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(Staten Island Advance)   Thieves make off with 2,000 lb granite slab. Chiropractor alert status upgraded to code orange   ( divider line
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94 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Oct 2002 at 7:27 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-16 07:29:35 PM  
Cool prank.....
2002-10-16 07:31:39 PM  
All your monument are belong to us!
2002-10-16 07:31:54 PM  
hmm airgunstore changed their ad from some days you just want to shoot something, nice choice...
2002-10-16 07:32:37 PM  
"We are horribly shaken by it and upset by it and want it returned," said the school's principal, Rev. John N. Paddack.

horribly shaken?? Wow. I can see being bothered, but horribly shaken?
2002-10-16 07:33:56 PM  
Isn't the earth made of a lot of rock? Just dig up another granite slab. There is enough to share.
2002-10-16 07:35:13 PM  
Tracks were found leading up to the stone, leading police to believe a truck or other vehicle was used to cart it away.

Good work detectives. I would have thought they would carry a 1 ton monument away on their backs.
2002-10-16 07:39:36 PM  
Or perhaps a small handcart
2002-10-16 07:43:22 PM  
mabey next time they will bolt it to the ground
2002-10-16 07:44:31 PM  
maybe they are using it to make a headstone for Saddam - give em credit people
2002-10-16 07:47:44 PM  
Suspects are hatless... I repeat! HATLESS!
2002-10-16 07:50:28 PM  
Have no fear, people of Staten Island, we're putting the Florida Family Services people on the case!

...just seizing on the flimsiest excuse to work Florida into this somehow... :-)
2002-10-16 07:52:28 PM  
Awesome headline.
2002-10-16 07:55:51 PM  
What's a Chiropractor?
2002-10-16 07:56:29 PM  
Investigators should be on the look out for more scavanging activities. By the sound of this, while one team scored big, the other sides need to do alot of catch up.
2002-10-16 08:02:07 PM  
A harmless prank by highschoolers obviously. Sad thing is that they will get arrested and charged for grand theft when they are caught making it impossibleto just give it back.
2002-10-16 08:12:29 PM  
Out here in the perimeter there are no stars

Out here we is stoned
2002-10-16 08:13:06 PM  
What are the theives planning to do with their slab of granite, remodel their kitchens counters?
2002-10-16 08:23:11 PM  
I think they were just adding to their big concrete slab collection. I know mine already consists of three slabs of comparable size. Just a thought.
2002-10-16 08:29:56 PM  
Well color me silly, I never saw the collection of concrete slabs angle. It's so obvious. I must have kitchen counters on the brain.
2002-10-16 09:04:56 PM  
What's the going price for a two ton granite slab on the black market? Maybe I should check eBay...
2002-10-16 09:44:13 PM  
Moreover, where are they going to hide that thing?
2002-10-16 09:53:40 PM  
Fark linked to my home's newspaper? BOOYEAH! FINALLY, POOR LITTLE SI GETS SOME RECOGNITION (for some reason our leaders keep trying to push the crappy SI Yankee minor league as our greatest achievement, its an embarassment). Wait a second, I didn't even know the advance HAD a website. Whoa. Dude. Anyway, point is, STATEN ISLAND ROCKS YEAH WHOOPEEE!!!!!!!
2002-10-16 09:57:17 PM  
OMFG I just read the article. I HATE FARREL. I don't understnad why anyone would go there. They charge $6000 a year for an education I could get at any other specialized high school (for the record, I go to Brooklyn Tech). The only perk is you get to pray in school. WHOOPEE. Not to mention you go back 4 years in Science (its a catholic school, geniuses). I have a friend who goes there, and I'm all like "Dude, you're getting a nun!" and then I proceeded to sissy slap him for going to Farrel. Anyway, I HATE FARREL. I HOPE THEIR STUPID MONUMENT SWIMS WITH THE FISHES. MUAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. HA.
2002-10-16 10:46:18 PM  
2002-10-16 11:01:07 PM  
Death_Zero Excellent evil laugh. Gave me chills.


and on a related note, ...this just in.

2002-10-16 11:41:52 PM  
I'm still trying to figure out who's the farker that submits these silive links, for a while silive was making fark daily.

Death_Zero, as a Farrell alumni I'll say that I hated every minute I spent in that school. A decade or so later I will say that I'm glad I went there though since I know I'm a better person for it. Had I gone to a public school with the rest of the kids I used to hang out with I undoubtably would have ended up a crack head, in jail or both. If I was a parent and my son was starting high school I'd probably encourage him to go there as well excluding any other specialty high schools.

I can't say for sure but I believe the scavenger hunts they mention actually started to escalate in size when I was going there. My junior year someone added the life size lion statue from the minature golf course on richmond and arthur kill as a bonus item. Someone actually got that thing over the fence and from then on teams had to go after the big bonus items just to stay comptetitve. Another bonus item I remember is the inflatable tire that used to be in front of tire empire (15-20ft diameter outdoor display), not sure if anyone ever got to that one.
2002-10-16 11:45:05 PM  
oh before I forget, if it was part of the scavenger hunt they should be checking abandoned lots and wooded areas (not as many left on SI as there used to be). I'd probably check down by wolfs pond and mt loretto if I was the police.
2002-10-17 12:41:19 AM  
Cranky: For such a great school, you'd think that they would have taught you that alumni is plural and alumnus is singular. I'm sure that at least you learned there's only one "I" in Meibauer.
2002-10-17 10:46:41 AM  
Hey, I never stated they taught me anything, just that they kept me out of trouble =].

I never had the eye but I did learn not to crumple paper around Brother Kincannon (sp?).
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