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2002-10-17 11:07:00 AM  
Mugs and mousepads too
2002-10-17 11:08:20 AM  
I'm holding out for the "Drew" brand men's cologne.

2002-10-17 11:09:49 AM  
No static window stickers? I want a static window sticker!
2002-10-17 11:10:05 AM  
Fark boxer shorts.. the ultimate in birth control.
2002-10-17 11:10:18 AM  
you need to get some cliche pics on things.
2002-10-17 11:10:23 AM  
i want one can i get it at old navy ??????
2002-10-17 11:10:59 AM  
daddy likes!

There is no limit to the marketing genius...

"What the Fark?"
"Fark that."
"I was FARKing all last night"
"I FARKed your sister, 3Horn"

2002-10-17 11:11:25 AM  
Love the License Plate Holder...
2002-10-17 11:12:45 AM  
How about a Fark beer mug?

Oh wait, there it is. Nevermind.
2002-10-17 11:13:45 AM  
Fark boxers... are like admitting perversion at the worst possible time.
2002-10-17 11:13:46 AM  
Nice fleece. Good price. I shall buy.

Drew, why aren't you selling them direct, eh?
2002-10-17 11:14:11 AM  
I've already got a hat and a shirt. It's gettin colder why don't you all put the sweat shirts on sale.
2002-10-17 11:14:30 AM  
How about a Slayerswine bobblehead?
2002-10-17 11:16:17 AM  
CrazyEddie: You forgot FARK panties!
2002-10-17 11:16:46 AM  
I second that window cling sticker

something like "FARK OFF" with www.fark.com under it.
2002-10-17 11:17:19 AM  
lol Bass555 did you mean FARK paRties?
2002-10-17 11:18:30 AM  
Capitalism....... good.

Calling the wife to see how much I can spend.
2002-10-17 11:18:45 AM  
I could go for the tote bag.
how about a tank top?
2002-10-17 11:21:01 AM  
CrazyEddie I stand by my original statement.
2002-10-17 11:21:28 AM  
good. I like your statement better, anyway.
2002-10-17 11:24:44 AM  

10-17-02 11:11:25 AM TheCharmerUnderMe
Love the License Plate Holder...

Yes but you have to be careful if your state puts the stickers on the bottom of the tag. MO does, and that white bar across the bottom completely blocks them. I'm planning on using the Dremmel on it at some point.
2002-10-17 11:25:42 AM  
Will it get me laid by some hot geeky farkette?
2002-10-17 11:27:59 AM  
Does it come with a free month of totalfark?

2002-10-17 11:28:27 AM  
2002-10-17 11:29:45 AM  
Goatman - they're slashdot, that's what. these are fark.
2002-10-17 11:31:05 AM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-10-17 11:31:07 AM  
I'm holding out for the "Doo-dah, doo-dah" t-shirts or the "Hillarity Ensues !" boxers.

Or maybe the "Mustard Man" brand condom, guaranteed to prevent spillage !

[image from bloggerheads.com too old to be available]

2002-10-17 11:31:58 AM  
2002-10-17 11:33:23 AM  
Everybody thinks "Hey, I'll just do the design myself. I'll just lay it out in Word." Feast your eyes upon the results. The graphics are about as exciting as a UNIX manual.

Just saying...

I agree with Bug, cliches are needed.
2002-10-17 11:35:17 AM  
I think it is time to change the "FARK: Drew Curtis' FARK.com" They sell the naming rights to sports stadiums and the like, you know Drew, you could sell the naming rights to the title on the fark.com page. You could make a killing! I think that could generate more interest than moderator for a day, because being a moderator sounds like it could involve work and I'm not really into that, if I wanted to work I wouldn't be visiting fark right now. You could set the terms such that Fark.com would have to be in the title.

Unfortunately I would submit something like this => "Drew Curtis' Fark.com | Powered by drunk, feces hurling monkeys"
2002-10-17 11:35:20 AM  
What about a second girl's T-Shirt with
img.fark.netView Full Size
on it?
2002-10-17 11:36:16 AM  
Any BOOBIES shirts
2002-10-17 11:37:45 AM  
darn it, I looked at the comments before looking at the stuff and I thought there were actually fark panties. But, no, it was just some cruel hoax. Now, I'm all sad. No fark panties for ScorpioSting.
2002-10-17 11:38:22 AM  
We need "In S-o-v-i-e-t-R-u-s-s-i-a" too, and maybe an "Fb- is the father" T-shirt to complete his acendance to godhood.

Fark.com - no longer powered by Cosmiverse.com
2002-10-17 11:42:26 AM  
Fark panties would be fun. A picture of cliche kitty on the front, and www.fark.com on the back... with both bikini & thong options, of course.
2002-10-17 11:42:27 AM  
Go to my profile and see the shirt I was wearing the day my mom photographed me getting off of the "short" bus.
2002-10-17 11:42:31 AM  
ScorpioSting: well, you could just go without....

Cliche Kitty Panties! We're sitting on a Goldmine here!
2002-10-17 11:45:40 AM  
Hey, thats my novelty flying disc!!

::purchases shirt::
2002-10-17 11:46:53 AM  
I could go for a tote bag

Whoa... you mean there are actually people out there that buy/use these things?? Inconceivable.
2002-10-17 11:47:12 AM  

this site is cool. Those clothes are not.
2002-10-17 11:48:51 AM  
One of those Farkistan License plate frames will probably get you run off the road in some places by igmos who think it's a country next to Afghanistan.
They need some black (or any other cool color) t-shirts w/colored lettering.
2002-10-17 11:49:46 AM  
2002-10-17 11:49:50 AM  
ScorpioSting: well, you could just go without....

I will volunteer to take the marketing pics of that.
2002-10-17 11:50:25 AM  
I could go for a cap with "NSFW" on it.
2002-10-17 11:52:19 AM  
Ha! Fark panties could be the newest form of birth control!

I'm a genius...
2002-10-17 11:52:24 AM  
is George Lucas going to send hit teams after me when I put Ackbar on my FARK baseball shirt?
2002-10-17 11:53:13 AM  
Cliche kitty panties/thongs, Domo Kun boxers, NSFW clothing, and don't forget about Walken and Wheaton...
2002-10-17 11:53:57 AM  
CafePress is kinda neat. It's too bad that they use IRON-ONs for the images. Zazzle.com uses Dye-Sublimation for their shirts but they don't have nearly the selection.

CafePress pretty much uses an industrial version of the Iron-On transfers you can use with your inkjet printer (but, it does come out much nicer).

I've orders shirts from both places and the Zazzle.com shirts kick butt over CafePress. I just wish they had the same selection of other products.
2002-10-17 11:57:38 AM  
[image from scripter.com too old to be available]

Man I hope this doesn't go too far...
2002-10-17 11:57:53 AM  
wow just bought the shirt now i almost want to buy TOTAL FARK hmmm ( finger on face like that dell dude )
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