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2002-10-15 05:43:15 PM  
I hope AOL stays around. As long as someone else is at the bottom of the pile I know it isn't me.
2002-10-15 08:53:10 PM  
Should I care?
2002-10-15 08:54:17 PM  
AOL isn't that bad. But if you ahve broadband or DSL access, there's no reason to pay an extra $20 per month on internet access....
2002-10-15 08:54:55 PM  
3 words:
2002-10-15 08:56:18 PM  
Just hit it with a rock and put it out of it's misery!
2002-10-15 08:56:19 PM  
there are enough dumb people in the world, but I hope I never have to use it again for any reason.
2002-10-15 08:56:47 PM  
Hmm lets see. Can Oprah keep the weight off?
2002-10-15 08:57:28 PM  

for the answer, please Send $10 and a self adressed stamped envelope to
174 FM 3546
Big Kady, Tx
2002-10-15 08:57:36 PM  
2002-10-15 08:57:51 PM  
Just as soon as it repents and accepts Jesus Christ as its personal lord and savior.
2002-10-15 08:57:54 PM  
AOL provides a necessary service to the Internet. It seperates the dumb newbies from the real intertnet users. Sure, AOL may be bad, but the Internet would be worse if all those newbies were unleashed on the real internet.

So, I hope it doesn't disappear, because either way, I don't care if it is around, because I will never use it anyway.
2002-10-15 08:57:59 PM  
Die AOL die... and hopefully if AOL goes down the tubes all the losers that use it will stay off the farking internet after that.
2002-10-15 08:58:19 PM  
Dear god I hope not
2002-10-15 08:58:22 PM  
Fark AOL, let it burn
2002-10-15 08:58:29 PM  
as long as people are dumb, aol will exist
2002-10-15 08:59:22 PM  
in one word. No. isn't it like 25 a month for AOL? I get Cable for 35...perhaps people just like the little "you've got mail" voice.....
2002-10-15 08:59:46 PM  
Sure, AOL may be bad, but the Internet would be worse if all those newbies were unleashed on the real internet.

Why? All they would do is make their own LiveJournal or geocities site instead of AOL Homepage....
2002-10-15 08:59:55 PM  
Mikeydude has a point
AOL provides an easy way to identify the morons
And also keeps them away from us
sort of
2002-10-15 09:01:23 PM  
Omigod. AOL is in danger?

How am I going to filter the stupid people if aol.com is gone?
2002-10-15 09:01:41 PM  
I think there are three reasons why AOL is going to die.
1. No more advertising dollars from dot bombs that had nothing better to do than spend money
2. Users are getting smarter, AKA "Getting Their Learn On" and avoiding bloated software like AOL.
3. Broadband. Fin.
2002-10-15 09:01:50 PM  
Screw AOL news, we want boobies!
2002-10-15 09:02:23 PM  
You people think AOL is the bottom of the barrel? I guess you've never seen a WebTVer (or MSN TV, or whatever the hell it's called now) try to post on Usenet.
2002-10-15 09:02:30 PM  
This may sound anti-Biblical of me, but bear with...

If any of you should happen upon this beaten and bruised corporation in a ditch somewhere, leave it there. If you see someone in the midst of helping them out, beat them to death.

(same goes for the sniper dude)
2002-10-15 09:05:36 PM  
never had AO HELL and never plan to have it... R.I.P.
2002-10-15 09:06:38 PM  
AOL provides an easy way to identify the morons

So does FARK, to an extent.

I think AOL serves a bit of a purpose, for those who are older, and have to embrace computer technology they refuse to/cannot comprehend. Co-Workers of mine in their late 40's/50's find the internet frightening. AOL simplifies it for them, and is basically a hand holding device.

It's overpriced, overrated and has way too many users, yes. But it can serve a purpose as well.
2002-10-15 09:08:17 PM  
I used to have AOL, but then I ran out of pot. It just doesn't seem as funny anymore.
2002-10-15 09:10:25 PM  

No, forget that. Leave them.

They do is create idiots to make fun of. I laugh when I hear people at the office say, "Hey, have you tried the new AOL X.X"

I just sit back and laugh at them. :) Farking IDIOTS!
2002-10-15 09:10:44 PM  
let's not and say we did.
2002-10-15 09:11:05 PM  
AOL holds on to every money bilking angle until the last possible minute. Let 'em die.

It was among the last of the service providers to move away from charging customers by the minute.

When it finally did switch to monthly rates, it did not bother to beef up its infrastructure for a long time, not that this affected their push for new customers.

It was among the last to give up selling customer information to marketing companies. Their enthusiasm for advertising income is no surprise at all.

The only other business I can think of that has less repect for its consumers is the recording industry.

Let both of 'em suffocate in the tar pits.
2002-10-15 09:13:07 PM  
You have to have a dogs attitude regarding AOL,

If you can't eat it, or fark it, then piss on it.
2002-10-15 09:16:20 PM  
(Here's some words I never thought I'd say...) I agree with Mikeydude. I think AOL provides a valuable service: it's like the roped-off "shallow end" of the Internet.

Great article, BTW. I love Salon...
2002-10-15 09:18:09 PM  
only reason i use it because a year free of it came with my computer
2002-10-15 09:19:31 PM  

I agree.

I have two ISPs. One is earthlink. The other is AOL. I keep AOL, because sometimes Earthlink conks.

The other reason I have AOL is for my mom. It's the *one* piece of software that absolutely worked first time, no fuss, no mess, to get onto the internet. Other service providers just clashed with her computer.

If you have and know how to use AOL both as it is provided and as ISP, you're set. You don't *have* to rely on the AOL browser. But you can if you don't know otherwise. You don't *have* to use the AOL chat rooms, but you can. And it can be interesting.

