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(Yahoo)   Courtney Love's dog dies after eating her removed breast implants   ( divider line
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236 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Oct 2002 at 3:55 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-24 08:08:40 PM  
Congrats to the submitter for finding the weirdest article of the day. That is truly stranger than fiction. I've got a decent pun, but the article itself is too weird to go there...
2002-10-24 08:22:24 PM  
weird doesn't cover it, thats the freakiest thing I've read in years
2002-10-24 08:32:36 PM  
Why can't Courtney Love be normal and just leave Ecstacy tablets lying about?
2002-10-24 08:46:49 PM  
she brought them home as "souvenirs"

But...why? "Lookee here - these used to be in my tits."
2002-10-24 09:03:04 PM  
Goes to show that you really shouldn't leave your boobies just lying around. If it isn't the dog, it might be the kids.

2002-10-24 09:11:35 PM  
I'm not reading the article because of the title, but I'm sitting here thinking, why would she let the press know that her dog died in that manner? Did her vet spill the beans or is she proud of the way she killed her dog?
2002-10-24 09:53:26 PM  
JaneDoe: Let your "L337"-ness go and read the 2-sentence article. ;) You'd see that she is telling her friends this. Appearantly one of them leaked (heh) it to the press.
2002-10-24 10:26:35 PM  
She's in trouble when P.E.T.A. hears about this.

A better headline would have been - It's a dog eat dog world
2002-10-24 10:54:34 PM  
yeah, enough of that sniper crap...this is real news.
2002-10-24 11:47:54 PM  
Fetch Fido
2002-10-24 11:49:50 PM  
She probably had it killed so she could steal its unproduced songs and create a music career of her own.
2002-10-25 12:55:32 AM  
the wrong person in that relationship died. Read that any way you want.
2002-10-25 01:14:01 AM  
Nice tie, AVRIL. Or should I say Hitler?

2002-10-25 01:32:19 AM  
That biatch!
2002-10-25 01:51:14 AM  
Well, I hope the li'l feller went out easy. Could have been worse, he could have survived only to succumb to all of her STD's.
2002-10-25 03:59:08 AM  
WTF? Is her dog's a friggin' sea turtle?
2002-10-25 04:00:26 AM  
So Rover was obviously a boobs-man.

Mmmm, hey this chewing gum tastes like tits!
2002-10-25 04:01:02 AM  
You know, if she wasn't such a skank junkie whore dumbshiat, I'd kinda like her.
2002-10-25 04:02:25 AM  
Good thing it was a National Enquirer part of Yahoo. Otherwise someone here might take it seriously.

Oh wait you guy are ;-)
2002-10-25 04:03:06 AM  
I wonder if anyone's gonna make the bad Kurt Cobain joke?
2002-10-25 04:03:37 AM  
Andronbay - don't sit on the fence man, tell us what you really think of her ;o)
2002-10-25 04:03:41 AM  
..yet she is trusted to raise a child.

Damn dog killer.
2002-10-25 04:04:39 AM  
after the poor mutt realised what he had eaten, he probably took the easy way out (like Kurt) and drank a gallon of antifreeze....
2002-10-25 04:06:38 AM  
I hope it "devastated" her enough to not leave toxic shiat around the house when kids and pets are roaming around...just because she doesn't have any talent doesn't mean she shouldn't have any common sense.

BTW, isn't her daughter from KC getting old enough to ask coherent questions? Good luck to her...
2002-10-25 04:08:26 AM  
Or trusted her to unload the gun while telling her he wanted a divorce.
Farkin dog killer.

Brought it home as a keepsake? Where in the hell did she put it? Obviously not on the mantle, if the dog had access to it.
2002-10-25 04:10:56 AM  
thanks for the visual!
2002-10-25 04:11:13 AM  
Courtney Love kills puppies!

Seriously, I hope she dies a horrible death.
2002-10-25 04:11:23 AM  
I'm thinking maybe those implants had absorbed tons of controlled substances via osmosis.
2002-10-25 04:12:33 AM  
Don't hold back or anything, Sweater Girl.. tell us how you really feel!
2002-10-25 04:13:43 AM  
One's a biatch and the other, no wait. They're both biatches.
2002-10-25 04:15:35 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-25 04:15:56 AM  
SweaterGirl: But that one bassist chick from her band is pretty hot, so how can you hate courtney completely?
2002-10-25 04:18:25 AM  
Sorry Scrotar
It's just much easier to dogproof a place than it is to kidproof.
My dogs seem to get into stuff I couldn't imagine, and they can't even open childproof cabinets. (heh, childproof..whatever)
She killed her dog (who probably loved her more than any human would waste time doing) by just leaving toxic materials out in the open and not even thiking. (Not a stretch there)
So yes, she is a dog killer.
And yeah, she's always been a biatch.
2002-10-25 04:19:25 AM  
Jesus, the dog only ate one, somebody save the cat!
2002-10-25 04:19:31 AM  
And Courtney's body count continues to rise:
1) Kurt
2) El Duce
3) Kristen Pfaaf
4) the dog

Who is going to be her next victim?
2002-10-25 04:21:24 AM  
I think she and O.J, should hook up.
2002-10-25 04:22:14 AM  
I know this old bloke who has had three knee replacements, and he keeps the old ones mounted on his mantlepiece.

I thought THAT was weird.

"...And these are my tits from high school. Oh, now these are my favourites, my boobs from the Cobain years....Would you like a coffee?"
2002-10-25 04:22:19 AM  
El Duce is dead? I should have paid more attention to Kurt&Courtney and/or entertainment news. I got thrown off balance when they showed the el duce video with the guys dressed up in s&m bondage leather suits with no pant legs.
2002-10-25 04:23:33 AM  
One has to wonder when she is finally going to off her father, whom openly calls her a whore.
2002-10-25 04:24:23 AM  
Yeah, he's dead. I don't remember the year, but shortly after saying publicly that Courtney wanted him to kill Kurt, he "mysteriously" "fell asleep" on railroad tracks, or something like that.
2002-10-25 04:24:32 AM  
Then again I don't think there are enough bullets in the world for her to kill all the people who call her a whore. Where is Andonbray? He is supposed to be my buddy in insomnia
2002-10-25 04:24:48 AM  
Scrotar heh, lover. Busted there:)
Dr Toast The thing about the Enquirer is that it's a publicists dream. Why make this up about her? She would surely sue, and they would have to do a retraction. I doubt either happens, and I would bet money her publicist called this in to get her name out there.

She is a Dog Killer
Death by boobies indeed
2002-10-25 04:25:22 AM  
PeterGruntmuscle - Hehe.. and do a reality show, like the Osbournes with weapons.
2002-10-25 04:25:24 AM  
Wow, that is pretty weird. Did he leave a suicide note that was written in both his and someone else's handwriting?
2002-10-25 04:25:25 AM  
Off her father, or boff her father?
2002-10-25 04:26:22 AM  
... why not both?
2002-10-25 04:28:31 AM  
I'm still here. I thought I heard Courtney Love's old tits creeping around outside. It was just the cat leaving another coprolite on my porch.
2002-10-25 04:28:35 AM  
Death by boobie?


There must be worse ways to go
2002-10-25 04:28:55 AM  
It's okay, Sweater Girl. I fell for it too ;)
2002-10-25 04:30:22 AM  
They've been saying implants are dangerous for years. I think this proves the point.
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