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2002-10-21 02:15:10 PM  
Cool! They made a stealthy, slow jet that does nothing!
2002-10-21 02:54:34 PM  
Sources suggest they may include active camouflage systems to reduce visibility by using panels or coatings that change colour or luminosity.

I would say that is something. It's almost a freaking cloaking device.
2002-10-21 06:03:26 PM  
Bird of Prey? Don't the Romulans have the copyright to that? Where's Wil when we need him?
2002-10-21 07:17:49 PM  
its a bird of prey...how long before one ends up in the san fransisco bay?
2002-10-21 07:18:07 PM  
That's the UFO I saw!
2002-10-21 07:19:00 PM  
or is one already there?

i want my transparent aluminum!
2002-10-21 07:19:02 PM  
This is OLD.

It was a test mule for their UCAV programme - you know the stealth ones we have not seen yet - of course they exist - if you have that technology would YOU not put it in a UVAC recon bird ?

Better than knowing about enemy troop movements is having the enemy not know you know.
2002-10-21 07:20:26 PM  
"Here we have an example of a classic 'black' programme: an aircraft which has been built and flight tested for a number of years - and no one outside the programme knew about it," says Nick Cook, aerospace consultant to Janes Defence Weekly.

Well, no one except for those pesky UFO watchers and Area 51 Desert Rats....

2002-10-21 07:23:16 PM  
Uncle-Git The linked is/has been farked.. do you have any other links that discuss it?
2002-10-21 07:23:30 PM  
Great. Now the United States can sell its old stealth jets only to be put in the hands of not very friendly nations.

Then the United States will justify using this weapon to kill even more people.

But that will get old and soon something else will be developed and they will sell this current stealth to someone else. And the cycle continues.

But the death continues. Of course, the U.S. always gets to kill more since they are developing the technology.

Nice world we live in. Hail America!
2002-10-21 07:23:41 PM  
So, are fighter aircraft just getting uglier the more advanced they get?

What is really cool, is that it only cost 67mil to develop the thing.
2002-10-21 07:24:42 PM  
http://www.boeing.com had it on the front page last week.

Probably still is.
2002-10-21 07:24:43 PM  
Old news...
[image from fantasia.ncsa.uiuc.edu too old to be available]
2002-10-21 07:24:51 PM  
300 mph and 20,000 feet? Sounds like a testbed.
2002-10-21 07:26:15 PM  
wasn't this thing on the cover of popular science about ten years ago?

2002-10-21 07:26:37 PM  
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. I'd definatley shiat my pants if I saw that coming and was on the other side.
2002-10-21 07:27:54 PM  

More info on the bird of prey here.
2002-10-21 07:29:07 PM  
2002-10-21 07:29:11 PM  
/. posted this last week, get with it people nothin to see here. :-)
2002-10-21 07:29:14 PM  

I hate you. Go home before I say something that gets me banned.
2002-10-21 07:29:17 PM  
I've got one of those.

Well, it's invisible!
2002-10-21 07:29:30 PM  
so how long tell i can get my active camouflage suit at wallmart?
2002-10-21 07:29:39 PM  
i read that as 67 mil for each one, not to develop it, but i could be wrong
2002-10-21 07:30:43 PM  
How is it top secret?

Boobies Wierners Boobies
2002-10-21 07:32:15 PM  
well if radar can't pick it up, aren't we going to loose it?
2002-10-21 07:32:31 PM  
if the cops get hold of active camouflage. game over.
2002-10-21 07:34:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Eat Cheese!
2002-10-21 07:35:21 PM  
Slashdot posted this 3-4 days ago.. They linked to PopSci and ProjectBlack in case anyone else was interested in other links.. PopSci coontil farked) has a few different pics and all those spiffy angles..
2002-10-21 07:37:33 PM  
so what exactly is the point of this thing anyway?

ok you can't see it, but it can't possibly hold that much of a payload, why not just use a missile launched from a warship, it'l end up carrying weapons similar anyway
2002-10-21 07:39:36 PM  
ok everyone we get it, its been shown before, now lets get over that and actually post something relevant instead of biatching about who got it first
2002-10-21 07:39:53 PM  
Kind of reminds me of Space Ghost's ship.
2002-10-21 07:43:59 PM  
It reminds me of Wonderwoman's plane.cept it's not see-through. So maybe it doesn't remind me of Wonderwoman's plane. It's pretty though.