And as mentioned before, when someone is leery of that whole web thing to begin with, yeah... it comes in handy.

Besides, AOL is ubiquitous. You may not be able to find a phone number from Nowhwere City, Obscure state with other ISPs, but AOL pretty much goes Anywhere that has a phone jack.

And that *is* a good thing.
2002-10-15 09:19:54 PM  
well until I get some income showing up I hope they stay (using my mothers code and I minimize it as soon as it connects.)
Other than that I see of no reason for it's existance
2002-10-15 09:21:21 PM  
AOL 15 4 TEH N00BZ!!!!!!1111111

you realize this is what the NYLUG geeks used to say before they turned ubergeek?
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-10-15 09:21:41 PM  
As long as I need drink coasters, AOL is AOK with me.
2002-10-15 09:21:46 PM  
You rule Scrotar.
2002-10-15 09:23:06 PM  
Sweater Girl:

"I think AOL serves a bit of a purpose, for those who are older, and have to embrace computer technology they refuse to/cannot comprehend. Co-Workers of mine in their late 40's/50's find the internet frightening."

My grandparents are 80 & 81 repsectively, don't even have an 8-track, let alone a CD player, live in semi-rural New Mexico...and still don't use AOL. Even they have mastered bigger and better things on the computer.
2002-10-15 09:27:21 PM  
I'm with Way Cool Junior - I get excited when I upgrade my coasters to 7.x...
2002-10-15 09:27:59 PM  
If AOL goes away, where will I get all my beer coasters ?
2002-10-15 09:28:50 PM  
AOL is good- for me to poop on
2002-10-15 09:29:05 PM  
Sure Millay No doubt. They wanted to learn the net. Many don't, is what I was trying to (unsuccessfully) say. But they need to for their jobs sake.

I don't use it, but I did the first few months I was online, years ago. It's nearly impossible to uninstall, I learned. (At least it used to be)

BearBlue My mom started on it too, but she's not on it anymore. If only I could get her to stop sending me those urban legend emails, I'll be set.

That reminds me, I need to send her a list of Snopes Additions for the last week:)
2002-10-15 09:32:03 PM  
Great thing about AOL is all the urban legends in my email that come from AOL users. Hi, I tried this three times before and never got a check, maybe it will work this time.


I'm an attorney, and I know the law. This thing is for real.

Rest assured AOL and Intel will follow through with their promises for fear of facing a multimillion dollar class action suit similar to the one filed by PepsiCo against General Electric not too long ago.

We're not going to help them out with their e-mail beta test without getting a little something for our time. My brother's girlfriend got in on this a few months ago. When I went to visit him for the Baylor/UT game.

She showed me her check. It was for the sum of $4,324.44 and was stamped "Paid In Full". Like I said before, I know the law, and this is for real.

Intel and AOL are now discussing a merger which would make them the largest Internet company and in an effort make sure that AOL remains the most widely used program, Intel and AOL are running an e-mail beta test.

When you forward this e-mail to friends, Intel can and will track it (if you are a Microsoft Windows user) for a two week time period.

For every person that you forward this e-mail to, Microsoft will pay you $203.15.

For every person that you sent it to that forwards it on, Microsoft will pay you $156.29.

And for every third person that receives it, you will be paid $17.65. Within two weeks, Intel will contact you for your address and then send you a check.

I thought this was a scam myself, but a friend of my good friend's Aunt Patricia, who works at Intel, actually got a check of $4,543.23 by forwarding this e-mail.

Try it, what have you got to lose????

I told them that isn't possible, the companies would go broke in 2 seconds, there is no way to track email through a processor, Microsoft doesn't do this. They have their own beta programs without you. Microsoft is competing with AOL.

Don't these idiots ever watch the stockmarket or do a Google Search for this crap. Of course not cause it has to be true.

What I got for stating all this politely was a gee you are an Arsehole. As compared to them being nice fowarding crap. FARK AOLers! Or a thanks for informing me.
2002-10-15 09:32:13 PM  
I heard that Bill Gates is paying money for people to send e-mails to their friends!
2002-10-15 09:34:17 PM  
Wanna trade a new AOL 2.0 floppy ?? Win 3.1 required.

/oops -- wrong thread
2002-10-15 09:35:21 PM  
AOL used to have fun content, MUDS like Dragonrealms, Gemstone III and a few others. Then the games left and the ones that stayed started charging a per hour fee on top of the flat fee.
2002-10-15 09:36:20 PM  
Ubiquitous is one thing. It kinda suggests that they just float there in the background, no harm no foul. Well a media empire disturbs me. It was bad enough before the era of the mega-merger.
Now what's under one roof (in whole or in part, according to Hoover's Online)?
America on Line
Warner Bros.
Turner Broadcasting
(and in its subsidiary list)
Warner Music (includes Reprise, Atlantic, Elektra and Maverick
Comedy Central
Time/Life publications -- including over 200 million unsolicited admails annually
Columbia House
Netscape Communications
New Line Cinema
the Atlanta Braves

to name a few.

I don't really feel that safe trusting that these folk are just sitting around providing a service.
2002-10-15 09:36:42 PM  
Stay, AOL!
Those CD's that you get in the mail and at the grocery stores are more fun than clay pigeons.
2002-10-15 09:38:12 PM  
AOL has a purpose. I keep using it for the roleplaying rooms, they're far superior than anything I can find anywhere else. The roleplaying on IRC is horrible.
2002-10-15 09:42:42 PM  
Grand Fromage
AOL has a purpose. I keep using it for the roleplaying rooms, they're far superior than anything I can find anywhere else. The roleplaying on IRC is horrible.

I did that once on someone elses free for 30 days AOL package. They had monitors (AOL NAZIS) that kicked us for calling people names. Bummer, time to go to ICQ.
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