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2002-10-15 02:21:24 AM  
Oh man, this is gonna be worse then Lakers vs. Kings.

In a college town that is almost evenly split between northern californians and southern californians I'll be afraid to walk the street after the final game of the world series.
2002-10-15 02:54:15 AM  
Hopefully the officiating doesn't screw the Angels over in game 7. ;)
Or in one or two other games...and the Giants in one of the games...
2002-10-15 02:58:27 AM  
Watch the ratings drop...

A Cardinals vs. Angels series would have gotten far better ratings b/c of the Cardinals' fan base...but apparently baseball isn't one of those rigged sports...where's Bud Selig? He needs a smack.

This series will compete with the poorness of the Lakers vs. Nets series last year. Nobody will watch..and nobody will care. Sure I may watch sportscenter and catch the result..if I don't wait until the next day to read the paper..if the paper covers it. There are too many teams in California for there to be a substantial fan base, and neither team is very popular away from the west coast.

Kenny Lofton is still the cockiest little biatch player I've seen in a long time. If I was Tony LaRussa, after that game 1 hissy fit that Lofton threw, I would have thrown at him every at bat to shut him up. Littly cry baby. Also..someone establish a dress code in SF...those pants look retarded..throw back, my ass...
2002-10-15 03:15:44 AM  
everyone who complains about the "armor" Barry Bonds wears, shut up. It's not like he leans into inside pitches to get an easy base. He'd rather turn on it and deposit it in the bay. He has such a quick bat that a pitcher is stupid if he throws inside. I realize he has an attitude, but you try being the best hitter in the big leagues and not have an attitude.
2002-10-15 03:21:35 AM  
Uhh.. Barry DOES lean into pitches, which is why he wears the armor. Thats also why roger clemens throws at his ass... because hes one of the few pitchers with enough clout to get away with it.

I dont blame Barry for leaning out over the plate. If the pitcher doesnt hit you, go for it.

You wanna see someone with guts though? Watch 5'6'' Eckstein lean out further than bonds, with no armor on.
2002-10-15 03:25:10 AM  
I'm surprised nobody's referencing 'Angels in the Outfield'.
2002-10-15 03:30:47 AM  
This life-long Cards fans gives props to the Giants for winning, and props to the Cardinals for doing so well after losing so much. The Giants are certainly the better team, as the Cards seemed exhausted from a difficult season.

I'm rooting for the Angels. It's a good story. Plus, there isn't a decent non-Giants fan that wants to see Barry holding the trophy. He's a good player, but joins Henderson in the "It's All About Me" hall-of-fame.
2002-10-15 03:41:12 AM  
*sniff* Poor A's. *sniff*
I normally hate the Giants because I'm an Oaktown girl, but in the name of Nor Cal pride...GO GIANTS!! fark yeah, go San Francisco!!

Y'all just jealous.

Okay, now wake me up when basketball starts. Nothing was as suspsenful or as full of nocal/socal rivalary as that Kings/Lakers series. Man, that almost gave me a heartattack several times. Someday my team will win....
2002-10-15 03:50:20 AM  
"think of what this will do for clubs like the red sox and cubs, who always blame their history for their losses?"

I don't know about the Cubs, but speaking as a Red Sox fan, I don't remember ever hearing the team nor any of it's true fans blame "history" for failure. That whole "Curse of the Bambino" shiat is a ploy made up by a very poor sportswriter for the Boston Globe named Dan Shaugnessy in order to sell copies of his book. It's all a load of bullhonkey.
2002-10-15 03:55:29 AM  
pfft baseball is overrated.

i still cant belive oakland went down to st louis. Man i saw that score and started crying cause i had a fantasy team that was like half oakland cause i saw the draw and i was laughing evilly thinking of those points.

