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(Omaha World Herald)   Woman violated city code when she ratted on beer-drinking Iowa firemen   ( divider line
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2002-10-18 12:42:57 PM  
bad link.
2002-10-18 12:45:41 PM  
Bad links are tiresome.
2002-10-18 12:45:57 PM  
Farked already! Happy Friday!
2002-10-18 12:46:07 PM  
Where the fark's the story?
2002-10-18 12:49:07 PM  
Another bad link.
2002-10-18 12:51:07 PM  
In other news: Purple Monkey Dishwasher
2002-10-18 12:51:10 PM  
You have entered another dimension. A dimension not of newsstories and quips, but of missing links. At the signpost up ahead, you will have entered THE DEAD LINK ZONE !

[image from too old to be available]

2002-10-18 12:51:28 PM  
Link's good again.

I'm sure if someone's house is burning down with their kid inside, they'd really appreciate the fire crew coming in drunk.
2002-10-18 12:52:10 PM  
How about this'un?
2002-10-18 12:52:20 PM  
it worked for me....
though it wasn't too interesting.... next article, please...
2002-10-18 12:52:20 PM  
the link seems to be ok here on the comments page, but bad on the main page. strange.
2002-10-18 12:56:44 PM  
Ok, so I went to the site, via the link that was provided and did not see anything about drunken fire fighters. I did see a blurb about over croweded jails and some restaurant that redid its menu. Did I miss something?
2002-10-18 12:58:34 PM  
And the story is where?
2002-10-18 01:00:51 PM  
Click the link at the top of this page. Admins have been hitting the sauce earlier than usual today.
2002-10-18 01:01:53 PM  
Beer can be very useful in fighting fires, she must not have seen "Strange Brew".
2002-10-18 01:03:49 PM  
Fark has a bad habit of messing up links lately. When a link is submitted, all of the '&' in it get changed to '%26'. If a link doesn't work for you, just change the %26 to & and it should work.


messed up -

corrected -
2002-10-18 01:12:54 PM  
I'd like to hear the firefighters' version of events. IF they are drinking beer while on duty, that's obviously no good, but if they are off duty, what's wrong with having a beer? Of course, if I were a firefighter and was off duty, I'd go home to have my beer.
2002-10-18 01:13:48 PM  
The firefighters should all quit and become airline pilots.
2002-10-18 01:16:15 PM  
Wow...that story was great (thx for the link B4st4rd). People are really dumb. Not only are you allowed to do illicit or improper things, but your brethren will defend you to the death your right to do it if any nervous nellies come around looking. Good thing she didn't find their stash in the toilet.
2002-10-18 01:16:35 PM  
Speaking of "Off-Duty", is the sniper on vacation this week? (Monday didn't count, it was already a holiday, Columbus Day).
2002-10-18 01:16:54 PM  
why can't you stupid farkers paste a damn article URL right? (and why can't the fark link approval dudes test the link first, for that matter?)..

2002-10-18 01:17:17 PM  
About thier jail over crowding. They should start releasing all the murders, rapist's and thieves to make room for the real criminals. The people in possesion of Marijuana.
2002-10-18 01:18:44 PM  
Nothing is wrong with having the beer .. unless the insurance company considers it a liability and won't cover them. That's what the council member was checking on. It would suck if something went wrong and they needed to make a claim but the insurance company wouldn't pay when they found out beer was in the firehouse.
2002-10-18 01:21:36 PM  
Better drunk D'art than not at all.

And I agree MayoBoy, the admins should NOT be keeping beer in their fridge...
2002-10-18 01:24:16 PM  
Having something go wrong at a firehouse is too ironic. If they had a fire, they would put it out pretty quick. Insurance for a firehouse should be pretty cheap, unless something like a flood, earthquake or a plane crashing into it destroys it, but then - what would having beer have to do anything with it.

Also it makes me wonder... Who insures the insurance companies?

Insurance companies are thieves in suits....
2002-10-18 01:26:33 PM  
From my recollections with talking w/ my firefighter buddy, if you are sleeping or eating in the fireshouse, you ARE on Duty. His firehouse would have you on for 48 hrs atraight on week (including sleeping time) and 72 hrs the next. When off duty, you sleep at home.

So, at least for him, there is NO "off-duty" time in the fireshouse, since a call could come in at any time.
2002-10-18 01:28:31 PM  
Why the fuss, it was only a couple of beers.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-18 01:29:55 PM  
Of course, the article said they were VOLUNTEER firemen, so they are not paid by the city, and could not ever be "on duty."

Nosey biatch ought to worry about more important things, methinks.
2002-10-18 01:32:55 PM  
Davemak, not sure about Iowa, but in NY, even though they are volunteer, they are still employees of the Fire District. The Fir District pays the insurance premiums and accepts the liability of anything going wrong. That being said, "Bottoms-Up"
2002-10-18 01:33:41 PM  
Roach burnt by mayor,
Lesson learned from beer fracas
mind your own business.
2002-10-18 01:34:30 PM  
Um, .s/Fir/Fire/g
2002-10-18 01:34:56 PM  
Still, even though they are volunteers, they are probably "on call" according to some pre-set schedule. If they are "on call" they are likely required to stay sober.

