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2001-08-03 07:53:45 AM  
2001-08-03 08:00:45 AM  
Dirk Diggler!
No weeners.
2001-08-03 08:02:56 AM  
"Men of Fark"? When did this happen? Is there a calendar of some sort? Is there a "Women of Fark" as well?
Mme: I'm not gay, but I'd do Vin. That is, if Brad said it was ok.
2001-08-03 08:09:15 AM  
mmmm muscles. eh...im not a fan of vin...he looks odd. I'd do bruce willis over vin any day :)
2001-08-03 08:14:59 AM  
i met vin diesel at the premiere of pitch black. REAL nice guy!
2001-08-03 08:45:39 AM  
oh yeah, men of fark. i still want in on that.
2001-08-03 08:55:12 AM  
mmmmm...I now have a much greater appreciation for Marky Mark. But IMHO Vin kicks his arse!
2001-08-03 08:57:28 AM  
I was rather upset none of these pics show his 3rd nipple.
2001-08-03 09:42:44 AM  
Where the hell are my boobies.
2001-08-03 09:42:56 AM  
Will someboy kill this mark biatch? He has got to be the most annoying "celebrity" since Rosie Perez!
2001-08-03 09:42:57 AM  
That didn't come out how I intended.
2001-08-03 09:48:08 AM  
Funny to think he went from New Kids on the Block to Boogie Nights. You think a Backstreet Boy will be that successful?
2001-08-03 09:51:10 AM  
1/2 naked marky mark pic's... now I know why I came to work today!
2001-08-03 09:52:21 AM  
I think we were supposed to have a women of Fark calender, but we only have like 5.
2001-08-03 10:04:05 AM  
all I want to know is why have there been many more Weeners Articles than boobies articles lately, should both be equally represented?
2001-08-03 10:12:54 AM  
Borking: and 2 or 3 of them are gay......
2001-08-03 10:22:34 AM  
And the other two are married. Dammit.
2001-08-03 10:24:45 AM  
...and/or underage?
2001-08-03 10:25:43 AM  
phillyguy: marky mark wasn't a new kid. that was his brother, donny, who is a total failure now, which is where the backstreet boys will be in 8 years.
2001-08-03 10:29:40 AM  
Flux: thanks for setting the record straight b4 I had to.
2001-08-03 10:42:12 AM  
Yeah, one of them is a 14 year old moderator

*I'm still bitter about that
2001-08-03 10:46:02 AM  
soylentgreen: why do you care unless you are jealous?
2001-08-03 10:54:31 AM  
I thought he was too for like a few months but dropped out. I don't know.
2001-08-03 10:56:11 AM  
Maybe it's my preference for black men but I sure don't find this guy very attractive.
2001-08-03 11:01:33 AM  
When I looked at the photos the first thing that came to mind was ok so he has a nice chest BUT THAT FACE!....ruff ruff!!
Just doesn't do it for me.
2001-08-03 11:01:59 AM  
Does it matter how old the moderators are? complaining about it won't change anything
2001-08-03 11:04:53 AM  
JugeeFruit ~
The pic on your profile if GREAT..I LOVE IT!!
2001-08-03 11:29:39 AM  
Soylent, Flux and Rasputin - Take it to the Butte Pirates PS thread.
2001-08-03 11:41:37 AM  
BorkingC There are more of us chicks here than you think.
2001-08-03 11:45:25 AM  
Thanks Ms.Xray
*sigh*...a man that comes with his own hat stand....aint it a beautiful thang!
2001-08-03 11:48:20 AM  
Sigh...where are the men like this in my life?
2001-08-03 11:49:52 AM  
Jugee - I knew I wanted a cowboy for a reason...
2001-08-03 11:51:05 AM  
Yes Vox8, but they're all married, lesbian or underage. At least that I know of.
2001-08-03 12:34:31 PM  
or all three.
2001-08-03 01:03:00 PM  
Hmm... those pictures are a mixed bag. In some of them he's darling and in some of them he looks like a brain dead idiot. Your choice on which ones are which.

I am now going to go search the net for more beefcake pictures to submit to Fark. Any requests??
2001-08-03 01:09:48 PM  
[image from poisonclan.org too old to be available]

no tighty whities in this one.

i think he's more buffed than Markie Mark.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-03 01:19:53 PM  
yea marky mark! he supposedly gets really pissed when you call him marky mark though.

jugeefruit, i read your profile, love it.

this thread has compleatly changed my min don the "weiner" tag. beautiful, simply beautiful.
2001-08-03 01:20:37 PM  
Really now BorkingChikapa, I'm offended. I'm none of the above. I'm quite happily single, hetero, and quite legal. Dammit, If I'm the only one, then I want my own calendar, "Fark Bunny".
2001-08-03 02:00:15 PM  
Uh oh, Kat is going to be looking for sex pretty soon... I never thought I would see the day.

and Kat, by the way, he doesn't really hate it when they call him Marky Mark. While he prefers his full name, its the movie execs that don't like it one bit.
MBK [TotalFark]
2001-08-03 02:05:03 PM  
there should be a 2:1 boobies to weeners ratio on fark...
2001-08-03 02:22:30 PM  
For some reason, I can't look at Marky Mark without imagining him talking like Rocky...

"yo, Adrian!"
2001-08-03 03:30:20 PM  
Marky Mark was a member of the New Kids on the Block for a little bit (really short time). His brother has done some movies. The last thing that he was in that I seen was That Bruce Willis- Haley Joel Osley movie,Sixth Sence.(spelled wrong).
2001-08-03 03:37:39 PM  
I have to say it, parts of Sixth Sense were filmed at my job. They even gave us all this production stuff and now its in our lobby with pictures. No one here really cares, now if Marky Mark came here dressed like that, more than enough people would care!
2001-08-03 04:29:25 PM  
Hey.. I"m not married, I'm 19, I'm only bi if the chick is hot and I have boobies. Where's my farking calendar! We really need a fark calendar with BOOBIES and WEENERS

And....do the Men of Fark have pics to compare to these?

cum on boys....

2001-08-03 04:54:40 PM  
mme.mersault wanted to see me on the calendar, and straightedgehotchic said i was hot. that was to a different picture than i have in my profile right now tho...so maybe it was just that.

id certainly pose for a calendar.
2001-08-03 05:01:18 PM  
Flux, Pics don't lie you're hot.

A calendar pose would be nice.

2001-08-03 05:06:32 PM  
I agree D., Flux is very cute. I want more pics of Fark boys!!
2001-08-03 05:16:49 PM  
More fark boys!
2001-08-03 05:45:18 PM  
w00t! i feel all sexy now.
2001-08-03 05:48:26 PM  
Your a stud!
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