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(cockeyed.com)   Just in time for Halloween, how to make a giant paper-mache Satan   ( cockeyed.com) divider line
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2002-10-17 01:38:05 PM  
Halloween? Why Halloween? This is the kind of thing you make and leave in your neighbors bedroom as they sleep at night.
2002-10-17 07:39:18 PM  
Yay cockeyed! Do yourself a favor and check the rest of this site out. It's my favorite site on the net.
2002-10-18 02:18:53 AM  
I'm not that big a fan of his.
[image from usatoday.com too old to be available]
2002-10-18 02:21:37 AM  
How could you not? He's a four-armed freak!
2002-10-18 02:23:04 AM  
Could it beeeeeeeee..... SATAN?
2002-10-18 02:30:16 AM  
Does he also have instructions on how to make a paper-mache dildo? Or paper-mache Domo-kon, now that would rock.
2002-10-18 02:31:38 AM  
Sec - Those two extra arms are just paper mache.
2002-10-18 02:38:17 AM  
This is my favorite from Cockeyed:

2002-10-18 02:39:12 AM  
(just to piss off the fundies... I think the idea of Satan is even more laughable than the idea of God, but here goes)

Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Be tempted to look at a nipple on the internent, and reach into your pants! Hail Satan!
2002-10-18 02:39:36 AM  

That image is disturbing, to say the least...
2002-10-18 02:49:16 AM  
[image from cockeyed.com too old to be available]
would i hit
hit i would
2002-10-18 02:50:13 AM  
Well, isn't that SPECIAL!
2002-10-18 02:55:59 AM  
I'll bet the neighbors just couldn't wait for the Black Mass to begin!

Does he get annoyed easily or is it just me? Hmmmmm
2002-10-18 03:08:05 AM  
2002-10-18 03:18:56 AM  
This makes me miss the crazies I grew up with in Sacramento... =(
2002-10-18 03:19:39 AM  
I love Satan. Maybe not as much as Crotchrocket does.
2002-10-18 03:25:51 AM  
[image from cockeyed.com too old to be available]
Birth of a Cliche?
2002-10-18 03:37:39 AM  
Does papier mache Satan have a schlong?
2002-10-18 03:44:01 AM  
He has the mother of all scholongs from the looks of it!
2002-10-18 03:45:10 AM  
What show/movie was it where the guy referred to paper mache as "pah-pee-yay mah-shay" ?? Anyone know??
2002-10-18 03:46:45 AM  
2002-10-18 03:49:38 AM  
what's more rock than Satan?

/tenacious D
2002-10-18 04:34:37 AM  
Cres I'm not too sure what that nasty looking coke addicted porn star lady has to do with this thread at all, but I would definitely NOT hit whatever the hell that thing is.
2002-10-18 04:38:39 AM  
Um.. maybe you guys posting pics from that guy's site should read this page:
Image lifting prank
2002-10-18 04:39:26 AM  
Yes Cres, I'd appreciate it if you kept your shemale postings in an appropriate forum.
2002-10-18 05:06:23 AM  
Wow, that is quite a schlong they gave paper mache Satan.
2002-10-18 05:29:31 AM  
cres is that a booger in her mustache?
2002-10-18 05:32:59 AM  
Pixieberry:- I've heard it called that by pretentious posh people in England. It's because it originates from the french Papier Mâchè - pronounced as you said.
2002-10-18 05:40:02 AM  
That wot everyone calls it in England Jay_vee, pretentious or not. Maybe we figure that because we invented the english language we should be able to pronounce words as we choose.
2002-10-18 05:43:01 AM  
Oh and i see you are also from the UK, so i guess it is just us pretentious people then hehe.
2002-10-18 05:43:53 AM  
pretentious? watashi?
2002-10-18 05:53:24 AM  

You may be right - papier mâchè might be the norm, and paper mache is just a plebby simplification or Americanisation. I've heard it called both, but to be honest it's not a word that crops up in everyday conversation

Do you want something from the shop, Jay?
Yes,can you get me a Papier Mâchè Satan.

Is there anything outstanding on this project, Jay?
No - oh - apart from the Papier Mâchè Satan.

It just doesn't happen.
2002-10-18 06:07:06 AM  
it's no wonder that merchant banker is rhyming slang for wanker when you hear about something like that
2002-10-18 06:13:43 AM  
my, satan is well hung!
2002-10-18 06:27:30 AM  
uuhh i gots to brane sells lef cood u lone me sum
2002-10-18 06:33:49 AM  
It depends what you mean "Satan". I thought The Juda/Christian Satan was there when the old testament bible first came about (way, way BC). I understood it got more personalised, and adopted the Pan like appearance, and mischeivousness etc. in the middle ages.
2002-10-18 07:12:57 AM  
Sucking on the devils dong...

Quite a mouthfull to by the looks of it.
2002-10-18 07:13:35 AM  
AFAIK the Bible never gives an actual physical description of Satan, he is referred to in fairly abstract terms.

The traditional image of the devil has sort of evolved through Judeo-Christian mythology through the ages.
2002-10-18 07:19:23 AM  
Satan? I only worship Baal and minor demons.
2002-10-18 07:22:35 AM  
Personally, I've found that Be'elzebub is usually the most reliable when it comes to actually delivering all the things I ask for. The tooth fairy runs a close second.
2002-10-18 07:27:06 AM  
AFAIK the Bible never gives an actual physical description of Satan, he is referred to in fairly abstract terms.

Apart from when he appeared as an serpent at the beginning (I shy away from using the word Genesis as Phil Collins gives me nightmares). So he was kind of like an early incarnation of Manimal then. Could he do a panther too?
2002-10-18 07:31:27 AM  
Apart from when he appeared as an serpent at the beginning

*slaps forehead* Of course. Yeah, good one, Veritas, totally miss the obvious one.

Yeah, I forgot about the serpent thing. But, someone correct me if I'm wrong on this (Bevets?) but doesn't the text say that Satan appeared "in the form of a serpent"? Thus implying it was not his TRUE form?

I'm not entirely sure on that, 'cause I don't have a copy of the Good Book on me right now. Where are the Gideons when you actually need them...
2002-10-18 07:36:34 AM  
Goatman, I have always considered you to be a source of great evil. Keep up the good work. ;-)
2002-10-18 07:37:05 AM  
Bravo, Rob! I always laugh at a good image-replacement prank.
2002-10-18 07:51:38 AM  
I've also received a request to remove the penis and make Satan "ken doll smooth". If the winning bidder wants Satan neutered, I can perform this operation and re-paint for an additional $10.

Don't complain, have you ever had to deal with the union crotch-painters before? They are real mean bastards!

2002-10-18 08:10:18 AM  
ROFLMAO!! Thanks for pointing that out Andronbay!
2002-10-18 08:19:01 AM  
Well, leave it to crazy cheerios guy to put a penis on a paper mache satan.

[image from cockeyed.com too old to be available]

On another note, in second grade, my class made a paper mache Darth Vader. Really cool.
2002-10-18 08:19:24 AM  
You gotta like the fact that she's wearing a pentagram - you know - keeping in the whole Satan theme....

That Rob is one clever fellow!
2002-10-18 08:43:58 AM  
[image from parr.home.texas.net too old to be available]
2002-10-18 09:12:07 AM  
damn... Satan is well hung...
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