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(The Morning Call)   Allentown, PA provides one of the BEST arrest photos you will ever see   ( divider line
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61256 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jan 2008 at 11:19 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2008-01-26 10:55:58 PM  

That is awesome!
2008-01-26 11:21:40 PM  
mcall.comView Full Size

Photoshop Challenge: Humiliate this man even more.
2008-01-26 11:21:55 PM  
Man, he's gonna have a hard time explaining that in prison.
2008-01-26 11:22:31 PM  
Oh. My.

That is hysterical.

That guy is never going to get a second chance to make a first impression with me. He's always going to be just this: an insta-cliche.
2008-01-26 11:22:37 PM  
Why (how?) the hell would you drive while wearing slippers like that?
2008-01-26 11:22:45 PM  
I think his prison sentence should contain him having this picture in his cell and every other cell on the cellblock.
2008-01-26 11:22:46 PM  
2008-01-26 11:22:58 PM  
Jesus Christ! It's two lions, get in the squad car!
2008-01-26 11:23:28 PM  
It's the ciiiiiiiircle...

The ciiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiife.
2008-01-26 11:24:25 PM  
This will be in every CATURDAY till hell freezes over.
2008-01-26 11:25:13 PM  
Baby-clothes Mcgee.
2008-01-26 11:25:16 PM  
And thus brings a unusual conclusion to Caturday. But then, I guess if your running around committing double homicides, you'll wear whatever the fark you want.

/And we're killing here in Allentown

2008-01-26 11:25:26 PM  
Was he lyin' to the cops or just trying to give 'em the slip(pers) ...
2008-01-26 11:25:36 PM  
My brother-in-law was wearing bunny slippers when he got nailed with a DWI. He was a student at Ball State at the time. I went up there with his dad to bail him out. Ever had a funny thought hit you at the worst moment? Yea, it was a lot like that.
2008-01-26 11:25:48 PM  

/proud to be a Pennsylvanian
2008-01-26 11:26:00 PM  
cybertronical.comView Full Size

The fail is strong with this one...
2008-01-26 11:26:49 PM  
Famously funny Fark photo forever.

/I can haz alliteration?
2008-01-26 11:27:53 PM  
I would now like to officially nominate the subby for some sort of award. Best thread I'm gonna see all night I'm betting.

(heavy lisp) But the blue shorts just clash with the slippers. And the hoody? Darling please, watch "What Not to Wear", seriously sugar.

/Ok, now that that's out of my system. BACON!!!!!
2008-01-26 11:28:15 PM  
Insert obligatory "Allentown' lyric
2008-01-26 11:28:47 PM  
holy cow!
i have those exact same shorts!
/not as big of course
2008-01-26 11:29:17 PM  
it was funny even before i scrolled down to the slippers
2008-01-26 11:29:43 PM  
This photo has potential..... really it does just needs some 'shop freaks on it thats all
2008-01-26 11:29:53 PM  

He's *never* going to live that down. Nor should he.
2008-01-26 11:30:04 PM  
Me thinks he's #1 on Mr. Blackwell's list.
2008-01-26 11:30:09 PM  
Ohhh he has a thin chinstrap-type beard. Thought it was an overgrown baby at first :-|
2008-01-26 11:30:14 PM  
I'm in Allentown and unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to run into this gentleman prior to his incarceration. Damn! Wonder what he will wear to court.

/Next photoshop. Court Attire?
2008-01-26 11:31:13 PM  
If he wasn't wearing the slippers, he could have easily escaped while the cops were doubled over and pissing themselves with laughter. As it is, he's going to be passed around as currency for the rest of his miserable life. Good for him. Hope it works out for him.
2008-01-26 11:31:52 PM  
Never underestimate anybody
2008-01-26 11:32:04 PM  
Software2: Photoshop Challenge: Humiliate this man even more.

BTW, are those scars on his legs from shooting up? Inquiring minds want to know.
2008-01-26 11:32:09 PM  
Odd, I was just listening to "Allentown."

Now I'm listening to "Barrytown." Farkers, do your best.
2008-01-26 11:32:12 PM  
2008-01-26 11:34:13 PM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size
2008-01-26 11:34:31 PM  
Thanks subby, it's nice to end the evening with a good laugh.
2008-01-26 11:36:10 PM  
who would buy their heroin from some one that looks like that?
2008-01-26 11:36:13 PM  
I'd hit it.

Oh, come on, someone had to be first.
2008-01-26 11:36:41 PM  
hahaha. that's hysterical.
2008-01-26 11:37:26 PM  

BTW, are those scars on his legs from shooting up? Inquiring minds want to know.

2008-01-26 11:38:04 PM  
img341.imageshack.usView Full Size
2008-01-26 11:38:23 PM  
oh man, if this becomes a cliche i'm so glad i'm getting in on this on the ground floor.
2008-01-26 11:38:44 PM  
Nothing funnier than drug violence and animal slippers.
2008-01-26 11:38:55 PM  
You know, I keep reading about people trying to run from the cops in slippers, swim flippers, flip-flops, pants falling down, etc.

If you know you're going to be running, why not wear a good pair of running shoes? Show some initiative!
2008-01-26 11:39:06 PM  
Ah yes...more stupidity from my neighboring city...

/I really wanna move...
2008-01-26 11:39:29 PM  
oh, and did any other doctor who fans notice that the door kinda looks like the Tardis?
2008-01-26 11:39:33 PM  
Farking AWESOME!!!
2008-01-26 11:39:51 PM  
subby, you are not lying.
2008-01-26 11:39:57 PM  
Cuzin' Jebediah sho let himsef go.....
2008-01-26 11:40:44 PM  
wheres the south carolina threads?
2008-01-26 11:40:54 PM  
Holy shiat, is that a farking ewok?
2008-01-26 11:41:06 PM  
I feel a brand spankin' new cliche coming on
2008-01-26 11:41:34 PM  
I smell a Fark cliche. The dude doesn't realize it, but he'll live forever in our hearts and minds here in Fark-land.
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