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97 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Oct 2002 at 12:43 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-24 12:46:08 AM  
Cheesesteak, cream cheese and Rocky. I think that's it.
2002-10-24 12:47:09 AM  
But the Flyers are doing good this year. That's got to count for something, right?
2002-10-24 12:47:40 AM  
Roach racing, Next on ESPN2.
2002-10-24 12:48:07 AM  
"Their exterminator said that the roaches were so bad, they felt like a cat running down his back. I didn't have any more roaches than anybody else"

Wow. Just wow. Maybe she's like that woman that one time in that one story that spoke to the cockroaches and made them do her bidding until they swarmed around her and ate her?

Unless her bidding is just to live with a bunch of cockroaches. Maybe?
2002-10-24 12:48:35 AM  
ha, not wasting my time reading something that long about insects

oh its about cockroaches too, what a coincidence
2002-10-24 12:49:23 AM  
There's nothing nice about that part of Philly... who in fark is she trying to kid...

Nothing Napalm couldn't fix...
2002-10-24 12:52:57 AM  
hahahahaha! great story! sad for her neighbors, but damn...this is what uneducated america is all about. what a nasty basket case.

i cannot wait for the followup to this one. whoever posted this, keep us updated.
2002-10-24 12:54:34 AM  
They should settle their grievances honorably and move on.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-24 12:55:14 AM  
The woman whose house infested the block...her daughter's profile says it all... 18, with two children.
2002-10-24 12:56:48 AM  

Bowers' daughter Shannon, 18, who has two children of her own,

kinda says it all.
2002-10-24 12:58:48 AM  
There goes the neighborhood.
2002-10-24 12:59:26 AM  
Philly Cheese Steak, anyone? Anyone?.....Anyone....?
2002-10-24 01:03:00 AM  
Export them to Korea and Thailand as pets. problem solved and your state local government gets a little extra cash.
2002-10-24 01:04:31 AM  
Sh_tty neighbors!
2002-10-24 01:04:43 AM  
"Your right to swing your arm ends at my nose."

The minute your menagerie of roaches invades adjoining houses your individual rights take a back seat to the collective rights of the neighborhood.

Sucks to be you.
2002-10-24 01:07:48 AM  
Yessir comrade Nanookanano.
2002-10-24 01:08:03 AM  
Eww. I wouldn't drink the water there.
2002-10-24 01:08:52 AM  
claim the roaches as your pets and post like a penny reward for each one you can return, no one likes to kill someone elses pet...
2002-10-24 01:08:56 AM  
"Your right to swing your arm ends at my nose."

But what about the full-figured women?!
2002-10-24 01:09:04 AM  
As I was saying before I got that rude Boo yahh thing...

"Her property is full of dog s---, cat s---, human s---, roach s---, piles of s--- everywhere."

That is a lot of s---!
2002-10-24 01:12:40 AM  

That quote is a cornerstone concept of American law!
2002-10-24 01:12:51 AM  
Ah, this is why I love living in that bubble which encapsulates Delancey Place.
2002-10-24 01:13:35 AM  
I was just jokin'.
2002-10-24 01:14:24 AM  
I know;P

"collective" is a button pushing word, isn't it?
2002-10-24 01:16:18 AM  
Some people are a waste of DNA
2002-10-24 01:18:19 AM  
Oh, we're movin' on up
To the East Side
To a de-lux apartment
In tha sky
2002-10-24 01:28:52 AM  
Sounds like a serious infestation of white trash versus a serious infestation of obsessive-compulsive, anal-rentetive neat-freaks to me.
2002-10-24 01:30:52 AM  
Do we know she's white? She could be black or arab or hispanic or asian. And besides, some of the best country music comes form white trash; everyone has value.
2002-10-24 01:32:00 AM  
the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one </spock>
2002-10-24 01:34:05 AM  
Speaking of white trash...a quote from a star trek character...can I just say......oops...where was I?
2002-10-24 01:37:02 AM  
well that was pointless
2002-10-24 01:37:59 AM  
I used to live in Philly. A truly disgusting place. Roaches and rats everywhere in the city. The 'burbs? A totally different story. Fabulous. Port Richmond is a lower class, working class area with 18 year old mothers with kids the norm. 'nuff said.....
2002-10-24 01:57:04 AM  
Ugh.. i read this article, and i just get nauseous...Horrible... i hate roaches... i had to move into a roach infested apartment building run by a bunch of NYC pakistani slumlords. i Punched my landlord in the face because he refused to deal with the problem..that was the most satisfying punch i have ever thrown.. this was just before 9/11 too, so they all went into hiding after that. i had no problem getting my deposit back once i threatened to call the INS on his cousins..who were probably the ones NESTING the damn Roaches in the first place.. UGH.. awful.. so glad i am out of that place.. i cant tell who i hate more now.. paki slumlords, or cockroaches..
2002-10-24 02:03:44 AM  
Speaking of white trash...a quote from a star trek character...can I just say......oops...where was I?

