punk rock ethos: fark the man!
2002-10-26 01:22:33 AM  
Believe me, she farked the man. And his brother, and his father, and his father's dog. All at the same time.
2002-10-26 01:25:20 AM  
2002-10-26 01:26:31 AM  
Legacy? Yeah. Right. Anyway this disgusts me. I wish it were illegal somehow. I don't even like Nirvana that much but this is just preposterous.
2002-10-26 01:28:11 AM  

I recently saw a Yoko video. Well, I saw part of it. I don't know what song it was because I was unable to understand the screeching and wailing. It appeared to be 70's judging by the clothes, but I'm afraid I couldn't stand more than 30 seconds before my children and I got scared.
2002-10-26 01:29:55 AM  
I'd do her.
2002-10-26 01:31:09 AM  
OrangeTV - You do realize that we're talking about Courtney Love, don't you?
2002-10-26 01:33:08 AM  
Andonbray: I think the question everyone wants answered is whether you'd hit it or not.
2002-10-26 01:34:46 AM  
I watched a documentary called "Kurt and Courtney" and there was this scene where the filmmaker met up with one of Love's old boyfriends from years back, some washed up punk rocker in Portland who blamed her for destroying his career. Anyway, he started talking about how Love used to always make lists of stuff, of which some of them he kept. One list had things like marry a rock star, act in movies and meet Michael Stipe. Pretty farked.
2002-10-26 01:34:49 AM  
This is an old review of, "Celebrity Skin" from the Space Ghost site when it was funny.
This is one of the best reviews I've ever read

So Courtney Love comes skipping back to the rock world after three
>years of hobnobbing with trainers, designers and other assorted
>Hollywood creeps. Guess what, Courtney? Zorak doesn't want you back!
>Stay over there with your cardio-theater Stairmaster buddies. You and
>your carrot juice. I officially declare this Hole is empty. Or is it
>Smashing Hole? Because it sounds like someone married Billy Corgan and
>spawned Stevie Nicks as a love child! How lame is it? Corgan co-wrote
>five songs. But that's not all that's wrong with it. On her way to the
>next script meeting, it seems Courtney left her anger and hate in the
>closet, over behind the baby doll dresses and ripped stockings. This
>pathetic album just proves my theory that girls are made of daisies
>and lip gloss and want nothing more than a day in the sun putting
>plants in their hair and washing clothes. Never, in all my years, has
>an album failed so miserably to live up to the promise of its song
>titles. I mean, look at some of these. "Celebrity Skin." That should
>be about starting a collection! "Awful." Exactly. "Hit so Hard." With
>a wimpy stick, sounds like! "Dying." I thought I was while listening
>to this garbage! "Use Once And Destroy." That's exactly what I did
>with your CD! I burned it, stomped on it, jeered at it and ate it!
>Tell me something Courtney, just how many Stevie Nicks do we need in
>the world? Don't answer! It was a rhetorical question, like, "Is this
>album any good?" The answer is obviously no! You, Miss Love, are a
>traitor. Do not speak to Zorak!
2002-10-26 01:34:51 AM  
FifthColuman - You know, I'd have to take a pass on it. I have standards. Not many but some.
2002-10-26 01:36:59 AM  
Well there goes the entire conversation.

Who would hit it, then?
2002-10-26 01:38:14 AM  
She's always struck me as a second-rate hack. I don't know what (besides a rather striking body) Cobain ever saw in that skank.

"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." No truer words were ever spoken about this case.
2002-10-26 01:38:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-26 01:41:59 AM  
Recording industry whore - literally and figuratively. 'Nuff said.

And Yoko groundbreaking? HA! That's the funniest thing I've read on fark in a while. Thanks for the laughs, man. :)
2002-10-26 01:42:45 AM  
You must be blind, Fifth!

I would!

i will take this back tomorrow and deny I ever said it
2002-10-26 01:43:57 AM  
Looks like a good way to get a venereal disease.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-26 01:45:28 AM  
Quote war, eh?

"There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on."--Robert Byrne
2002-10-26 01:45:43 AM  
Like I said, she's well put together, no one denies that. But man o man, I wouldn't touch that with a level 5 biohazard suit and a flamethrower.
2002-10-26 01:46:22 AM  
Yoko was a symptom, but Courtney Love was the disease. If it wasn't for her I believe Kurt Cobain would still be making music today.
2002-10-26 01:46:55 AM  
"The path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom" -- Blake

Ok so he wasn't all that prophetic...
2002-10-26 01:50:20 AM  
"Asparagus makes your piss stink." -- Patton

Tell it like it is.
2002-10-26 01:52:01 AM  
"Of course you'll have a bad impression of the place if all you focus on are the pimps and the CHUDs." - Marge
2002-10-26 01:54:28 AM  
That's one of the things I enjoy about asparagus.
2002-10-26 01:56:37 AM  
Andonbray; fark you! You know nobody can beat Patton, cheater
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