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2002-10-17 10:21:05 PM  
yerp sure would be a big old waste of time looking for the real killers if it really was you that killed your wife...

my head hurts after reading that... what a waste of resources, give me back the air he's breathing!
2002-10-17 11:19:30 PM  
to quote norm mcdonald "MURDERER!!!!"
2002-10-18 12:28:48 AM  
Anyone else remember the MAD TV episode where they OJ looking around the golf courses of America for the real killers, but they got away at the end of the episode?

That was funny; this is not.
2002-10-18 12:45:45 AM  
I still have my issue of Star with the "SIMPSON WAS FRAMED" headline.

What's that, you say? Star is a tabloid? nooooooooo... i love the juice
2002-10-18 02:11:07 AM  
He is 99.44/100th's sure.
2002-10-18 02:27:29 AM  
I had alot going on at the time, and it just slipped my mind that I had killed my wife. But, I remebered later, and dammit if i didn't forget to pick up todays paper.
2002-10-18 02:56:25 AM  
There seems to be real evidence that the pegboard storage rack which holds the missing tool silhouettes of coo-coo bird's brain pan have ripped free from their mental filing cabinet.
2002-10-18 03:21:09 AM  
Pretty sure that everything after the Johnny Cochran statement is just satire...but then again...
2002-10-18 03:42:43 AM  
Oh yeah, sure......As if this jackass was EVER 100% sure he was innocent.
What a farking.......moron
2002-10-18 06:01:23 AM  
How does he get to play golf all day, I thought he lost all of his money? Why do women still date him? His last few girlfriends weren't too hard on the eyes. When is he going to be hit by a car or afflicted with some disease?
2002-10-18 06:28:18 AM  
OJ. In trouble. When did this happen? Where have I been and oh, who is this OJ you speak of?
2002-10-18 06:31:50 AM  
Sounds like something from Police Squad or Naked Gun ...
2002-10-18 06:33:27 AM  
This is a joke, right?

I'm guessing it's one of those 'Satire-as-news' articles that get picked up sometimes. It reads too much like an Onion or Satirewire article.

If it's not, then it takes the OJ case to new heights of ridicule.

Although, even if admits it now, he can't be charged, can he? Double-jeopardy and all that? Maybe he just wants new publicity.
2002-10-18 06:33:42 AM  
I thought we'd got rid of this guy. In the media, that is. Maybe he's so traumatized by his wife's death he's lost his mind. Yeah. Uh huh.
2002-10-18 06:34:01 AM  
So what was the van chase about then?

What ever happened to Kato?

That he was acquitted still amazes me.

I saw the photos on Rotten and that was one frenzied attack.
2002-10-18 06:34:18 AM  
meepmeep no longer 100 Percent Sure he gives a shiat
2002-10-18 06:35:28 AM  
OJ = Waste of Oxygen
2002-10-18 06:37:22 AM  
This article seems eerily close to something the Onion would print.
2002-10-18 06:40:14 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-10-18 06:42:57 AM  
It was some Puerto Rican guy...
2002-10-18 06:47:56 AM  
"can the news be funny? humorist Andy Borowitz thinks so"

satire, ya think?
2002-10-18 06:48:07 AM  
What an idiot, can they do something about him saying this? I know you cant be tried twice for the same thing but hey. Someone should cap this guy.
2002-10-18 06:48:40 AM  

Great article.
2002-10-18 06:49:24 AM  
I used to worship the man in the early 70's. Now, I just wish he would go away...
2002-10-18 06:50:11 AM  
"If it turns out that I'm actually the one who did it, then looking for the real killers would be a big old waste of time," Simpson said.

Come on! The onion was never this funny.
2002-10-18 06:51:05 AM  
Satire, I think... however, if it is, MSNBC is remiss in not pointing out that it is satire.

Just because a humorist writes about something doesn't make it satire.
2002-10-18 06:51:33 AM  
I think it's a bit irresponsible of MSNBC to present material from a satirical website in such a way that it is indistinguishable from their news content.. particularly with the tag "Newsweek Web Exclusive"

Of course, news from the U.S. is increasingly of the "they're kidding, right?" variety, so why bother?

