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(Church of the SubGenius)   Religious cult announces the world will be invaded by aliens in July of 2008. Predators to follow, battle aliens in August   ( divider line
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8673 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jan 2008 at 12:51 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2008-01-04 12:53:45 PM  
My wife's birthday is in July...I bet that'd make a great present.
2008-01-04 12:53:56 PM  
I for one welcome... yadda yadda yadda

/Lets just hope it's better then those awful, AWFUL movies.
2008-01-04 12:54:07 PM  
Clothing optional, you say..
2008-01-04 12:54:45 PM  
In August it gets very hot.
2008-01-04 12:54:46 PM  
I for one welcome our alien overlords.

/oh wait, that's not a fark meme is it?
2008-01-04 12:54:47 PM  
I for one welcome our new alien overlords

2008-01-04 12:54:55 PM  
I thought the Mexicans were already invading us...
2008-01-04 12:54:57 PM  
About farkin' time.

/time to book a room...
2008-01-04 12:56:11 PM  
Meh, it's the slow time of the year so it might be a welcome diversion.
2008-01-04 12:56:15 PM  
I for one welcome out new alien overlords.
2008-01-04 12:56:49 PM  
Mars needs our wimmins! Save teh bewbies!
2008-01-04 12:57:02 PM  
I hope it's after the 4th so they dont ruin my BBQ
2008-01-04 12:57:09 PM  
Is it just a coincidence that these Alien and UFO stories are popping up around the time of the Iowa Caucus?

Dont. Think. So.
2008-01-04 12:57:13 PM  

The High Weirdness Project - UFO Cult Predicts End Of The World In July 2008

And by "Predicts End Of The World" they mean "Advertises Event in Order to Boost Membership (and Make Money)".
2008-01-04 12:57:38 PM  
Tom Cruise and John Travolta unavailable for comment.
2008-01-04 12:57:47 PM  
Church of SubGenius is about as real of a religious cult as the Discordians are, i.e. only members are atheists who need a hobby.
2008-01-04 12:57:49 PM  
Well, three of the four article at the top of the main page have to do with aliens or UFOs. It must be true.
2008-01-04 12:57:58 PM  
C'mon we all know the world ends on Dec. 21, 2012.
2008-01-04 12:58:00 PM  
Illegal aliens, maybe.
2008-01-04 12:58:05 PM  
Englebert Slaptyback:
And by "Predicts End Of The World" they mean "Advertises Event in Order to Boost Membership (and Make Money)".

But, hey, when you are promising Alien Sex Goddesses, well...
2008-01-04 12:58:07 PM  
Praise Bob
2008-01-04 12:58:17 PM  
okami36: I thought the Mexicans were already invading us...

We've contained that invasion to our bathrooms and McDonalds where they can do little to no harm
2008-01-04 12:58:18 PM  
Bah, they'll slack off the invasion again... Bob'll protect us if they actually show up. I hear they're suckers for margaritas and Hello Kitty.

/Live free or kill me...
2008-01-04 12:58:31 PM  
New alien overlords. Ours. I welcome them.
2008-01-04 12:58:33 PM  
img228.imageshack.usView Full Size

2008-01-04 12:59:09 PM  
Explain more about the "Sex Goddesses"...

//not really
2008-01-04 12:59:41 PM Full Size

/will make sure I am at my ranch in Santa Barbara in July.
//not obscure if you read the book.
2008-01-04 01:00:00 PM  
Those subgenius folks sure seem like fun. I wouldn't fit in though....(had to spell check "genius")
2008-01-04 01:00:01 PM  
So, you're saying that in August there's going to be a really, really boring, dark, and largely blurry fight? Gotcha
2008-01-04 01:00:45 PM  
Oh, thats COMEDY GOLD i tell ya, COMEDY GOLD!!!
2008-01-04 01:00:54 PM  
I wonder if this has anything to do with the other UFO stories in this near-trifecta.
2008-01-04 01:00:55 PM  
My birthday's in July too... roll on, alien interlopers. Time to mix things up a bit.

/ Hello Earthlings
// We come in pieces
/// of your fleshy meat pot remains
2008-01-04 01:01:21 PM  
This news confuses and infuriates us!

springqualityconf.orgView Full Size
2008-01-04 01:02:40 PM  
This is Church of SubGenius crap.

Come on Fark this thing is what a 15 years old joke!!!!

Get your act together.
2008-01-04 01:02:41 PM  
Really?! I could have sworn it was supposed to happen in January of 2009...

foxnews.comView Full Size
2008-01-04 01:03:04 PM  
Priase ___________!
2008-01-04 01:03:16 PM  
They offer eternal salvation or triple your money back! No other church can beat that.
2008-01-04 01:03:19 PM  
Read the news people. They have already started test runs in Canada and Britian.
2008-01-04 01:03:48 PM  
cefm: In August it gets very hot.

Yeah, that's not a good time to visit. Can they do Fall? Leaves are changing, its not too hot or cider...
2008-01-04 01:04:08 PM  
Alien vs. Predator:

Who ever wins, the audience loses.
2008-01-04 01:04:32 PM  
I for one welcome our new alien overlords.
2008-01-04 01:05:00 PM  
Hail Bob! Hail Connie! Surely the Sex Goddesses will take me on their escape ship even if I haven't sent in my 30 dollars to the Rev. Ivan Stang. A true Subgenius keeps his money!
2008-01-04 01:05:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2008-01-04 01:05:35 PM  
Death by snu snu...right?
2008-01-04 01:05:42 PM  
I turn 30 in July so I'm glad something else really f*cked up is happening to soften the blow..
2008-01-04 01:07:54 PM  
2008-01-04 01:10:02 PM  
Hopefully it will be a combined battle fleet of the Vl'hurgs and the G'Gugvuntts

/We have plenty of small dogs
2008-01-04 01:10:43 PM  
They do this every year. Have been since 1998. From the pictures, it looks like great fun.
2008-01-04 01:10:56 PM  
hawkmoon523: Hail Bob! Hail Connie! Surely the Sex Goddesses will take me on their escape ship even if I haven't sent in my 30 dollars to the Rev. Ivan Stang. A true Subgenius keeps his money!

No, a true Subjenius just slacks off making the payment...

I'll get around to sending in my $20 some day. (used to be $20 back when I first opened my third nostril). Anyone that tries to push me to pay is not a true Subgenius.

/they may be pink but their money is green
2008-01-04 01:12:03 PM  
i162.photobucket.comView Full Size

The question that should be on any farkers mind is whether or not this picture is intended for the submitter or the Church of the Subgenius.
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