My aunt ans uncle are volunteer "first responders" which are kind oflike paramedics. They have times that they are "on call" and times that they can relax and do whatever.
2002-10-18 01:35:14 PM  
Robot909: They actually have something called "re-insurance" for insurers who can't cover their liability claims.

Quite the tangled web.
2002-10-18 01:36:15 PM  
Nosey Biatch

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-18 01:37:57 PM  
"Of course, the article said they were VOLUNTEER firemen, so they are not paid by the city, and could not ever be "on duty."

"Volunteer" doesn't mean unpaid when it comes to firemen. The "volunteer" firemen here receive "duty pay". It's not enought to live on but it beats flippin burgers for extra cash.
2002-10-18 01:40:15 PM  
I'm kind of surprised at the "nosey biatch" comments. Who here really wants drunken firefighters showing up at a fire? Or drunks driving a firetruck through red lights?

I have to stay sober when at work, and all I operate is a keyboard. I think a firefighter should be held to the same standards that I am.
2002-10-18 01:40:37 PM  
She probably gets paid to stick her nose in everybody's business. It'll server her right if the Volunteer Firefighters quit over this. If she had just inquired, instead of reporting them to the insurance company, then this probably wouldn't be a problem at all.
2002-10-18 01:41:23 PM  
Firefighters shouldn't be drinking beer on duty, and having beer in the fire station probably isn't a good idea, even if they are not drinking on the job. You open yourself up to all kinds of trouble when you have it there: liability, accusations, etc. Here's a novel idea: Want to drink when off the job? Go down the street to the bar, or to someones house.

As for the woman that called, it sounds like she was inquiring as to whether it was allowed, not accusing them of having the beer. There is a difference. For all the insurance company knew, she could be asking before they brought it in for a party or something.

Twiggyreal Calm down. Look above to find the link. Mistakes are made, it's not the end of the world, and the admins don't have time to check every link.
2002-10-18 01:41:52 PM  
She may have been doing them a favor. Have you ever tried putting out a fire with beer? It makes a worst foul smell when burned.
2002-10-18 01:43:40 PM  
Who here really wants drunken firefighters showing up at a fire? Or drunks driving a firetruck through red lights?
Oh..... I must have missed the part about them drinking on duty. Is there a chance, albeit a small one, that after they get off duty, they might have a beer?
2002-10-18 01:46:39 PM  
Speakin' of beer drinkin', is there indeed an Austin shindig tomorrow? If so, when and where?
2002-10-18 01:47:44 PM  
Pr2 Volunteer firefighters are still on call then if you don't want to call it on duty. You sign up for, or are given certain times when you are supposed to be around and ready to be called for a fire. Same thing still applies, you shouldn't be drunk. Many volunteer firefighters still get paid too. "Volunteer" only means that it is not their full-time job. For instance, my town has a volunteer fire department. The firemen get a stipend for the year, and get paid by the hour on calls (first hour is not paid).
2002-10-18 01:49:37 PM  
Eeek But there is still liability. I can't bring beer into my job, even if I don't plan on drinking it. Having beer on premesis is a liability for my employer, so they don't allow it.
2002-10-18 01:51:00 PM  
Also it makes me wonder... Who insures the insurance companies?

Re-Insurance companies no joke.. the company I work for does this particular thing.
2002-10-18 01:52:01 PM  
Sorry Pr2 misdirected my comment there.
2002-10-18 01:52:22 PM  
The assumtion any reasonable person would make is that if you keep beer at work, you are drinking that beer at work. Do you have a cooler of beer sitting under your desk right now (assuming you are at work?) I don't. If my boss came into my office, and I had a cooler of beer sitting under my desk, it would be frowned upon, and he would assume that I'm drinking on the job.

I think it's fair to assume that these firefighters are drinking on the job. Maybe not to the point that they are fall down drunk, but they have beer on the job, and that's wrong.
2002-10-18 01:55:28 PM  
You guys can't keep beer at the job? That stinks. You are all right about liabilities, I know. I just see it as these guys treat it as a 'fire house' rather than a station. Those guys are willing to put their like at risk, but they can't have a beer. What's next, you can't have strippers dance on the pole at the station?
2002-10-18 01:55:54 PM  
Nice of the firefighters to threaten to leave the town without fire coverage over some beer, though. Shows a real dedication to the people of your town.
2002-10-18 01:58:47 PM  
Sos, I think you meant to address Davemak. The point I was trying to make to Davemak was that they are indeed paid.

Around here, we call volunteer firemen "basement savers" because by the time they get there, that's all that's left.
2002-10-18 02:00:13 PM  
I was thinking the same thing. I was about to say that it's not terribly professional of them, but then again, they aren't pros. They are volunteers.
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