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(Straits Times)   Man sells 1-year-old son to pay restaurant bill   ( straitstimes.asia1.com.sg) divider line
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2001-08-01 10:07:10 AM  
well we've all heard about the woman who lived in the sho and had so many children she ddint know what to do..
2001-08-01 10:08:04 AM  
I'd have to pay someone to take my kid!
2001-08-01 10:14:28 AM  
If you spend more than two kids, the eggroll is free.
2001-08-01 10:17:47 AM  
Wow. It's a Ranma 1/2 plot come to life!

Ranma: Pop, you sold me for one fish???

Dad: On the contrary-- he threw in rice and pickles for free!!

2001-08-01 10:24:58 AM  
Nice tidy profit after paying off the bill..bastard
2001-08-01 10:29:32 AM  
why would you want to giveaway your $500 child tax credit?

- i audit stupid people
2001-08-01 10:39:51 AM  
You sell one lousy kid and all of a sudden you're "sick".
2001-08-01 10:45:35 AM  
this doesn't surprise me coming from a nation that forces people to kill their children if they make more than one.
2001-08-01 10:48:04 AM  
obviously this man doesn't read fark or he would know he could have had the kids name changed to the restaurant name and kept the kid and still made a tidy profit.
2001-08-01 10:59:18 AM  
Hmm, that's funny, I would have requested at least 10,000 yuan for a healthy kid. What an idiot! He could have had desert!
2001-08-01 10:59:24 AM  
It's a good thing he made a profit, otherwise he'd have to sell another kid in an hour...

2001-08-01 11:03:03 AM  
Yeah, but did he leave a good tip?
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-08-01 11:03:21 AM  
that kid seems to cheap....
2001-08-01 11:08:54 AM  
Well, I've always said the best thing about kids is that you can sell'em on the black market and make some money off of them.
2001-08-01 11:22:39 AM  
Someone's asking for a bullet in the back of the head....
2001-08-01 11:43:54 AM  
how terrible! less than $1900 for a baby? Where are this man's bartering skills?
2001-08-01 11:45:21 AM  
I've heard of sacraficing your first born due to sin, but not due to egg foo yung.
2001-08-01 11:54:06 AM  
I_h8: LOL

I wonder if it's dim sum, if you can sell off the kid in pieces.

"I'll take the scallion pancake for three fingers."

"But Sir, your child only has two fingers left."

"O.K. Just make it the boiled peanuts then."
2001-08-01 12:18:18 PM  
...apparently the whol thing started as a joke when the man said, "take my son, PLEASE!".... yet another pathetic attemp of mine to be smart and witty...
2001-08-01 12:27:26 PM  
He is just one of the millions and millions of assholes in China. We can only assume that the human fetus eaters of China are more farked up than this loser.

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-01 12:31:03 PM  
See, yet another example of how abortion would have helped the world (if the father was aborted that is).
2001-08-01 12:49:01 PM  
Euthanasia for the youth in Asia.

-he who stacks pork
2001-08-01 01:14:28 PM  
Isolationist policies in China are the reason for this.

The Chinese just don't value life (human or otherwise) at all. LP had it right, millions of assholes live in china that are far beyond what a normal person would call cruel or misinformed. In china you can go to jail for LIFE (a state run slave labor camp where you make stuff that the prision sells for money) for making long distance phone calls or writting on the wall of a public shiatter.

If you wanna stop shiat like this (and you should, because I predict a US war with China in the next 7yrs, over Taiwan)
the best way to do it is to open up trade, the internet, and anything that connects china to the rest of the world.

Just my oh so valuable .02
2001-08-01 01:23:58 PM  
Um, this is illegal? I have a lot of papers to shred.
2001-08-01 01:30:23 PM  
My dad once bought me a hooker when i was 5. She was sweet. If anyone knows a girl named Candy, tell her to give Bubba a call.
2001-08-01 02:12:09 PM  
This seems perfectly reasonable to me.
2001-08-01 03:30:34 PM  
some people are so depraved.
2001-08-01 04:07:54 PM  
Beats the crap out of washing dishes.
2001-08-01 04:43:41 PM  
"The mill is closed, we're destitute. I'm afraid I'll have to sell you all for scientific experimentation...."
2001-08-01 05:49:02 PM  
I was going to blame the abject poverty, caused by the regime, but then I thought for a min and decided the guy was a sick farker... Can we blame the person responsible for once.... You do not need to live in riches or a democratic society to value human life besides they care more for family then we do. They only get to have one you know...

So It should be...
2001-08-01 05:53:22 PM  
The selling of the child probably worked towards the mans benefit, because children DO take like 100,000$ to bring up dont they?
2001-08-01 06:11:40 PM  
Not only sick, but stupid! The restaurant owner got more than ten times the man's bill for the kid! The guy could have sold the kid himself, and kept 7800 yuan for himself (about $1600). You lose so much money through those damn resellers.
2001-08-01 06:52:50 PM  
What a waste. But if you think about it, how can the father have energy to raise his child without eating??
2001-08-01 07:48:41 PM  
I am outraged about this guy! Why did he sell the kid? He could have leased the kid to work in one of Kathy Lee Gifford's sweat shops and made enough money to take out the neighbour's 14 year old daughter to Chuck-E-Cheese's and still have enough left over to pay back the tab plus a 20% tip to the shapely waitress he'd been screwing.
2001-08-01 08:13:32 PM  
It's always something with you PETA people.
Just because some starving Chinaman
sells his baby goat so he can buy a meal
you have to get all riled-up and scream
about abuse and call him sick.
Like my daddy used to say to me,
"Rosanne Rosannadanna
if it's not one thing it's another
either you have pet
or you eat a meal."
That reminds me of the time . .
2001-08-01 08:28:40 PM  
"Daddy, daddy, why am I walking in circles?"

"Shut up kid. Or I'll nail your other foot to the floor!"
MBK [TotalFark]
2001-08-01 08:49:26 PM  
haha...the guys name was wang...
2001-08-02 01:03:59 AM  
hmm....china surrenders?
2001-08-02 02:08:49 AM  
"Daddy, daddy, I don't wanna go to China!"

"Shut up and keep digging."
2001-08-02 04:47:23 AM  
As someone who's actually spent some time in China, they aren't all assholes - but with over a thousand million people there, you're gonna get a good number, these guys were two of them.

And by the way, remember that it's the U.S. that allows babies to be 'sold for adoption' over the internet.

Chinese Restaurant: bad
American Website: good

Double standards, people..
2001-08-02 08:37:39 PM  
I heard Charlie Manson's mom did the same thing...traded little Charlie for a pitcher of beer. And look how he turned out!
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