BAH AT OAKLAND (oakland is near San Fransisco right cause im an aussie and i only been to Aneheim)

2002-10-15 04:16:24 AM  
This is going to be the most BORING World Series in the HISTORY of baseball. FOX released their ratings about a hour ago. Down 61% because the Yankees were not in it this year. After they lost, I could really care less. This is the most faggoty ass WS in history. I hope they have a big earthquake and California falls into the farking ocean. Long overdue to do so anyway.

fark the Angels and fark the Giants. Oh, and fark Barry "biatch nubian" Bonds.
2002-10-15 04:19:08 AM  
Shotgun, I'm a lifelong Cards fan too. Just wanted to say hi -- and that I agree with everything you said. Good post.
2002-10-15 04:31:19 AM  
Okay, in two years, we will see if PayRod is a complete asshat. Actually, when he was the best hitter in baseball a couple years ago, he wasn't one. So why would he begin when Bonds gets caught using 'roids and leaves baseball? ;)
2002-10-15 04:57:30 AM  
All baseball fans must watch Barry now - in all his glory...

'Cause in a couple years - the affects of Steroid abuse will send him to the big house around the time he goes into the hall of fame...
2002-10-15 05:17:08 AM  
Living in california I guess it's cool that the world series is in the same state. But then again baseball sucks and I hope they go on strike more often. From what I hear reruns of Ishtar get better ratings than baseball games these days.
2002-10-15 06:38:10 AM  
Welcome to the all-californian all-american world series.
2002-10-15 07:50:23 AM  
Barry Bonds sucks.
2002-10-15 08:48:19 AM  
Bonds is definitely a self-centered, ego driven ass. Jeff Kent is one of the few players with big enough balls to stand up and say so.

Remember that article that Sports Illustrated wrote about how Bonds was evil because he skipped the team photo and Kent was good because he showed up for it?
Well, what they forgot to mention is that in the two previous years, Kent skipped the team photo as well.

But because Bonds doesn't suck up to the media like the rest of the athletes, and he snubbed the SI reporter YEARS ago, they've had a vendetta against him.

Barry Bonds is this generation's Ted Williams. The press hate him, but in 5 years they'll realize he's one of the greatest ever.
2002-10-15 09:12:21 AM  
Longview -

Barry Bonds tried to get his child support payment reduced when MLB was on strike.

No matter how many home runs he hits or poses he strikes, he'll never be Ted Williams.

because he's an asshole.
2002-10-15 09:28:57 AM  
SeaBass I don't like baseball. Blow me.
2002-10-15 09:32:34 AM  
If the Wild card (division) series was best-of seven, I could live with it.

I don't like Bonds, but he's one of the best players ever. I don't recall him doing anything valuable in this year's playoff, either. All his HRs and RBI were in losses or blowouts.

Guess I'll have to root for the AL this year.
2002-10-15 09:34:45 AM  
FartMaster: Actually, I believe the ratings are up 13%. The Angels play baseball the way it is supposed to be played. Hit and run, suicide squeeze, lots of stolen bases, and great defense. The Twins play the same way. They chip away and then they can explode for 8-10 runs in an inning. That is exciting baseball.

Actually I really missed the Yankees not having Paul O'Neill. I always liked watching him cry and complain every time he struck out.
2002-10-15 10:00:10 AM  
So, how is Bud explaining this all. Is the entire season an abberation or just proof that desire and smart management still play a bigger role than money (just ask the Mets, Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, etc.)

2002-10-15 10:08:22 AM  
WORLD series? get your hand off it....
2002-10-15 10:21:58 AM  
I mean, they gave him an undeserving MVP for the regular season last year.

This is exceedingly dumb. He had one of the three greatest seasons in the history of the game. How's that not MVP-worthy? And spare me the crap about their not making the playoffs. They'd have never been in contention if not for Barry. Besides, that's NOT one of the criteria for selecting the MVP.

