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(Reuters)   Janet Jackson hopes new album reverses the declining sales trend of her last two releases, which were udder disappointments   ( divider line
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2008-01-12 09:32:22 PM  
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2008-01-12 09:57:49 PM  
I think subby is stretching that udder, teat, nipple reference a little thin
2008-01-12 09:59:58 PM  
2008-01-12 11:36:05 PM  
If Janet Jackson's smart, she'll dabble in the kind of music that's making many a musical act prosperous: cover songs. (pops)
2008-01-13 02:35:20 AM  
Talent malfunction?
2008-01-13 05:20:36 AM  
Janet Jackson hopes new album reverses the declining sales trend of her last two releases

It will be coded specially so that you have to go buy the last two to make this one play at all.

/I'm sure Justin will grab one right away.
2008-01-13 07:36:52 AM  
It's funny because he said Udder like he meant teats!

/not really
2008-01-13 07:46:55 AM  
heheh he said udder * snicker *
2008-01-13 09:34:21 AM  
Boob joke!
2008-01-13 10:00:04 AM  
I liked a black comic I heard over New Year's Eve.. if they went this crazy over Janet Jackson's little titty, they would have gone completely insane if it had happened to Arethra Franklin..
2008-01-13 10:54:47 AM  
Her music blows.

That family had talent at one point in their lives but now they're just a joke.

[image from too old to be available]
2008-01-13 11:26:30 AM  
The good news is that Germaine is now the most popular among the siblings.
2008-01-13 01:09:27 PM  
She should be putting together the Good Times reunion TV movie, that's about all that's left for her.

Jimmie Walker is probably available.
2008-01-13 10:24:03 PM  
This should be her breast album yet. Her career will be in tit-top shape after this effort.
2008-01-14 01:36:01 PM  
I see what you did there
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