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(ESPN)   "I don't think the refs understand the rules" says Wings whiner Brett Hull   ( espn.go.com) divider line
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2002-10-25 04:37:26 AM  
hull is a biatch.
2002-10-25 04:38:42 AM  
I think he has a legitimate gripe. He isn't the only player that feels this way.
2002-10-25 04:39:52 AM  
Wings Whiner?
He's right. He isn't whining.
2002-10-25 04:40:04 AM  
Brett Hull should look at what happens in professional wrestling. Are those refs blind, or what? I mean, they like let people into the ring who aren't even supposed to be fighting. And illegal weapons! ...don't get me started on illegal weapons.

Wrestlers have it tough. Hull should quit whining.
2002-10-25 04:41:31 AM  
"The fine for criticizing officials in the NHL is $1,000"

Holy Sheepshiat! Let's take up a collection for these poor souls!
2002-10-25 04:42:23 AM  
That's funny shiat, Scrotar
2002-10-25 04:44:47 AM  
He's right about the blue lines.
And the Kings tying the Wings? Please.

The fine for criticizing officials in the NHL is $1,000. For coaches, it's $10,000.

That is insane.
2002-10-25 04:45:20 AM  
I have been waiting for a long time to see Brett Hull with that dumbass logo beside his name - but this time it's misplaced. He and others have a valid point.
2002-10-25 04:50:17 AM  
Sweater Girl - Heh. I don't follow hockey... what's obstruction? I can't really tell if their complaints are valid or not.
2002-10-25 04:58:02 AM  
It's holding a player who's off the puck, been going on for years. Hockey is the sport that they made HiDef widescreen tv's for. You can see all the action.
2002-10-25 05:00:37 AM  
Scroter Come to the dark side;)
Hockey is the most fun sport to follow!
2002-10-25 05:03:13 AM  
"Hockey is the most fun sport to follow!"

This is true. I even watched a Flyers game tonight. A Flyers game!
2002-10-25 05:05:43 AM  
I even watched a Flyers game tonight. A Flyers game!

And still I have faith in you.

2002-10-25 05:12:53 AM  
Pornosaur - Ah, thanks!

Sweater Girl - Must.. resist.. peer pressure
2002-10-25 05:13:31 AM  
I would say any complaint by a RedWing is valid though just as a general rule.
2002-10-25 05:14:16 AM  
Finally someone is coming out and saying what we have been screaming at the TV's for years.

Fuhrer Bettman wont do anything about the damn officials being spectators rather than actually making a call. The last game between the Kings and Avs, I think Andy Murray should have took his team off the bench to the locker room in protest and forfeit the game. Now that would have been cool!

Pro Wrestling... give me a farking break!
2002-10-25 05:17:16 AM  
Sweater Girl - It was the only game that I could find on TV. I don't get to see my beloved Stars play until Monday.
2002-10-25 05:18:44 AM  
Whispers into Scrotars ear..we all float down here
2002-10-25 05:21:29 AM  
Sweater Girl will you will whisper in my ear before I go to bed?
2002-10-25 05:21:52 AM  
Andonbray Didn't the Stars play tonight?
My wires may be crossed. I like to keep an eye on fellow Cup winners;)
2002-10-25 05:23:26 AM  
Night Pornosaur and fellow farkers. I need to go to sleep now
2002-10-25 05:26:09 AM  
Sweater Girl - Yup, they played but the game wasn't broadcast here. I'm too cheap to shuck out the $170 for the Center Ice Channels.
2002-10-25 05:30:37 AM  
No game at the bar Andonbray? Thats where I see most of my Wings games.
2002-10-25 05:36:08 AM  
Porno - Nah, I'm to too big into the bar scene anymore. Too many amateur drunks there. They tend to piss me off and I wind up getting arrested for assault. I don't ever get arrested at home.
2002-10-25 05:37:02 AM  
Not - NOT too big into the bar scene anymore.
2002-10-25 05:41:55 AM  
I agree with Hull. So scoring is up, big deal. I find the game worse to watch when there's a penalty every 20 seconds. It's dumb. I enjoy fast paced and wide open hockey, not a full game of My Power Play vs Your Power Play. Not cool.
2002-10-25 05:58:11 AM  
If Hull hadn't left St. Louis...he wouldn't be a whinning Red Wing biatch.
2002-10-25 05:58:55 AM  
Hull is the youngest crotchety old man in sports. He isn't happy if he isn't biatching about something.

