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(Something Awful)   Comedy Goldmine: Inappropriate Verizon Moments   ( divider line
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173 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Oct 2002 at 9:41 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-24 06:07:36 PM  
I gotta admit, that's a pretty damn funny 404.

Oh, wait a tic, no it's not.
2002-10-24 07:07:15 PM  
Bloody hell.
2002-10-24 07:10:55 PM  
Oh, I think this might be it.
2002-10-24 09:45:03 PM  
Can we check the links before we link farkers directly to a 404?
2002-10-24 09:45:28 PM  
ahhhhhhh I think I'm blind

oh dear god
2002-10-24 09:45:34 PM  
Verizon! I had Verizon DSL. It was bad....Really bad. I mean 8 k per second bad!
2002-10-24 09:45:39 PM  
This just in, Fark admins asleep at the wheel, and the popcorn you're eating has been pissed in.

Film at 11.
2002-10-24 09:45:56 PM  

True comedic goldmine: 404.
2002-10-24 09:46:02 PM  
Where did they get that pic of me?
2002-10-24 09:47:11 PM  
Ooog, an entire box of Kraft dinner does not sit well at the best of times. Don't point that picture at me, please.
2002-10-24 09:47:31 PM  
Can you bore me now?
2002-10-24 09:49:02 PM  
2002-10-24 09:49:39 PM  
I'm disappointed that nobody did a Where's Waldo version.
2002-10-24 09:49:51 PM  
that is a damn scarry 404

last time i ever trust that site
2002-10-24 09:50:08 PM  
Albatross:nice kentucky fried movie reference!
2002-10-24 09:51:09 PM  
The 404 is much much funnier than the actual goldmine.
2002-10-24 09:52:10 PM  
2002-10-24 09:53:13 PM  
Quick Quick! Somethingawful did some update! Quick get a link up to it!

Christ, must everything they do be linked? I'm sure most of us hit that site at about the same time we come here....sheesh
2002-10-24 09:55:03 PM  
Hey, my photoshop job is on there. Page 4. I thought it was good.

And you people spazzing out about the 404, just cut the ? off the end of it. voila! It's not SA's fault, it's whoever submitted the link's fault.
2002-10-24 09:56:15 PM  
Er, make that page 5.

And yes, the 404 IS pretty funny.
2002-10-24 09:56:37 PM  
Not Safe For Eyes.
2002-10-24 09:58:37 PM  
This is one of SA's lesser photoshops. I think it's the theme.

"Stick this guy into random photos."

[image from too old to be available]

Next up: Cliche Kitty
2002-10-24 09:59:50 PM  
LOOK LOOK! Somethingawful's Front Page Banner Ad changed! WHY ISN'T THERE A LINK UP AT FARK YET?!?
2002-10-24 10:00:29 PM  
Where do they get those disgusting photos? Can anybody give them photos, I've got some pretty ugly pics.
2002-10-24 10:02:58 PM  

are you joking? that is what basically every Fark contest is, except the goons have the challenge of not using domo kuns, ackbar, or squirril nuts.
2002-10-24 10:05:37 PM  
You do realize that SA goons were the ones who brought Ackbar over here, right?
2002-10-24 10:05:43 PM  
But is there anything better than squirrel nuts?
2002-10-24 10:07:48 PM  
But is there anything better than squirrel nuts?

In a word: no.
2002-10-24 10:09:42 PM  
"You do realize that SA goons were the ones who brought Ackbar over here, right?"

yeah, but the farkers can't seem to take the hint that it obviously isn't funny anymore.
2002-10-24 10:12:23 PM  
From what I read, the Goons couldn't take a hint and they had to ban all Ackbar references over there.
2002-10-24 10:12:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-24 10:12:50 PM  
I wonder what Christina would think of this?

[image from too old to be available]

/Christina day
2002-10-24 10:13:12 PM  
really didn't need to see the man-tit guy
2002-10-24 10:13:30 PM  
at least someone over there had the good sense to put a stop to it, while ackbar still roams free, and unfunny here on fark.
2002-10-24 10:13:50 PM  
Dear God,
I'm sorry for every bad thing I have ever done. Please don't make me look at that picture ever again.
2002-10-24 10:14:43 PM  
Im sorry, but those goons are consistently better than farkers. This particular goldmine sucked dong though. Dont get me wrong, i dont visit sa like 5 times a day like other sites I could mention...
2002-10-24 10:15:35 PM  
not to mention the goons made it FUNNY when they put akbar in a pic, here it's just place him wherever the hell add a "it's a trap" caption and post it on fark.
2002-10-24 10:16:39 PM  
she'd probably get a piercing
2002-10-24 10:17:19 PM  
Well . . the name of the site did promise me "something awful."
2002-10-24 10:17:31 PM  

No, Ackbar is lame.
2002-10-24 10:17:34 PM  
i don't know, the whole setup of them choosing which pics to show seems kinda fascist.

at least on here everyone that makes one gets it posted (assuming they are able to figure out the whole <img src=""> thing)
2002-10-24 10:22:25 PM  

well i guess it's just a matter of opinion. i found the SA ackbar photoshops funny. i don't find the fark one's funny. the end.

and yes, AesopWaelus, i think you mean Lowtax is god
2002-10-24 10:24:39 PM  
"i don't know, the whole setup of them choosing which pics to show seems kinda fascist."

gather round comrades, here on fark, everything is posted. What, your photoshops aren't funny and you have to resort to lame inside jokes and the same once funny pictures? don't worry, we eat that shiat up here at fark.
2002-10-24 10:24:48 PM  
I guess you gotta wonder if the SA Ackbar photoshops were so hilarious why they would go ahead and ban them.
2002-10-24 10:27:59 PM  
so communism is the opposite of fascism now? i missed that newsletter
2002-10-24 10:31:10 PM  
Because the majority of people started to find it unfunny after a while. I mean the photoshops that were made were funny. there are a lot more photoshops on SA that the general public doesn't see because they're not put on the site, they remain in the forums. Goldmine and Phriday have their own forums where there are TONS of photoshop threads with asbolutely hilarious material the general public doesn't see, and plenty of terribly photoshoped, unfunny material that we're glad we don't see. this where all the ackbar was coming from that killed the joke. people did it too much, kept beating a dead horse, so they banned it so people would stop making stupid unfunny ones. one goon led a small rebellion that allowed them a short thread to make the last of the ackbar photoshops, they put them up on one Phriday, and they were hilarious.
2002-10-24 10:34:34 PM  

are you implying that communism and facism are the same thing, or are you just being sarcastic.
2002-10-24 10:35:24 PM  
not the same thing, hardly opposite ends of any spectrum tho
2002-10-24 10:40:40 PM  
my $1.48

Fark PS's are generally better, if Fark only had 2 topics a week or so, then there will be a wealth of good ones like SA. Fark has a better variety. The reason that alot of the entries are bad (I would say 40% or so) is that anyone can post for free, without joining the forums. Farkers have more PS'ing opportunites a day than just 2 or 3 a week with SA, so they get more practice. I don't see anything wrong with Cliches, people have to start somewhere, and even the best Farkers have used them from time to time. I can't wait to try to get my skills up and start posting on Fark. (I may use Ackbar someday, and it probably won't be funny)
2002-10-24 10:44:24 PM  
Verizon Guy: Can you see me now?
Person on Phone: NO!
Verizon Guy: Good!

*rolls his eyes*
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