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2002-10-23 04:42:12 PM  
"...after receiving reports that a white Isuzu box truck pulled up next to a school bus filled with children and that a person inside pointed a rifle at the bus."
So after all this time of being careful not to get caught, the sniper would all of a sudden be this blatant and reckless ? False alarm (I hope ) sounds like a copycat person.
2002-10-23 04:42:46 PM  
From Fox, your source for truth. Hope those kids got the plate number.

I believe the hierarchy of truth goes:

1. God (or Allah, or whomever you pray to)
2. The Pope (or leader of your religion)
3. Fox News
4. Eyewitness
5. Yourself (bump this to top if you are atheist)
2002-10-23 04:44:21 PM  
Oh bullshiat. "...white Isuzu box truck pulled up next to a school bus filled with children and that a person inside pointed a rifle at the bus."

A bunch of kids in the bus freaked out and saw something that wasn't there. This is totally out-of-line with the sniper's past behavior.
2002-10-23 04:44:41 PM  
I sense... another four weeks of this shiat on TV 24/7
2002-10-23 04:45:03 PM  
He had great big fangs!
2002-10-23 04:45:24 PM  
I had to ride in a white van today and we had to pass by a school. The cops followed us the whole time and pulled us over after we were about 3 blocks away. I so hope they catch this guy soon.
2002-10-23 04:45:28 PM  
Great. More unsubstanciated claims to pour some validity into the ludicrous over-attention paid to that "your kids are not safe anywhere" postscript. It was a POSTSCRIPT people. Can you say "DRAMATIC EFFECT"???
2002-10-23 04:45:29 PM  
No the heirarchy is this:

Rupert Murdoch's lovable band of misfits
2002-10-23 04:46:02 PM  
Joe Isuzu is evidentally pissed off about how his career has turned out.
2002-10-23 04:46:02 PM  
How many individuals do you know who own their own white box truck? Seems to me those things are almost always owned by commercial businesses. When they catch this guy, I hope to hell we don't discover that he's an employee of some company that was too damn stupid to realize what their employee was doing over his lunch break.
2002-10-23 04:46:02 PM  
Driving while trying to fire a high-powered rifle seems like an unsafe activity.
2002-10-23 04:46:02 PM  
you know what? I ALREADY SIGHTED HIM THIS MORNING!!!pay attention fark. i already posted his pic in an earlier thread. damn. here it is again
[image from scs.sk.ca too old to be available]
2002-10-23 04:46:43 PM  
Next the kiddies will be naming people to be burned as witches.
2002-10-23 04:46:43 PM  
Get him! Get him!
2002-10-23 04:47:17 PM  
Exactly, 12 shootings where the guy is several city blocks away from the victims.

What, the sniper just got bored and thought he would switch to drive-by's?
2002-10-23 04:47:48 PM  
Needless media frenzy spotted in America.
2002-10-23 04:47:54 PM  
If I had witnessed such a thing the LEAST I would do is follow the vehicle. If I was positive of what I saw I would ram that damned thing into a tree and do him up like they did Richard Ramirez, only more thorough and complete.
2002-10-23 04:48:22 PM  

The last thing I want to get is MORE GRETTA.

I'd rather smash my wang with a ballpeen hammer than get ANY Gretta.
2002-10-23 04:49:23 PM  
SNIPER SAYS: "Not my bag, baby."
2002-10-23 04:49:50 PM  
I agree, Tim. This guy is a sniper, not an LBC gangster. This sounds like a load of crrrrrap.
2002-10-23 04:51:30 PM  
Yeah, I'm so sure. Just madeup bullshiat so FOX can start spewing out a different load of crap for a change.
2002-10-23 04:51:34 PM  
I dunno about this. Like the sniper can be driving down the freeway AND pull a rifle out at the same time.
2002-10-23 04:51:34 PM  
I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of "possible sightings" in the next few days.

I also suspect this is what the letter-writer wanted.

(All he has to do now is start driving a blue van.)
2002-10-23 04:51:49 PM  
I may be an assclown but...
well, that covers it.
2002-10-23 04:52:13 PM  
Well, at the risk of being in on this late, most kids couldn't distinguish a rifle from a tire iron. Though I have no idea why some idiot in a white van would point a tire iron at a school bus. Throw one at it, maybe but not point it.

