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((Some Queen's University Student)   Feces in the library, cats in the ventilation system and mullet-clad would-be thieves? Only at a Canadian university   ( divider line
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2002-10-23 12:42:42 PM  
Imperfect - It would also seem as though they've taken the 'gentleman' part out of 'Officer and a gentleman'. Have you ever seen these guys out at Stage*s or whereever? They act like asshats... I'm glad I didn't go there, otherwise their reputation would spill over onto me by proxy.
2002-10-23 12:45:13 PM  

What is the deal with SCI 99 or STUPID 02
2002-10-23 12:49:22 PM  
Reverend - It's our program and graduation year... example: Arts '04 = Bachelor of Arts, 2004.
2002-10-23 01:01:18 PM  
Hack4Good - is that Ian?
2002-10-23 01:02:48 PM  
2002-10-23 01:05:29 PM  
I knew this had to be your article.
I'm up for a T.O. Fark party anytime.
2002-10-23 01:15:43 PM  
Would you guys believe that the commissionaire who works at the library is my father? Well he is.
2002-10-23 01:16:02 PM  
I'm in first year engineering at Western. The female engineers have a version of the song:

We are, we are, we are, we are the female engineers
We can, we can, we can devour twice as many beers
So cum, so cum, so cum, so cum, so cum all over us
Cuz we don't give a fark for any old fark who can't get it up for us
2002-10-23 01:23:46 PM  

Pick a date after the 18th and I'll be there.

Damn profs scheduling exams that late.
2002-10-23 01:37:24 PM  

To me, pride in my school means that nobody knows where (or what) the fark Brock is when they ask me (I live in Texas now).
2002-10-23 01:49:42 PM  
Verdant, I had a feeling it might not be specific to Queen's... do you write your own year verses other places?

Playa hatah: actually, most of the Engineers I've met are more interested in Engineering because they enjoy what they're learning. For me, it was a toss up between Engineering, Music or Journalism. I figured I could do the second two with an Engineering degree, so that covers all bases...

The songs are a joke you know... if you assume that's what Engineers are really like, then ArtScis really only care about getting laid...

2002-10-23 02:31:13 PM  
So ArtScis don't only care about getting laid? News to me...
2002-10-23 03:48:15 PM  
Hmmmm... plans for a late December Toronto Fark party... I like the idea, but being a 905er, I don't know the hip places in TO... but it's a good idea.

More to come later, I'm sure...
2002-10-23 06:54:12 PM  
How about an early December Kingston Fark party? In that week between the end of classes and the beginning of exam perhaps?

Hey Hack4Good, are you the eng frosh who, at the frosh week sidewalk sale, asked the Queen's Bands table about how to get into a jazz band?
2002-10-23 07:41:09 PM  
QUEEN'S! Totally up for a Kingston Fark party, please have one here, I don't want to go all the way to TO. This thread needs an ActSci'05 though, so here's a song from us:

Put on your old Queen's sweater
The dirtier the better
And we'll all have another case of beer, MORE BEER
For it's not for the knowledge
That we come to this college
But to raise hell all the year
And the took away our whiskey
They took away our rye
And they took away our late leaves too, boo hoo
But we thank the Lord above us
That we still have guys to love us
And our old Queen's sweater too!

PS Hack4Good, my bf's in your program, go Sci 06!
2002-10-23 07:48:09 PM  

I'm sure we'll find someplace.. shouldn't be too hard.
2002-10-23 07:49:16 PM  
If you can walk and/or talk,
You can get into Brock.
2002-10-23 09:20:42 PM  
SilentObserver... I might have been.

I've asked around about the bands a few times...

Frosh week is kind of a blur...

2002-10-23 09:25:53 PM  
Ravengirl01 you're dating a frosh?


2002-10-23 09:48:09 PM  
ArtSci is what? *dynamite!*
ArtSci is what? *Dynamite*
ArtSci is tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick BOOM dynamite!
BOOM-BOOM Dynamite!
Engineers are what? *Dynamite!*
Engineers are what? *Dynamite!*
Engineers are tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-pffffttt... too bad your fuse don't light 8)
2002-10-23 09:51:58 PM  
December Kingston Fark party also sounds cool to me as well... where'd be a good place? The Toucan doesn't ID (if that's a problem for anyone)... good pints, good food, undoubtedly good company.

Anyone want to take the initiative to organize this? Or at least help me to plan it (assuming no one else wants to)?

Email me if you have any advice. Address is in my profile
2002-10-23 11:29:07 PM  
Hack4good, I thought you were a frosh too! tsktsk
2002-10-23 11:40:50 PM  
I am... but still...

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