I want one.

But my mommy won't let me play with stuff like that. She says its dangerous.
2002-10-21 07:45:08 PM  

Great. Now the United States can sell its old stealth jets only to be put in the hands of not very friendly nations.

Your argument is asinine. The US has no "old" stealth jets. The F-117, the oldest, will remain in service for decades to come. If the F-117 were old, I highly doubt we'd give it to any except the UK. Last I checked we weren't giving our tier 2 weapons technology to anyone but our closest allies.

Then the United States will justify using this weapon to kill even more people.

I'm, befuddled as to how any sentient entity could draw a conclusion between part a and part b of your mental diarrhea.

...Nice world we live in. Hail America!

I'm an American who's no fan of US foreign policy, but your argument is pathetic and it makes you look like an idiot. I'm of the opinion that you should take your hive-mind socialism anti-American rhetoric elsewhere, or at least form an opinion that doesn't smack of indoctrinated European neo-fascism.

I pity you so much it borders on prayer.
2002-10-21 07:45:32 PM  
From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August.
2002-10-21 07:46:25 PM  
From the local newspaper here in Missouri... Wish I would stopped by Boeing last night as I drove by, Lambert...yeah, they woulda let me in!

Secret Boeing "Bird of Prey" project gets overdue recognition

By Cynthia Wilson
Of The Post-Dispatch

* The program was begun in 1992 by a team of McDonnell Douglas engineers.

Ten years ago, with the Cold War ended, the U.S. military was re-examining its aerospace needs. It wanted faster, less-costly planes that were easier to build. Executives at McDonnell Douglas Corp. saw the review as a chance to set new standards for military aircraft.

So in 1992, McDonnell Douglas directed a team of its engineers to begin developing the "Bird of Prey," a demonstration project that would showcase the benefits of stealth technology and lean manufacturing.

Boeing Co. continued work on the project after it bought McDonnell Douglas. The two companies invested $67 million to pay all costs of the program, which achieved all of its goals. The program continued through 1999.

On Friday, the Air Force unveiled the formerly classified project at a ceremony at the headquarters of Boeing's military, space and communications unit, Integrated Defense Systems in St. Louis. The Air Force did so because many of the program's benefits have become industry standards.

A spokeswoman for Boeing said the Bird of Prey won't be mass produced. One plane was built solely to demonstrate specific technologies, some of which remain classified.

Air Force officials said the Bird of Prey, which completed 38 test flights, proved many radar-avoiding concepts. It also revolutionized aircraft design, development and production, they said.

Besides being among the first programs to use large, single-piece composite parts, the subsonic, single-seat aircraft was among the first built with disposable tooling and designed using three-dimensional virtual reality and assembly processes.

For those accomplishments, the Bird of Prey will take its place along other icons in aerospace technology at the U.S. Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, Gen. John P. Jumper, the Air Force chief of staff, told those gathered in a Boeing hangar for the unveiling.

Jim Albaugh, president of Integrated Defense Systems, acknowledged the frustration the program's employees must have felt because they couldn't discuss their breakthroughs with their families and friends.

Albaugh said they now can talk about their work.

"This airplane that you have built is one that will stand the test of time," he said. "The technology will live on, and it will live on in other airplanes for years to come."

Many of the design and production innovations pioneered in the project were applied to Boeing's F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Jumper said.

Albaugh said Boeing's unmanned vehicles program is another beneficiary of the Bird of Prey technology.

Albaugh said he planned to use a meeting with Air Force Secretary James Roche later Friday to explain how technologies showcased in the Bird of Prey can be applied to the company's unmanned combat air vehicles program.

