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(CNN)   CNN now reporting that two men in custody are considered suspects   ( divider line
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78 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Oct 2002 at 8:24 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-24 08:26:59 AM  
Wasn't that the idea all along?
2002-10-24 08:27:28 AM  
Unless I hear that the cops have arrested these guys, the crime hasn't been solved.
2002-10-24 08:28:09 AM  
you dont say...
2002-10-24 08:29:01 AM  
The execution should be carried out by 12 man firing squad.
2002-10-24 08:29:03 AM  
Time to get back to this Iraq thing, whaddaya think Dubya?
2002-10-24 08:29:51 AM  
You don't need charges to arrest people these days.
2002-10-24 08:30:53 AM  
i guess "duck in a noose" somehow translates to "asleep at a rest stop"
2002-10-24 08:31:15 AM  
"Taken into custody to assist with police enquiries" is the term, I believe.
2002-10-24 08:31:35 AM  
Maybe this post would be worthy if the *Police* announced they were suspects.

It's like declaring a winner in the election before the votes are counted just to beat the other stories. I think I will take up that CNN boycott.

farking idiots.
2002-10-24 08:32:11 AM  
Jesus; msnbc sure has one on the smoking gun..they have the dude's mug shot already...what is it; 4 hours later?
2002-10-24 08:32:13 AM  
One served as security for Calypso Louie. Good ole Mohammed spreading that religion of peace again.

Bastards. Put them in a cage of pitbulls and leave em there until they are turned to dogshiat.
2002-10-24 08:32:21 AM  
I say it ain't them. Just doesn't make sense.
2002-10-24 08:32:41 AM  
Bullet ants in the pee hole time! YAY!
2002-10-24 08:33:17 AM  
This ought to help fan the flames:

"Leo Dudley, a former Marine who lived a block from Muhammad, said Muhammad helped provide security for Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan's "Million Man March" in Washington, D.C."
-AP Wire

It will be interesting to see if the "minister" turns out to support one of his flock.
2002-10-24 08:33:27 AM  

Oh man, get over your rabid Anti-Americanism. You freaking loser.
2002-10-24 08:33:52 AM  
Fry him, and the kid too.
2002-10-24 08:34:17 AM  
My girlfreind just drove past seven locks prison, they have it blocked off with about 20 cop cars, I'd say they are probably in there.
2002-10-24 08:34:22 AM  
Sniper task force? WTF?
2002-10-24 08:34:48 AM  
I think there are more people involved. The statement that the sniper insisted Moosey read sounds like a coded message to someone.
2002-10-24 08:35:06 AM  
MSNBC also has the following:
-Kid's prints found in a shooting in Alabama, and also on one of the letters
-Jamacain bank account given to the cops is linked to the kid
dumbasses...if they had never tried to contact the cops, they would have gotten away with it...
2002-10-24 08:36:18 AM  
now watch the real sniper get another one today or friday.
2002-10-24 08:36:37 AM  
I think America's *almost* ready to welcome more invasion of privacy, surveillance, eavesdropping, etc. Maybe one more big terrorist act and we'll practically be beggin' for it.

What do you think, Ashcroft?
2002-10-24 08:36:48 AM  
Father son combo. Links to Alabama. Anti-American ideologies.


Good police work seems to be the way they got em - but again, the dumb sniper talks too much and tips em off.

They just can't help themselves, can they?

Yay for dumb snipers!
2002-10-24 08:36:55 AM  
So who's gonna play them in the movie they'll no doubt make about them? John Allen Muhammed does have the whole stern Denzil Washington expression going for him, and he was awesome as a bad guy in Training Day.
2002-10-24 08:37:18 AM  
Atleast that friggin craft store theory is over with now.
2002-10-24 08:37:44 AM  
kinghorse, i hope you are joking
fair course is part of what the usa was founded on
2002-10-24 08:38:10 AM  
Innocent until proven charged. Then guilty until gotten off by Johnny Cochrane, in which case you are then guilty with a good lawyer.

God Bless America.
2002-10-24 08:38:21 AM  
Kinghosre: repressing you angst? And ironbar is right, although using incorrect terminology. Have you ever READ the USA-Patriot act?

"It is the duty of a patriot to protect his country from it's government" Thomas Paine
2002-10-24 08:38:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Upon conviction.. this should be on their cell mate.
2002-10-24 08:39:01 AM  
There is a lot of coincidences right now, enough to arrest these two men. They have not been charged yet so nothing may come of this, but I think they either have the Sniper or two blokes that wanted to make a buck pretending to be the Sniper.
2002-10-24 08:39:26 AM  
In other news, oldskool mod scene artist Skaven has just announced the long awaited followup release to his classic "catch that goblin", entitled "catch that sniper"
2002-10-24 08:39:38 AM  
You don't need charges these days. It's not a bias. It's a fact.

