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2002-10-17 03:46:10 AM  
Oh, yeah... Gimmie an Exec-U-Chute. That'll help...
2002-10-17 03:46:26 AM  
...The Exec-U-Chute....

Hey! I love that band!
2002-10-17 03:47:21 AM  
Yeah why not cash in?
2002-10-17 03:47:46 AM  
well its a good idea but hell the marine corps supplies me with what i need!
2002-10-17 03:49:35 AM  
I smell Tourist Trap!
2002-10-17 03:49:45 AM  
hey if it keeps open then they are pretty smart imo
2002-10-17 03:50:29 AM  
Crass jokes... bad
Photoshopping... bad
Profiting from media scare mongering and jingoistic psychosis... good.
2002-10-17 03:50:41 AM  
Ah, yes, Capitalism. Exploit any and all opportunities for the sake of profit. Exploit any and all people for the sake of profit.

The bottom line: P-R-O-F-I-T.

/snide remark
2002-10-17 03:50:49 AM  
...or should that be terrorist traap?
2002-10-17 03:51:54 AM  
Here is a way cooler alternative automatic lizard-climber
2002-10-17 03:54:59 AM  
I wonder if someone is going to open an anti-timothy mcveigh store in Oklahoma city
2002-10-17 03:56:41 AM  
I hope they plan to give something to the people's families who's deaths will make their blood money possible.
2002-10-17 03:57:01 AM  
Umm...to all you whining about cashing in on the WTC

What do you think the buildings were anyhow? churches

hint...its in the name...world TRADE center..

like commerce...buying things...

hell, I think its pretty damn approprate.
2002-10-17 03:57:02 AM  
If we can't cash in on tragedy, capitalism has failed us.
2002-10-17 03:58:37 AM  
Good thing I kept all my kit when I left the USMC. Hope those filters on the M11 (or was it an M4, I forget) don't expire.
2002-10-17 03:59:33 AM  
I actually woke up today wondering where i can get a reliable automatic lizard-climber...thanx for the link :)
2002-10-17 04:04:49 AM  
Anti Freak Machine - Can I come over to your house to play once you get it?
2002-10-17 04:05:11 AM  
To clarify.. I have no problem with people cashing in on it. In fact, I encourage it. I just hate the fact that saying something to the tune of, "I guess in New York City it really is raining men." is considered insensitive and inappropriate while cashing in on it is.

BTW anyone want to by a removal american flag sticker for their car window?
2002-10-17 04:06:52 AM  
well, somebody had to cash in on americas new found fears ... this all expensive junk that, once bought, will
never be used, like exercise machines or bread makers
2002-10-17 04:07:15 AM  
is considered insensitive and inappropriate while cashing in on it is considered okay...

to buy a removable american flag sticker for their car

what was that word.. proofreading?
2002-10-17 04:20:48 AM  
This is a bunch of alarmist shiat. There was never and still is no use for any of this stuff for the everyday person, at least in this country. Don't buy into this crap. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go live my life.
2002-10-17 04:43:53 AM  
I do not mind these guys making a profit off of tragedy, I just hope they give alittle something to the families of victims. It would be a nice thing to do. It would be an honorable thing to do. I don't think any of the shrill sell-the-body-parts, money-uber-alles capitalists would understand, but then those are the types of folks that brought us Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, ImClone, ad infinitum. Screw any sense of decency and compassion for a little dough types make me sick. Just my opinion, but I really do think these guys should contribute something if they do well enough to make a profit. Is that too much to ask?
2002-10-17 04:45:51 AM  
Its a bit late for that now eh?
2002-10-17 04:57:56 AM  
I see nothing wrong with it.

There is nothing wrong with people selling goods if people want to buy them.
2002-10-17 05:02:57 AM  
Three rules for opening a business:
Location, Location, Location.
2002-10-17 05:03:16 AM  
Do i smell a photoshop??

[image from cafeduweb.com too old to be available]
2002-10-17 05:06:25 AM  
prepare folks...cos mean ol mister saddam is gonna newk us.

paranoid farks.
2002-10-17 05:18:23 AM  
There are actually people out there that need to climb lizards?
2002-10-17 05:45:39 AM  
If only they'd opened this store early last year, think of the trouble it would have saved.