"Meg, Daddy loves you, but Daddy also loves Star Trek, and in all fairness, Star Trek was here first."
2002-10-24 02:13:59 AM  
Port Richmond, odds are none of them are white :P

Northeast Philly is decent mostly, just like the 'burbs which I live in.

What's the best way to get rid of bad neighbors without having palpable evidence like thousands of roaches anyway?
2002-10-24 02:21:40 AM  
Do we need more evidence that Philly sucks?
2002-10-24 02:30:15 AM  
The problem with Philly, is that the Northeast section(white trash), South Philly (more white trash) and West Philly (the ghetto) give downtown Philadelphia a bad name. When talking about the city, you really must specify which section.
2002-10-24 02:33:28 AM  
Bah, I was born and raised in SouthWest Philadelphia.

You only wish your little whitebread, suburban, franchised town had as much culture as 1 block of Philadelphia.

Sure its dirty and you get a nice whiff of the water treatment plant every so often, its a great city and I want to go back some day.
2002-10-24 02:47:36 AM  
Here lies W.C. Fields. I would rather be living in Philadelphia.
in Vanity Fair (1925) - his suggested epitaph for himself
2002-10-24 02:59:57 AM  
Seems like someone is lazy and doesn't like to pick up their own garbage. Hmmmmmmmm.
2002-10-24 03:27:19 AM  
Damn, don't hate on Philly. I'm in Center City and it's pretty tight...
2002-10-24 05:08:36 AM  
I'd comment, but i'm busy packing gaskets.
2002-10-24 06:03:04 AM  
Yeah I dream to live and work in Center City...I go to school there now, it's's a big city though, lots of ghetto out of the center
2002-10-24 07:56:43 AM  
I have lived and worked in Philly my whole life. I t seems to be getting worse throughout the entire city.Philly used to have some bad neighborhoods but it seems to be spreading.

Thanks Mayor Street!
2002-10-24 08:07:49 AM  
I moved out of Philly for college. I don't want to move back. Of course, I lived in a good neighborhood, too. It's going down hill though. I fear for my 'rents. They're going to end up moving to South Jersey, I bet.
2002-10-24 08:29:24 AM  
Well between Ed Rendell (totally useless jizzbag) and John Street (criminal who refused to pay his water bill) I am shocked that Philly has not been annexed by Camden. I can see it now: "Philadelphia, its like camden with a bell"
2002-10-24 08:46:09 AM  
Cockraoches are not just a problem in Philadelphia - they are a problem in any urbanized area. As for the bad rap that Philly gets - i've been to just about every major city in America... but I just love my Philadelphia. I'm proud to call it my home. Center City, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill = good. Don't generalize a city based on one crappy section.
2002-10-24 08:55:43 AM  
Sounds like Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
2002-10-24 09:08:40 AM  
An earlier news report quoted one of the inspectors as saying that the roaches were about 8 inches deep in that lady's bathtub *shudder* I was watching the news and the camera was on the homeowner's feet as a roach crawled out of her pants and onto her foot. She acted like it wasn't even there.

Port Richmond is a mixed neighborhood, btw.

Phila burbs are for the most part clean but congested with traffic and strip malls.
2002-10-24 09:12:01 AM  
Hahaha... Javatrees... I live in Philly. And while I love my neighborhood (West Mt. Airy), let's face it. The city is filled with trash. Everywhere you look, trash.

I've lived in the east... I've lived in the west. I can say, definitively, that this is the most screwed up city I have ever seen. Super high wage tax... and what do we get for it?

Now, don't get me wrong. The people here are rad. I think we'd all be better off if we gathered up a big chunk of the city government and put them in stocks and chains in Rittenhouse park.
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