On a lighter note, I've been thinking how strange it is that there aren't more snipers. This story has proven how very easy it is to pull it off. And these threads alone can show how much vitriol there is amongst us. What keeps it in check? Is morality a physical law? Something's at work. I think I'll stroke my beard awhile...
2002-10-24 08:40:46 AM  
10-24-02 08:33:27 AM Kinghorse

Oh man, get over your rabid Anti-Americanism. You freaking loser.

but he is right , with that new patriot law or whatever you yanks call it, the police need no proof or suspicion to arrest anyone, and can keep them as long as they want.
2002-10-24 08:41:06 AM  
NJ plates?
I'm positive now this was one giant case of road rage....
2002-10-24 08:41:33 AM  
Just cause CNN or the Post reports it, doesn't mean it's necessarily so.
2002-10-24 08:41:41 AM  
Kill em all - Metallica
2002-10-24 08:41:55 AM  
10-24-02 08:39:26 AM 4096
In other news, oldskool mod scene artist Skaven has just announced the long awaited followup release to his classic "catch that goblin", entitled "catch that sniper"

ohhh skaven :D
2002-10-24 08:41:55 AM  
Anyone here really care if Big Brother knows where you are at all times? Say you have a tracking device in you or your eyes are constantly recorded like in Minority Report, do you really not want this?

Personally, I could care less if Big Brother tracked me. UPS tracks their packages and do a damn good job of it. Humans are like packages.
2002-10-24 08:42:19 AM  
Hytes Xian I have been wondering the very same thing, I would be very surprised if it didn't lead to copycat snipers. Maybe if this guy wasn't enough for people to realise there was a need to stop idiots being able to legally own firearms then they might consider gun control when copycat snipers start popping up? Sadly I doubt it.
2002-10-24 08:43:09 AM  
Zizdog 69 - that's probably what the Sniper listens to.
2002-10-24 08:43:36 AM  
I say we turn Lee Malvo loose on them.
2002-10-24 08:44:22 AM  
2 months I give it for the ripped from the headlines Law and Order.
2002-10-24 08:44:25 AM  
Denzel Washington as the John Mohammed
Gary Coleman as MALVO!
2002-10-24 08:46:43 AM  
Setaanbomb: I'm more concerned if Big Brother comes back on CBS. That show sucks ass, and plenty of it.

CommieSheep: It's a frightening thought when you mention "copy cat snipers," but I'm sure it's bound to happen somewhere, but chances are it won't be as deadly, there won't be as many killings and the guys behind it won't be intelligent enough to get away as easily as these guys did. Either way, I can see a need to start gun control on farking sniper rifles... I mean, don't gimme that bullshiat about "It's for hunting." You can easily kill animals with an advanced bow and arrow system (I've seen it done... then again, people will then start calling for "bow and arrow control," so whatever). Oh, and hi! :)
2002-10-24 08:46:43 AM  
Gator, the duck in a noose ref is to a fable where a rabit attempts to catch a duck by putting a noose around its neck, then the duck flies away with the noose and rabbit attached and the rabbit ends up stuck in a tree.
2002-10-24 08:47:10 AM  
Why isn't the media referring to him as John Williams? Everything is Mohammed, Mohammed, Mohammed. Are they trying to push the Muslim connection? Is the media really that Zionist?

/off-topic flamebait
2002-10-24 08:47:10 AM  
The sad fact of banning anything is that it actually makes things worse. So take the "ban all guns" idea off the table right now.

We trust eachother not to go bezerk and start killing eachother. This only lasts as long as people are willing to give a stranger the time of day. Think of all the people you shun everyday and start saying 'hello' or 'good day' or 'hey farker'.

Get ready for all the farking psychological pundits to jump on this crazy train and ride the farking panty treatment until the public gives up and says, "fark it, Fine! Do your brain studys and your DNA testing and find out what we already know."
2002-10-24 08:47:34 AM  
CNN is also reporting that Malvo is squealin' like a pig. Pointing at....guess who?
Washington state - leading the world in the export of serial killers. The apple and serial killer state.
2002-10-24 08:47:50 AM  
He must be the sniper, he's got three names for a start.
2002-10-24 08:48:33 AM  
They got him. Now, off with his testicles!
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