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(Some Writer Guy)   Farker researching for article on media speculation on sniper that was wrong. Please post your favorites, cite links when possible. Link goes to CNN story   ( divider line
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59 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Oct 2002 at 2:11 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-24 07:44:10 PM  
2002-10-24 07:54:15 PM  
2002-10-24 07:57:06 PM  
2002-10-24 11:05:02 PM  
No, it wasn't a Muslim. Discuss.

Dammit. I keep forgetting the voting thingy.
2002-10-25 12:37:23 AM  
2002-10-25 12:40:17 AM  
2002-10-25 11:02:10 AM  
I have trouble with that "hole about the diameter of a soft drink can" that he was supposidly shooting through. Considering that he was shooting the gun below, on a tripod, with a scope...if he was doing all this through that small of a explains all the horrible shots.

Frankly, I have a hard time picturing him being able to pull it off at all. It wouldn't suprise me to find out that the hole was only used to check out the scene. I'd be willing to bet that when he was ready to shoot he would pop the trunk.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-25 11:24:18 AM  
Now that I've thought about it a little more, that would be the perfect size for a spotting scope.
2002-10-25 02:27:47 PM  
I don't have a link, but I love the idea of the crazy guy who is going to fit the perfect cookie cutter shape of what the FBI is looking for.

I'm suprised they caught the guys. I always said shiat is gunna hit the fan when some relativly sain person just starts shooting people at random. There really is no way to stop them but to get lucky.

The only thing worse is a organized group with a plan and nothing to loose. ( whats goin on in russia right now).
2002-10-25 02:50:34 PM  
2002-10-27 01:09:44 AM  
She made so many contributions. It's hard to pick just one.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-27 02:19:51 AM  
Q: Which prediction did the media fark up?
A: yes

Q: On a scale from 1 to 10, how much does the mainstream
media suck?
A: yes
2002-10-27 02:21:49 AM  
Amen Genuine.

P.S: It's 1:20am, and I'm sitting here eating a bowl of brussel sprouts.
2002-10-27 02:22:43 AM  
I usually get paid for doing research for other scribes.

Are Farkers gonna get a credit, at all? I hope so.
2002-10-27 02:24:58 AM  
on the other scale, I suspect that Paula Zahn and others will report that a bipod was used and not a tripod....
2002-10-27 02:25:37 AM  
FoamingPipeSnake: And oh yeah.....she's just a little sexy *zzippp*
2002-10-27 02:42:55 AM  
(CommieSheep)How about the speculation that any of this really matters when you take into account the number of people who die every day in third world countries like Somalia, Afghanistan, and Canada.(/CommieSheep)
2002-10-27 02:45:55 AM  
My fav was one I saw one on Fox news, retired New York cop was going off on DOOM2 again. Said it was 2 low life loner high school kids shooting these people in the back just like Columbine. To bad it wasn't in print, I'd love to find the link for it.
2002-10-27 02:50:00 AM  
hmm... are we doing someones homework?
2002-10-27 02:52:33 AM  
As a person who doesn't give a shiat about video games, I have to say that that link about removing violent video games because without them this wouldn't have happened is crap. I would sooner blame it on him being trained by the army as a killer than on video games, and I won't do that either.
2002-10-27 02:56:25 AM  
Washington Post article.

"There's probably two skinny kids out there who have made a pact with each other," former New York City homicide detective Bo Dietl told the New York Times last week.

"The truth is he has other responsibilities in his life," criminologist Jack Levin said on Larry King's program on CNN last week. "He may be married. He may be playing with his children, watching football on Sunday, or he may have a part-time job."
2002-10-27 02:58:09 AM  
You know what the solution is to the problem of the cops letting him go after pulling him over for a traffic violation and not finding his weapon? All cops should search thoroughly anyone they speak to, and their homes and cars, for any reason.
2002-10-27 02:59:29 AM  
Sorry about the link. Registration required.
jbc [TotalFark]
2002-10-27 03:00:10 AM  
How about the obvious?:

The media didn't fark it up, it was local law enforcement telling people to be on the lookout for a white van, the FBI not following up on pretty solid tips, and idiots in the general public at large acting like Oliver Stone on crack.
2002-10-27 03:03:37 AM  
They're currently rehashing the whole timeline of events on Fox.
2002-10-27 03:04:05 AM  
UH DUMBshiat! Wake the fark up Apparent. Ever heard of illegal saerch and seizure ??? Cops can't just search you BECAUSE ...... They have to have probable cause, dumb fark. Brush up on your Constitution before you come back and spew ignorance like that .......
2002-10-27 03:07:21 AM  
Uh FartMaster, I'm pretty sure that Apparent Nuisance was kidding in that post.