It all looks like parody, or the ravings of a lunatic on an ether-binge, since about october, 2000.
2002-10-18 06:57:57 AM  
[image from hollywood-costumes.com too old to be available]

2002-10-18 06:59:46 AM  
Thanks for the link...

I wonder how much MSNBC is gonna hear about this?
2002-10-18 07:00:07 AM  
How does he get to play golf all day, I thought he lost all of his money?

I think he managed to escape having to pay up on the civil ruling by declaring bankruptcy or something, like the insurance company did in that one John Grisham movie
2002-10-18 07:00:47 AM  
I tend to not take humorists seriously. This makes the whole news vs. satire differentiation thing sort of easy for me. Give it a try yourself! It's fun! It'll keep you from sounding like an idiot in a FARK forum. Go from being satire-impaired loser to a regular chick magnet in just seconds.

What? Didn't read everything on the page? Still fished in? I'm sorry... there's no hope for you. I'm afraid it's terminal and you're going to die.

Here's some easy steps:
1. Don't post before reading the article
2. Look who wrote the article and what they have written previously
3. In some cases, the web site of origin should be a giveaway.
4. I know things are especially surreal these days but most preposterous things your read are just that... preposterous things on the web and nothing else.

Apply to each link and reap the rewards of apparent wisdom. You'll have FARKettes lining up just waiting to e-mail you sweet nothings. Trust me!
2002-10-18 07:00:47 AM  
2002-10-18 07:01:02 AM  
Its satire, Borowitz even has his own site:

2002-10-18 07:02:44 AM  
yeah, whether or not i murdered my spouse in cold blood is often something i have a hard time remembering. i'd say i'm about 87% sure i didn't do it.
2002-10-18 07:08:06 AM  
but now you've just proven it's satire Harmonia i have just made myself look the foo' for believing it
2002-10-18 07:13:32 AM  
Ah but are you 100% sure I said that?

Thought you might like this link BTW

2002-10-18 07:14:57 AM  
I had to rub my eyes and make sure that CNN wasn't linking to an Onion article.
2002-10-18 07:15:12 AM  
Oi you Goatperson!

[image from leeds.ac.uk too old to be available]

Who says our coppers have no guns!
2002-10-18 07:15:43 AM  
Or MSNBC. Whatever.
2002-10-18 07:19:16 AM  
2002-10-18 07:24:49 AM  
JWR Contributor Andy Borowitz, a former president of the Harvard Lampoon, is a regular humor columnist for Newsweek.com, The New Yorker, The New York Times and TV Guide. Recognized by Esquire magazine as one of the most powerful producers in television, he was the creator and producer of the hit TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and producer of the Oscar-nominated film Pleasantville.

check jewishworldreview.com for his archives
2002-10-18 07:27:19 AM  
LAME!!! Although I almost didn't realize it was satire at first....
2002-10-18 07:31:46 AM  
I usually see them like this GM:
2002-10-18 07:32:17 AM  
Ah, nothing like an OJ Simpson joke to make you forget a world of snipers, Iraq, North Korea, pedophile priests, global warming.....
2002-10-18 07:32:23 AM  
Now with Picture!
2002-10-18 07:32:38 AM  
Say .... I was married once upon a time ... I think .... and now that she's gone .... I cannot remember WHAT happened to her .... maybe I should turn myself in? ...
2002-10-18 07:33:47 AM  
Jeez. Can we ever leave this poor man alone? It's obvious that he was innocent, just ask the jury. Hasn't he suffered enough getting bankrupted by our stupid legal system (which apparently can rob you of all of your money even if you didn't commit a crime)????
2002-10-18 07:33:48 AM  
[image from unfairtrade.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-10-18 07:34:26 AM  
I posed a question half in jest earlier, and now I can't stop wondering. So, for all you legal-type farkers out there:

If OJ now admitted the murders, could anything happen to him?
2002-10-18 07:39:15 AM  
"But if Johnnie's not 100 percent sure, I'm like, hey, maybe I better take another look at this."
take a look at what ?? The photos of their necks slit ?.... I never knew MSNBC was into satire.

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