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(Yahoo)   French archeologist insists on being removed from Tomb Raider.   ( divider line
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1858 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Aug 2001 at 4:20 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-08-03 04:29:33 PM  
If I was put in that really shiatty movie, I would be pissed too.

And, Boobies.
2001-08-03 04:34:33 PM  
He's actually in the game, not the movie. I don't see why they can't have the character's name and face-skin changed in the next patch.
2001-08-03 04:38:56 PM  
Because he's a stupid whiner. I'm sure non of his little archeologist friends are in computer games. He's the first on his block!
2001-08-03 04:43:15 PM  
I would have been flattered to have been featured in a comptuer game.

But, hey, its the French.
2001-08-03 04:47:49 PM  
he also found some shipwreck from the battle of the Nile (Even though it never took place in the Nile)
2001-08-03 04:47:57 PM  
Stop whining. Bathe.
2001-08-03 05:05:21 PM  
Oh who cares, he'll give up soon.

(Had to be said)
2001-08-03 09:13:32 PM  
how is this "silly"? he was put into a game without his permission, and he's complaining about it.
2001-08-03 10:11:09 PM  
He's pissed about a game that came out a couple of years ago. TR was already making money, but now that it's on the big screen Frenchie probably figured he could make a buck.
2001-08-03 10:51:10 PM  
I submitted this as silly. It seemed like a coincidence, and the guy was biatchin' about it. Seems silly to me, but I'm pretty naive. *g*
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