I hope the refs don't do what they've done in the past and bow down to the pressure from a few whiney players and coaches. I don't mind a extra two or three powerplays a game if it means a faster, firewagon-type hockey that was going on in the 80's. That's the way hockey is supposed to be played. I still don't like Jacques Lemaire and the Devil's for what they did to the game in the 90's.

Right now everybody needs to back off the refs. Sure they're a bit inconsistant, but fans and coaches are giving the players a break when they take an obstruction penalty because they haven't gotten used to it yet, so why not give the refs the same courtesy?
2002-10-25 06:21:49 AM  
First of all what Hull is trying to do is get the game BACK to a free flowing brand of hockey like in the 80's. I don't really feel the refs are at fault cause the obstruction rule is an objective call and it is gonna take them a while to call it consistently like Highway said. I personally don't like most of the new rules or how they are being enforced. If they are gonna crack down on the obstruction they they should be doing a better job of controlling the diving. Now that the players know the refs are looking for any kind of contact I see more acting in the games than on T.V.

By creating these rules to speed up the game what the NHL is trying to do is manufacture a perfectly packaged scoring fest that they feel will bring in the ratings. Problem is some of the high scoring games are completely boring. Who wants to watch a game that is over by the first period? I prefer a coast to coast game, that stays competitive to the end.
2002-10-25 06:47:33 AM  
Brett Hull is a huge whiner. I don't understand his gripe. I've watched the last couple Blues games (his former team, my favorite team) and the officials in those games seemed to know how to call the penalties on obstruction. Other calls, not so much. But hey, you have to be leagally blind to qualify for being a ref. I think the DUMBASS logo goes with Mr. Hull quite nicely.
2002-10-25 07:13:29 AM  
While this is in no way meant to detract from the whiny nature of Mr. Hull, he has a point. I've seen pretty great inconsistency in what the refs are calling. Call it or don't call it, but be the same from team to team and game to game.

2002-10-25 07:42:02 AM  
[image from slapshot.20m.com too old to be available]

Yeah, let's get back to OLD TIME HOCKEY!

Eddie Shore!!!
2002-10-25 08:09:24 AM  
Hull should really just stop complaining. If the Wings are so chock full of talent as they claim, then they dont need to be holding people up in the first place. **news flash.. all you Farkers who want to see speedy hockey, what do you think these rules were put in place to assist to begin with?**

Oh wait, they're the WINGS..... they spend a lot of cash, and expect different treatment, like the Ranger$ do.

This is ironic coming from the same man, who's blatantly illegal goal was allowed when the Stars beat the Sabres for the puck. Oh yeah, that one.....

The thing is, the NHL says this bullshiat at the beginning of every year. By the all star break, it will be holding, hooking and grabbing as usual.
2002-10-25 08:15:12 AM  
The new rules will lead us to the promised land. Everyone wants a free-flowing gama a la the 80's? Fine.. first cut out the crap. The clutching, grabbing, etc. That will take a couple of years, and a lot of penalties will be called, to help the players re-adjust to the better style. Too many guys out there have made careers off the clutching and grabbing part of the game, and that needs to be fixed. In a year or two, once everyone's adjusted their style of play, things will be better.

For the record? I'm digging the new rules so far. Too many penalties? Too bad.. stop breaking the rules.

Brett Hull is the last person I'd listen to complain about anything.. farkin' traitor.
2002-10-25 08:22:41 AM  
Firstly, Hull's goal was not illegal. His skate clearly backed out of the crease before it went in. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Secondly, the Wings do not expect special treatment, that is just a whiney complaint made by fans of the lesser teams on a consistant basis. Waaa! The crackdown on obstruction WAS intended to speed up the game in the nuetral zone, and refs are not calling the penalties there. Simple as that.

If the Wings are so chock full of talent as they claim, then they dont need to be holding people up in the first place.

What does that mean? The Wings are the ones trying to skate freely, not hold people up. Have you even watched them play?