Oh well, the media needs to pay it's bills too.
2002-10-23 04:52:40 PM  
sounds like everyone is racially profiling his vehicles. why does it always have to be a white vehicle huh? how come it cant be a black one?
2002-10-23 04:52:41 PM  
[image from realmedia-a800.d4p.net too old to be available]

This guy. Apperently we can get more of him.
2002-10-23 04:53:42 PM  
This pretty much sums up "breaking news" on TV nowadays

2002-10-23 04:54:04 PM  
Yeah, I'm so sure. Just madeup bullshiat so FOX can start spewing out a different load of crap for a change.

Don't forget so they don't look like hypocrites: now they can bash CNN for being whores... without using any of their footage and reports!
2002-10-23 04:54:20 PM  
once again

2002-10-23 04:56:07 PM  
In Maryland, sniper sights YOU!!
2002-10-23 04:56:15 PM  
I think this Terrorist Sniper asshole is......a disgruntled Rosie O'Donnell

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...."
2002-10-23 04:56:25 PM  
Snipey To Do List

[image from usda.gov too old to be available] Make police look like idiots.
[image from usda.gov too old to be available] Make media look like idiots.
[image from usda.gov too old to be available] Instill terror in children.
[image from fesoft.com too old to be available] Kill self.
2002-10-23 04:56:39 PM  
Where does it say it was the kids who saw a gun being pointed at them? I assumed it was another driver who saw him/her.
2002-10-23 04:56:56 PM  
Police spokeswoman Lucille Baur

Am I the only one who finds that funny?

'Oh, so vely funny, dat Rucire Baur! 'Oh, Licky!''
2002-10-23 04:57:50 PM  
Please refer to the article on main page titled "This pretty much sums up "breaking news" on TV nowadays"
2002-10-23 04:58:57 PM  
you sure it wasnt a large penis?..
2002-10-23 04:59:27 PM  
Good point FifthColumn. I forgot about that.
2002-10-23 04:59:47 PM  
Revisiting a short-lived cliche
dad there's a sniper outside my bus can i have a glass of water
2002-10-23 04:59:55 PM  
what we REALLY need is another damn srticle about it
2002-10-23 05:00:27 PM  

That was my exact thought too...

Just git 'im! Git 'im Moose!
2002-10-23 05:01:22 PM  
I found the detailed and specific information in that article to be very enlightening. I feel like I know a lot more about this imortant issue after reading it. Thanks to all the hard-working folks at Fox who put together this informative piece of journalism.
2002-10-23 05:01:46 PM  
In Maryland, sniper sights YOU!
2002-10-23 05:02:39 PM  
HeatMiser: I'm sorry. I meant to say that most people in general cannot distinguish a rifle from a tire iron. Especially from a distance. In a vehicle. Especially when they are living in mortal fear.
2002-10-23 05:03:35 PM  
show of hands, who thinks this isnt him?
yeah, me neither.
2002-10-23 05:03:35 PM  
This is either people seeing something that wasn't there, or some seriously stupid asshat. I'm sure it's not our sniper asshat. Just not his MO. And besides, what self-respecting sniper would be driving an Isuzu?
2002-10-23 05:06:03 PM  
Exactly two possibilities:

1) Stressed out kid thinks he seeing a rifle in the car next to him. Other kids freak out, cops are called.

2) Some asshat who either a) thinks it would be funny or b) is a wannabe points a rifle or something that looks like one at a schoolbus.

That's unless the sniper really has snapped under the pressure and did this.

Never mind.
2002-10-23 05:06:38 PM  
Come on, the kids are just pissed that they had to go to school today, and are making up crap to sleep in tommorow. Hell, I probably would have done it.
2002-10-23 05:11:34 PM  
It was the bus driver who spotted the 'gun' pointed at the children inside
2002-10-23 05:12:21 PM  
CNN said it's a female school bus driver that reported seeing someone pointing a gun. I'm gonna bet that she lied because she wanted to make people afraid to put their kids on the bus, thus giving her some days off.
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