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(icwales.co)   Wedding guest plays 'Here Comes The Bride' on mobile phone after organist fails to show up   ( icwales.icnetwork.co.uk) divider line
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2002-10-17 03:38:40 AM  
Can you hear me now?
2002-10-17 03:39:10 AM  
Here comes the bride / Here fat and wide!
Here comes the groom / Skinny as a broom!
2002-10-17 03:40:03 AM  
I'd always heard "Big, fat, and wide"
2002-10-17 03:42:02 AM  
I thought it was "All fat and wide"
2002-10-17 03:44:38 AM  
Always the ring tone musician, never the bride.
2002-10-17 03:44:50 AM  
Here fat and wide?

2002-10-17 03:45:03 AM  
I heard it was "that biatch ate my buttons"
2002-10-17 03:48:20 AM  
people still get married?
2002-10-17 03:51:04 AM  
hahahah that will start a trend but now u know a way to save $$$$ if ur having a wedding.

have ur reception at maccas and have ur guests play here comes the bride on mobiles to save on an organist

2002-10-17 03:53:34 AM  
wow AussieX that was really gay.
2002-10-17 03:58:52 AM  
really dude
2002-10-17 04:07:29 AM  
Little known fact: Samuel Clemens actually originally wrote the music known today as "Here Comes the Bride". As such, Samuel Clemens (you might know him as Mark Twain) subsequently went on to create the mobile phone, in which he personally programmed the tune of Here Comes the Bride specifically for potentially embarassing situations where the organist doesn't show up and the audience member takes his place.
2002-10-17 04:16:46 AM  
...that and the link seems to be farked.

That is all.
2002-10-17 04:47:41 AM  
[image from scriobh.com too old to be available]

say it like it is Hammer
2002-10-17 05:01:38 AM  
that and a bucket of kfc and a krispy kreme wedding cake would make the perfect white trash wedding.
2002-10-17 05:34:18 AM  
Wow. What a special memory to have.
*rolls eyes*
2002-10-17 06:18:56 AM  
Spince, Samuel Clemens? Where did that come from?

If you'd claimed it was Benjamin Franklin, I would have understood, but...
2002-10-17 06:29:36 AM  
Benjamin Franklins real name is Samuel Clemens (latest FARK cliche).
2002-10-17 06:33:06 AM  
(checks Appie user info)


I'm so out of touch with Fark cliches. Mental note: get up to date on the newest and hippest fark cliches.
2002-10-17 07:07:57 AM  
"The fingers you have used to play this ring tone are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the mobile phone with your palm now."

[image from bbc.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-10-17 07:08:01 AM  
I'm so out of touch with Fark cliches.
Doesn't matter, I was very surprised when it happened (and I got the credits for it).
2002-10-17 07:50:24 AM  
After yesterdays rant about cell phones in college lectures, theaters, classes, and church. This "shining example" of cellular technology saving the day will be held upon high as the reason everyone should have one and they should NEVER be silenced or turned off.

*goes to slam head against office wall.
2002-10-17 08:20:02 AM  
Lately every time I dial the phone, I have the urge to play the touchtone intro to "Funkytown"
2002-10-17 08:22:36 AM  
brides make me tingly.

moving on..
2002-10-17 09:20:14 AM  
what is this 'Wales' you speak of?
2002-10-17 09:20:56 AM  
man they forgot to enable voting again
2002-10-17 09:33:17 AM  
Bah. That's nothing. I was providing the PA system and music at one wedding(you'd be surprised at how many people forget the music!). A guy shows up at rehearsal demanding to play the music - on a rinky-dink $30 Casio synthesizer. Turns out he's a friend of the bride. I connect it to the system. He gets mad and storms out(why I'll never know). Minister says, "it's OK, bring your music"(he was cool). Same loser shows up the next day just before the wedding and lectures about how it's the bride's day, not mine, and how the bride is calling the shots, so STFU. Yep, he played. He didn't even get half the notes right.

Whatever. He was a half-wit anyway.
2002-10-17 11:29:58 AM  
hmmm...ginger blood coursing thru ur veins huh goatman

wheres the vote button?
2002-10-17 01:42:04 PM  
Wales, thats a former soviet eastern block type deal right?
Now known as the democratic republic of sheep!
Just kiddin congrats to wales on beating italy last night.
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