2002-10-25 08:26:04 AM  
I've seen pretty great inconsistency in what the refs are calling

*gasp* not the NHL refs!

seriously though some ref's like to dictate the outcome of the game and make their calls accordingly *cough*mustache man aka Bill McCreary
2002-10-25 08:31:41 AM  
At least he's not like Leafs coach Pat Quinn. "Waah! We're doing bad because we have a *gasp* 7 game home stand! I don't understand why the NHL hates us so. Waaah!"

Quinn is an asshat. Leafs suck. Sens rule.
2002-10-25 08:41:48 AM  
Well said BigHornBall. Secondly, I think Hull is right. The game was unpleasant to watch and the refs were making bad calls all night. Hull actually showed a lot of restraint when he made those comments. He was going berserk during the game. McCarty had to drag him back into the pentalty box at one point.
2002-10-25 08:42:54 AM  
Actually, Brian Burke(Vancouver GM) is the worst.

"Wahhh! We lose because our owners are cheap!"

I wanted to pimp slap that guy after the Wings blasted them out of the playoffs last year.
2002-10-25 08:45:40 AM  

I couldn't have said it better myself.

2002-10-25 08:49:29 AM  
Thanks 'tross. Just stating the facts. I don't know if people hate the Wings because of their success, or because whenever you go to a Wings game, anywhere, there are usually more Wings fans there than home team fans(did that come out right?). I suppose it could be both? ;-)

You're right, Hull was very restrained. That game was a farkin' farce.
2002-10-25 08:51:44 AM  
Umm, no, it wasnt. The refs let it go because the "celebration had already started".

Second, lets take a look at some penalty minutes across the league, to see just how unfairly the Wings are being treated.

away 53






Many other teams have significantly lower total PIM's. I'd say your team isnt adapting. Suck it up.
2002-10-25 08:55:39 AM  
"whenever you go to a Wings game, anywhere, there are usually more Wings fans there than home team fans(did that come out right?). "

That's because there are a lot of wagon jumper fans in the league, and/or sheep. This is why, if the Rangers ever start winning again, you'll see blue jerseys all over the place.

And I dont hate the Wings at all. I hate teams that think they deserve special treatment because of the $$ they spend.
2002-10-25 08:59:11 AM  

Hull's not saying that the Wings are being treated unfairly, he's saying (and I agree) that the players don't know what the fark not to do, because the penalty-calling is not consistent. The obstruction rule (is it even really a rule) is intended to open up the ice between the blue lines and the refs aren't calling them there, they're calling them in the defensive zones when they call them at all.

2002-10-25 09:03:14 AM  
Kab - Mmmmk, you might wanna check into some glasses, thick ones. You must be a Sabres fan, so sorry.

Many of those teams don't look that much lower to me. The fact that Hull has the balls to speak out and the other players won't means squat. Plus, did you ever think the refs might want to make an example of the Stanley cup champions, considering that's who everyone is watching? The only reason the Avs are so low is because they are a team full fo pansies. :)
2002-10-25 09:05:50 AM  
Fb- are you from Philly?
2002-10-25 09:07:59 AM  
Kab - I agree on the bandwagon thing, it's gotten pretty bad. I remember when the Wings sucked in the 80's, Illich(sp?) had to give away cars to get people to come to games. Now they have a religious following. However, in arguing with myself, I must note that they are an origional six team, like the Leafs, and will have closet fans everywhere.
2002-10-25 09:10:19 AM  

Yea! They actually look like they want to win this year. I hope they continue with this kind of play in the post season.
2002-10-25 09:13:10 AM  
Heh, the Flyers. It doesn't matter if they make it all the way to the finals, the Wings'll sweep 'em. w00t, Wings are l33t. Yaya. lol.
2002-10-25 09:14:03 AM  
"Plus, did you ever think the refs might want to make an example of the Stanley cup champions, considering that's who everyone is watching? "

Hmm, since the Rangers have even more PIM's than the Wings, they must be trying to make an example of one of the worst teams in the league too!!

Now who's whining? Besides Hull, of course.....

Players arent nearly that stupid. They know what rules used to be able to be bent way the hell out of proportion, and which ones not. Its simple. Dont hold people up, and you wont get called for it.

You do realize that holding up a forechecker on a dump in has been a callable penalty for years now, right? Its a rule that has been let go (just like goalies covering the puck outside the crease), and teams have made it a status quo thing to practice.

And I'm not a Sabre's fan whatsoever. A missed call is a missed call, end of story.
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