Here have some [image from too old to be available] on me, and relax.
2002-10-27 03:09:18 AM  
Too bad you didn't head up the investigation, Jbc. I'm sure the snipers would have been in custody inside of 24 hours of the first shooting.
2002-10-27 03:09:43 AM  
2002-10-27 03:12:05 AM  
oops, lack of beer made me mess up. I A HREFed instead of IMG SRCing. sorry... [image from too old to be available]
2002-10-27 03:16:15 AM  
my favorites came from a group of asshats on some show on fox news.

one guy kept saying that the guy wasnt professionally trained, wasnt a very good shot and wasnt using a scope.

another guy believed that the sniper had a connection to the michaels stores, probably a delivery driver because of the whole white van thing.
2002-10-27 03:17:07 AM  
Farkmaster: Did I really need to point out the sarcasm? Was the fact that I said that the police should be allowed to search anyone anywhere for any reason not obvious enough?
2002-10-27 03:19:22 AM  
Doesn't being on Fox pretty much require that you be an asshat in the first place, Praetorian? =)
2002-10-27 03:21:06 AM  
Muhammad went to a muslim extremist training camp in Alabama. Repeatedly heard on the morning of the arrests.

Muslim camp in Alabama? yeah, right.
2002-10-27 03:23:39 AM  
The "white box truck" connection.

Look around you... likelihood is that on any reasonably crowded street with vehicles in it you can see a white box truck.
2002-10-27 03:25:08 AM  
Uhm. Clevershark

Muslim extremisim in Ramajama is real. You gotta account for the large african american population down here. I live in Panama shiatty. Its more like Lower Alabama. There's acctually a large amount of muslims down here. Its quite frightening.
2002-10-27 03:25:50 AM  
And I have not been following my no beer policy. Sorrys.
2002-10-27 03:27:46 AM  
White Van = Chevy Sedan
White gunman = Black Gunman
Loner = Worked with son
Young man = 41 years old

Hopefully the profilers will sit back and do a very careful post-mortem on this case. At least they got the military background thing right.
2002-10-27 03:27:48 AM  
Viss: On the other hand, profiling is often correct, though it can also be called stereoty[ing. For example, if someone walks into a pizzeria in Israel and blows themselves and everyone else up, he probably wasn't Venezuelan, and you can narrow it down further to him likely being Palestinian. The same method would be used in the US. Most serial killers are white men, not black women (I know it wasn't a woman). This time the profile didn't fit. It is not an exact science.
2002-10-27 03:28:21 AM  
Attrit -- I had no idea... it just sounded really unlikely, from an outsider's POV.
2002-10-27 03:30:59 AM  
Looking at Greta, she reminds me of the Joker in the first Batman movie (someone please photoshop) and I still have a feeling, to this day, she STILL believes OJ is innocent. But since she has been w/ Fox for a while means there is still hope for her yet.
2002-10-27 03:32:26 AM  
I think it's interesting that the Chevy was stopped twice leaving the area after two killings.

It may not seem very significant, but surely in a dire situation like that, even something as tenuous as THE SAME CAR recorded leaving TWO crime scenes is the sort of thing somebody should have followed up.

But for all I know, somebody did. That's probably how they found them in the end. Anybody know for sure?
2002-10-27 03:37:28 AM  
ANY farking story that blamed video games (counter-strike)!
2002-10-27 03:41:54 AM  
Veritas: Thousands of cars are stopped everyday. Considering all the possible leads they have to research, how is a second traffic violation supposed to be some easy clue that they missed?

I have been pulled over before, and there have been crimes in the area. I wouldn't think the police should automatically come search me, even if they pulled me over twice.
2002-10-27 03:49:12 AM  
2002-10-27 03:54:52 AM  
Kabar: I have to agree, that article is ridicuolus. "Only white people do that?" How do you get away with saying that without backlash?
2002-10-27 04:00:29 AM  
umm...much of this story was already done...and farked earlier this week:

Blame It on Al Qaeda
Media Hypes Sniper Conspiracy Theory
2002-10-27 04:01:25 AM  
Apparent Nuisance
All true, but he wasn't stopped for a traffic violation. The car was stopped at roadblocks set up at exits to the crime scene. Police logged the rego plates of every car caught leaving the scene.

And we're not just talking about randomly pulling a car over in a high crime area. They were trying to catch a serial killer and the same car turned up at two roadblocks leaving the shootings.

Again, I admit that is not a significant statistic by any stretch of the imagination, and obviously the investigators had a million other leads to follow.

But what I'm interested to know is just how many OTHER vehicles were recorded leaving the scene of the shootings more than once? Seems like something that may have warranted a closer look, that's all.
2002-10-27 04:04:05 AM  
Interesting point. I wonder how many first person shoot-em-ups this guy played? Not many, I'm betting.
2002-10-27 04:04:40 AM  
Father & son.
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