Boeing believes the future of jet fighters lies with unmanned vehicles, and Albaugh said Friday that unmanned combat air vehicles will play a dominant role in the company's future work in St. Louis.

Bird of Prey

First flight: Fall 1996

Wingspan: About 23 feet

Length: 47 feet

Weight: 7,400 pounds

Height: 9 feet, 3 inches

Engine: Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5C turbofan

Thrust: 3,190 pounds

Maximum speed: About 300 mph

Maximum altitude: 20,000 feet
2002-10-21 07:47:33 PM  
ohyeah because so many kids are going to be wanting the newest slow ass invisible jet for christmas
2002-10-21 07:48:51 PM  
France surrenders!!!!
2002-10-21 07:49:58 PM  
Captain, there be whales here!
2002-10-21 07:51:22 PM  
As usual Drivinwest, says it best. Maybe a little verbose this time? Zach, you define European cliche. Like your cohorts, you probably shiat on the USA for getting involved in X (insert: Somalia, Serbia) while not getting involved in Y (insert: Kashmir, Gaza). You make me ashamed to be Dutch.
2002-10-21 07:54:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-21 07:55:23 PM  

tried submitting two links with more amusing titles a few days ago

2002-10-21 07:58:25 PM  
I submitted this so long ago. farkers.
2002-10-21 07:58:39 PM  
Stealth is so last year.
2002-10-21 07:59:25 PM  
I pity you so much it borders on prayer.

I am SO using that from now on.
2002-10-21 07:59:48 PM  
The Joint Strike Fighter is gonna fark everyone up... but by the time it comes out they will be working on robotic planes, so ah welll... it will still look pretty
2002-10-21 07:59:48 PM  
The cost referred to the total program. This machine would be a great asset in most theatres of war. The low speed and ceiling are not just because of its prototype status- it doesn't need to fly higher or faster to get the job done. The unmanned version may be more practical in very dangerous situations, but you still can't beat having a person in the cockpit.
2002-10-21 08:00:21 PM  
Looks like they rolled alot of the F-22 technology into this one hoping that the ATF program gets canned for budgetary reasons. At $67mil per copy, it's less than half the cost of an F-23.

By the way, whoever was mentioning that the plane was slow may want to brush up on their stealth knowledge. Supersonic and stealth flight surfaces are not shaped the same...it's not saying that they can't coexist, it's just you need to pick one or the other. Otherwise, you'll end up with a plane that does neither well.
2002-10-21 08:00:54 PM  
This sounds like more of a proof-of-concept design than an actual weapons platform. However, the 67 mil pricetag is amazingly cheap considering the technology involved.

Somethings bother me about this though. It is low flying, and has a small payload capacity and high agility...yet has a pathetic ceiling of 20,000 ft and a paultry max speed. This doesn't seem to fit the idea of either a bomber, a fighter, an interceptor, or any other category I can put it into. In any of those categories, this would have a subpar performance, regardless of the stealth technolgies involved.

Even stealth itself has come under attack. Advanced radars that use more than one dish can often detect the "outline" of a stealth plane, plot its course and trajectory, and generally figure out where it is - without letting the stealth pilot know.

If this plane had a more definable role, I might be more excited. Right now, I'm just confused.
2002-10-21 08:02:29 PM  
This is so retarded. Not only did other Farkers try to link this a while ago, but I tried to link something a few days ago, and apparently it wasn't "cool" enough for Fark.

It was about that 'mummified' dinosaur they found, completely intact with only a few flaws. Had skin, teeth, all bones, even what it ate last in it's stomach.

They won't post something INTERESTING, but they'll post
"For you folks that don't like repeats (and those of you that like to make fun of them)" that goes to a website with 14 words and not funny.

Give me a break.
2002-10-21 08:17:44 PM  
I think it's stupid how people complain that an article on Fark was already posted on Slashdot (not /. you stupid farks), or some other website a few days, or weeks earlier. Maybe the person who posted it only reads Fark; they don't have to be interested in other sites. This goes with people complaining about repeats.
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