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(The Smoking Gun)   New online first-person shooter game lets you shoot paintballs at presidential candidates. The Smoking Gun is there   ( divider line
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22312 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jan 2008 at 5:58 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2008-01-22 2:04:44 PM  
Great... There are enough keywords in TFA to trigger just about every Secret Service web monitoring thingie!

/NOT submitter or author of said article.
2008-01-22 2:17:16 PM  
That'll get you banned for a day on some social "Not News" sites.
2008-01-22 2:20:58 PM  
... I probably shouldn't have said that.

2008-01-22 3:10:37 PM  
Heh, if you click through to the weekend of mug shots, I'm pretty sure #6 is a porn star.
2008-01-22 3:24:28 PM  
The game, "Presidential Paintball," features six candidates in the crosshairs: Barack Obama; Hillary Clinton; John Edwards; Mitt Romney; John McCain; and Rudy Giuliani (it seems the game was developed before the ascension of by Mike Huckabee).

2008-01-22 3:29:02 PM  
I ran out of paintballs on the second level.
2008-01-22 3:52:04 PM  
Oh, I had some interesting bots in my old Quake 3 Arena install. Stuff that probably get me in lotsa trouble now. And would probably make the writer of TFA melt down in a puddle of YOU MUST BE A TERRIST and BAAAAWWWWWWW!!!

/video games are NOT real life
//video games are sometimes exclusively marketed towards ADULTS
2008-01-22 4:02:30 PM  
Figures...Hillary is working the snake and Obama is playing back-bunker.
2008-01-22 4:07:19 PM  
This is also a third-person shooter, no first. Duh
2008-01-22 4:15:18 PM  
Anyone have the "replace paintballs with shiatballs" hack for this?
2008-01-22 5:59:27 PM  
I'm gonna hit Hillary in the balls.
2008-01-22 6:00:43 PM  
2008-01-22 6:00:45 PM  
Dumbass is freaking out about a simple video game.

//First Amendment and all that good stuff.
2008-01-22 6:02:08 PM  
Needs Ron Paul hack with huge cannons!

And when he attacks shoots lipstick!
2008-01-22 6:03:51 PM  
BatardAmericain: Video of Actual Gameplay (new window)

haha, nice one. i dont normally believe the links, but that was quite amusing
2008-01-22 6:04:42 PM  
Of course, you have to use paintballs and not "real" guns, cuz that would just be too politically incorrect.

/what is this world coming to?
//you can't fake shoot anyone anymore???
2008-01-22 6:04:54 PM  
the ascension of Mike Huckabee

OMG, Huckabee really is the 2nd coming!
2008-01-22 6:05:33 PM  
somewhat fun
2008-01-22 6:05:56 PM  
Not an FPS
2008-01-22 6:06:51 PM  
strangers with candy, season 2. episode ?

shooting game of american presidents
2008-01-22 6:06:56 PM  
When does the Wii version come out?
2008-01-22 6:08:38 PM  
Lordmontu: Of course, you have to use paintballs and not "real" guns, cuz that would just be too politically incorrect.

/what is this world coming to?
//you can't fake shoot anyone anymore???

More likely they thought it might avoid a confrontation with the Secret Service.
2008-01-22 6:09:45 PM  
Ha. I let Hillery blast Romney away...
2008-01-22 6:09:54 PM  
Moderatly fun. Quite like an actual presidencial race
2008-01-22 6:10:41 PM  
We're getting closer to the game that will make the politicians ban all shooter games.
2008-01-22 6:10:53 PM  
What is it about FIRST-PERSON shooter do you not understand?
2008-01-22 6:12:31 PM  
2008-01-22 6:18:06 PM  
2008-01-22 6:21:11 PM  
no more mention of video games! I'm still trying to get through this one:
2008-01-22 6:23:51 PM  
Chose McCain. So happy my first opponent was Hillary Clinton. Felt so good shooting her (with paintballs). Thought the Romney fight started out badly with McCain spawning right infront of a armed and ready Romney who was shooting me before I finished materializing in the room. Still won. 13000.
2008-01-22 6:25:42 PM  
First person shooter?

This is the stupidest greenlight I've ever seen.
2008-01-22 6:26:30 PM  
2008-01-22 6:26:54 PM  
*Third person shooter

also you hit R to reload your paintballs, there are more then enough, unless you suck ass.
2008-01-22 6:27:36 PM  
I hope there's a hot coffee mod.
2008-01-22 6:27:43 PM  
2008-01-22 6:29:46 PM  
baka-san: DAMN YOU ROMNEY!!!!!

he moves like seizures
2008-01-22 6:34:29 PM  
This was way worse.

From the same site.
2008-01-22 6:39:50 PM  
I support anything that puts static in the ether for the NSA computers...

Which reminds me of a joke:

Osama bin Laden goes into a bar and says to the bartender "Hey, do you know where I can get some nuclear weapons or weaponized anthrax to assassinate the president with?" The bartender looks at him and says...

Uh, well I forget the punchline, but it is hilarious.

/false hits
//takes away a few cycles from the NSA supercomputers
2008-01-22 6:43:35 PM  
2008-01-22 6:50:59 PM  
I see nothing offensive about it at all.

The game itself is boring.
2008-01-22 6:52:21 PM  
23710 highscore as edwards
2008-01-22 6:52:48 PM  
Awww, nuts. My McCain surrendered to one of the Commiecrats and was taken POW. He then started spewing a bunch of the enemy's propaganda. Then the media showed up and startedd calling him a war hero.
2008-01-22 6:55:47 PM  
HulkHands: Heh, if you click through to the weekend of mug shots, I'm pretty sure #6 is a porn star.

#3 - fap fap fap fap...

Darn it, #13 stole my tattoo idea!

Oh, and commenting on the paintball game screen cap; why does Hilary hate African-American children?
2008-01-22 6:56:23 PM  
Worst flash game I've ever seen. It isn't just lame, its spinal cord is severed.
2008-01-22 6:57:09 PM  
It's paintball. Get the fark over it.

Where's the outrage from animal rights groups over the smash-a-penguin game?
2008-01-22 7:03:13 PM  
Former: This was way worse.

From the same site.

i wish our president was that much of a badass
2008-01-22 7:17:08 PM  
I'd play as Angry Monica Snew
2008-01-22 7:17:32 PM  
Epiphany: strangers with candy, season 2. episode ?

shooting game of american presidents

"You MISSED me...Now I'm going to have sex with my slaves!"
2008-01-22 7:34:24 PM  
I love the alarmist, exaggerated, oh noes! the childrens! tone of the article followed with "Click here to play!" I'm surprised the evil video games bandwagon can still move, so many people have jumped on it.
2008-01-22 7:38:53 PM  
Saw that game months ago on one of those flash game sites (can't remember which one)

It wasn't very interesting then either.
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