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2002-10-15 02:26:53 PM  

We don't have twinkies in the UK, sorry guys but your full of shiat.

Just as gross however is the "Deep Friend Mushy pea fritter" thing, oh god that's horrible.

Actually most things except fish, fries, and some chicken is pretty gross deep fried,

and Deep fried spam is the WORST.

We need tiny little heros
for our tiny ugly world

Ten points and a free fried twinkie to anybody who can name the song that comes from.
2002-10-15 02:28:50 PM  
Well, I never actually owned one, but they were more along the lines of this

(I really hope my linking attempt is successful this time...if not, yes, I know how pathetic I am, thanks.
2002-10-15 02:48:15 PM  
Yea... I'm sort of worried about ol' Gary myself.
2002-10-15 02:57:29 PM  

Deep fried veggies at the state fair are the best (ditto their corn dogs)! Aren't McDonald's apple pies deep-fried? At least the ones they sold back in the 70's/80's which is the last time I had one. I remember they were pretty tasty!

BTW, am chiming in w/my 2cents. This story is older than my Nana's boobies. Mods, wake up!
2002-10-15 02:59:23 PM  
And then after you deep fry them, you wrap them in bacon with a nice hollandaise sauce, eat, then lay down and wait for you heart to explode!
2002-10-15 03:06:16 PM  
Nah, Otis, they did away with the fried pies. Now all they have is a baked apple pie. Too bad - those fried cherry pies were the bestest.

Oh, and yea me for learning to link!
2002-10-15 03:09:02 PM  
Forget the twinkies, check this out http://yumfood.net/recipes/deepfriedmars.html
2002-10-15 03:25:04 PM  
2002-10-15 03:26:55 PM  
Makes sense to me, as I understand it, Twinkies aren't ever baked, its just a chemical process that "cooks" them. Seems to me like a more legit way to serve them.
2002-10-15 03:28:32 PM  
Nifty! Can I just get a cup of lard to drink?
2002-10-15 03:39:52 PM  
The Chipshop is right by my house and I still have yet to try one of these babies. Maybe by the next time an article about this "new cuisine" is posted on fark (again!) I will have. But probably not.
2002-10-15 03:56:57 PM  
For all of you complaining about the repeat link:


Damn. It's like all the asshats out there who biatch about Starbucks taking over yet still spend money there.

When will the consumer realize his/her responsibility and power? When will the farkers unite and stop supporting stupid links? When will France... oh wait, y'all don't PS.
2002-10-15 04:01:03 PM  
[image from bottomfeederscentral.com too old to be available]

2002-10-15 04:14:17 PM  
I'll take a Moon-Pie and an RC cola with that...Thank you,'maam.
2002-10-15 05:33:38 PM  
And then after you deep fry them, you wrap them in bacon with a nice hollandaise sauce, eat, then lay down and wait for you heart to explode!

John3092, that so crazy, it just might work!
2002-10-15 05:39:33 PM  
Wow, something obscenely sweet and vile coming from the South, what a surprise!

Other improvements on Yankee inventions that went to Hell:

1. Government. Nothing that lasts only four years is going to come back no matter how much moonshine you freebase.

2. Dubya: The Connecticut-born execution-lover and accidental Methodist wasn't much of an improvement upon the First George Bush. It's tragic that Saddam failed in his attempt on dear old dad.

Is there anyone I haven't offended yet?

You got to ask yourself something, would a bleeding heart liberal really write something this scathing and offensive if he was programmed with a politically correct, Earth Day, group hug microchip?

Although I dance about on the left, I can be as mean spirited as those White Supremacists in Christian Drag who call themselves Republicans.

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

2002-10-15 05:42:52 PM  
New? These've been around at all the state fairs for ages... they're not new. Just wait until we get an article about deep fried whole dill pickles or foot long turkey legs, that'll be interesting.

The rest of my family is from Iowa and I'm from Oklahoma; what novelty, thousand calorie snacks do people up north have at state fairs? I'm just curious.
2002-10-15 06:02:52 PM  
Interesting post on the 100th anniversary of the Moon Pie.
2002-10-15 06:32:37 PM  
Heh... Have you ever been to Arkansas? This is probably the healthiest thing they eat there. Go to a small town restaurant and look at the people eating. You can practically -hear- the asses growing! Unfortunately, you can hear most of the asses doing a lot more than that anyway...

On a side note, these things sound really farking tasty.
2002-10-15 06:46:11 PM  
I live in Arkansas, work in Little Rock, and can't wait to leave...

Just the fact that this is news is sad enough.

Screw you Arkansas, I'm going some where else.
2002-10-15 07:05:35 PM  
New Fark Trend: Repeats out the ass!
Film at 11
2002-10-15 07:16:21 PM  
I went to a high school foot ball game last friday night and they were selling "fried candy bars" (twixs bars)
2002-10-15 07:47:57 PM  
I have the recipe sitting around that i saw in a local paper maybe 6 months ago. Anyone want it?
2002-10-15 08:33:24 PM  
The Florida State Fair started selling fried Snickers & Milky Way bars last year.
Hold on let me find the link...
http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/sptimes/access/107436116.html?FMT=FT&FMTS=​FT&desc= EXTREME+fair+food+Series:+TASTE
2002-10-15 08:39:09 PM  
Err here's to 2 year old news stories :)

Had a fried marsbars in Edinburgh, very strange but good. Fried Twinkies ROCK, they taste way better than normal twinkies.
2002-10-15 09:20:32 PM  
Regardless of where it was done first, whoever thought to deep fry a twinkie was clearly stoned.

That is all.
2002-10-15 10:25:30 PM  
Gee. I wonder why Americans are so overweight ...
2002-10-15 11:13:32 PM  
Another cardiovascular dream come true.
2002-10-15 11:14:33 PM  
.....which reminded me of the recent Dr. Fun:

[image from ibiblio.org too old to be available]
2002-10-15 11:42:45 PM  
dude, WTF? i will kick someones mom in tha face!!!
2002-10-15 11:45:49 PM  
wasnt this on here for new york like 4 months ago?
2002-10-16 02:32:50 AM  
Question? What are elephant ears I have never heard of them , just curious thanks
2002-10-16 03:12:38 AM  
Nice link for elephant ear info:
2002-10-16 10:02:56 AM  
Not invented in the South (where I am from), nor in New York City (where I live), but in Scotland. All started with the deep fried Mars Bar in chip shops up there. Natural progression to try other deep fried sweets from that point. Never had one, as I hate Twinkies, but the Mars Bar is better than any 'death-by-chocolate' dessert you, I, or anyone has ever had.

As for Chip Shop, in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, go if you can. Used to live close, and was a regular stop, but I do make the trip from Manhattan regularly. For my $$$, the best authentic fish-and-chips in all 5 boroughs.

It is run by ex-pat Brits.....
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