Do they still have the Aircraft-O-Divert in stock?
2002-10-17 06:40:02 AM  
I was actually looking for an automatic lizard-milker.
2002-10-17 06:52:11 AM  
Terrorist-be-gone(tm) Self-combusting Doormat,
A whole new way of living!

The latest introduction in our line of insanely effective products such as The Amazing Technicolor Anti-drug pill(tm) and our "See-no-Evil-Hear-no-Evil" Solid Steel Headwear!
2002-10-17 07:02:17 AM  
"Ahhh, what a great day. I'm out enjoying myself with my $1500 bio suit, $150 potassium iodide pills, $200 'Exec-U-Chute,' $600 Kevlar vest and $200 gas mask. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Ouch! What was that? Oh, I just got shot in the back of the farking head by a sniper."

Anyone who buys any of this stuff thinking it's anything other than a cheap novelty/souvenir is too stupid to deserve life.
2002-10-17 07:37:09 AM  
Now, call me mean-spirited, but if this joint gets blown up by a car-bomb, I'm just going to laugh. Very hard.
2002-10-17 08:15:49 AM  
2002-10-17 09:49:55 AM  
I was actually looking for an automatic lizard-milker.

Mr. Natural, I figured out why you haven't found one. Only mammals give milk.

Now, if you want to extract other fluids from lizards, we - I'm gonna stop right there.
2002-10-17 09:49:56 AM  
Instead of bottom feeding, would this be topfeeding?
2002-10-17 09:50:47 AM  
I am going to check out and boo this store during lunch time. If anyone wants to hear of the absurdity about this store I will post when I return from my scouting mission.
2002-10-17 10:19:02 AM  
Exec-U-Chute. I can see it now, only the partners in the firm get the chute, everyone else burns to death. The company goes under, and the partners get paid $10 million each as part of their "golden parachute." Everyone else gets screwed.
Nobody mentions the store on Liberty street that sells personal protection stuff, like the bulletproof jean jacket (lined with kevlar,) riot masks etc. I would say this is the second anti-terrorist store.
2002-10-17 10:41:43 AM  
Patently offensive. The owners are no better than the people who sold umbrellas in Times Square yesterday, and sell American flags near ground zero today. Actually they're much worse, because they cultivate paranoia in order to make money.

I will not participate in the culture of fear. I refuse. Duck and cover. Oh, by the way, this month is the fortieth anniversary of the Cuban Missle Crisis.
2002-10-17 10:41:49 AM  
'Hi! I'd like to buy an anti-terrorist, please.'
'Sorry, man. We're all out. Here's an exec-u-chute though.'
'See ya!'
2002-10-17 11:03:59 AM  
I exec-u-chuted in my pants.
2002-10-17 11:21:07 AM  
do airliners bounce off Kevlar vests?
2002-10-17 11:24:50 AM  
This in no way empowers anybody, and I'd frankly be much more okay with it if they went out with it and said, "Yeah, our livelihood is based on spreading fear in the minds of our countrymen, and like a more militant REI, we make our money selling wealthy urbanites "survival" gear they'll never need."
2002-10-17 01:05:33 PM  
Parachutes? What the fark good is a parachute when you have the next tower over collapsing?

I too am just going to live my life.

*had a weird dream the other night where terrorists totally trashed the small town she lives in*
2002-10-17 01:51:52 PM  
[image from cprstudios.com too old to be available]

Pretty ironic.

2002-10-17 02:02:01 PM  
Some of these products actually sound like that old computer game, Fallout. Its kinda funny actually.
2002-10-17 02:16:31 PM  
Great! I was wondering where to do all my shopping for all the paranoid, pathetic alarmists on my Xmas list!
2002-10-17 02:36:45 PM  
How is this an anti-terrorism store? Do they sell SWAT gear there? More like a fear for your lives store.
2002-10-17 07:22:04 PM  
Walked by there today on my way home from work...my friend couldn't stop staring as he stood there with his mouth open, wondering how the workers could take themselves seriously in their business suits as they were surrounded by styrofoam heads with gas masks on them. It was quite a site. These scary heads with various types of protective gear on them laid out in a "see which one matches your Gucci bag so you can be stylish AND safe when the next terrorist attack occurs!" I just wished the video of the caustic acid they had playing in the window had sound to it.....
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