Bonds is presently the best player in the game and the second best player of all-time. He could be the best of all-time by retirement. Bonds haters are like a lot of other baseball fans--jealous little biatches who can't get over the fact that they don't make as much money.
2002-10-15 10:33:30 AM  
Were you not watching FredGarvin? At least 3 rbi's of Bonds either gave the lead or tied the game. Wackhead.
Barry Bonds is the greatest player in baseball. Nobody talks about Griffey anymore, and A-Rod is ok, I guess. But Bonds is the best right now. Doesn't have a great arm? Yah right! Almost nobody used to run home on Bonds cause he could nail you with percision. That may be less true now but eh, that's just age. I mean jeeze, Bonds is a 4-time MVP, 8 time Gold Glove winner, hit 73 homers in a season, had a .370 average at the end of this year, will probably be the only member of the 500/500 club, posted the highest OBP in a damn while, holds records in walks, intentional and unintentional, and is in the 40/40 club unlike two others who failed miserably this year. And another thing, this "armor" Bonds supposedly wears? Since when does an arm brace count as armor? It's not his fault people keep aiming for his arm cause they're mad he's beating them. It's just a friggin pad, get over it!!

And Oakland didn't go down to St. Louis. It went down to the Angels. And the Angels shall go down to the Giants.
2002-10-15 11:35:54 AM  
Fear the Monkey

[image from espn.go.com too old to be available]
2002-10-15 11:46:14 AM  
The reason why *most* of Bonds's homers were in blowouts is that nobody pitches to him when it matters. But when they did pitch to him when it mattered, he made them pay.
2002-10-15 11:51:27 AM  
bottom line. If it wasnt for Bonds' steriods, he would be the same old loser he always was. The only thing he had going for him was the 40/40 club which Soriano almost made it in his 2nd year. Bonds is nothing without his steriods. Now, everytime he gets some wood on the ball, it goes beyond the fence. The angles, i respect their team. But, their fans? Not a chance. They had horrible attendence last year, the year before, etc. Now, even Dodger fans are jumping on the bandwagon? And a MONKEY and these stupid STICKS the fans have? Geez, thats just so wrong in many ways. Its an insult to real baseball fans. Just because your fan base is 12 year olds, and your fans cant cheer louder than my grandmother, doesnt mean you should insult baseball with these things.

Its horrible. But YES, thank god HOCKEY is back!!! Now if my Rangers would only be good :(

SuperCMC: Just because most people on the west coast dont know what hockey is... doesnt mean its bad. Im glad hockey isnt the most popular sport, at least they stick to their roots, and the players arent selish drug-taking arses coughcoughBONDScoughcough
2002-10-15 12:59:24 PM  
ANGELS in 5!!!!
2002-10-15 01:05:14 PM  
Why is it every time I see that farking monkey I get this strange urge for spanking???
2002-10-15 01:09:50 PM  
Ster-i-ods?? Oevr nad Oevr??

So, Big Al--you've been playing hockey without your helmet?

BWT, Brary syas thnak yuo for the bakchnaded comlpimnet.
2002-10-15 02:00:58 PM  
The only reason you guys think Barry Bonds and Kenny Lofton are assholes is the media tells you so. And the reason the media says it is because those guys don't treat them like powerful gods but like the greedy inconsiderate SOB's that they are. And don't give me any shiat about Roger Clemens and Jeff Kent being men. Was Clemens a man when he threw that bat at Piazza? And is Kent a man for not admitting he injured himself on a motorcycle? I don't know Bonds or Lofton personally, or even Kent and Clemens for that matter. So I'm not going to pass judgement on them.
2002-10-15 02:14:25 PM  
As an unaffected, nonbiased fan of the Giants all my life, I call the series for the Giants in five!

2002-10-15 02:18:43 PM  
Hockey is a sport? Only in the Canada and the damned Yankee states. Hockey is one step removed from figure skating, only with much uglier people. Hockey is a sport?
2002-10-15 04:46:02 PM  
If it wasnt for Bonds' steriods, he would be the same old loser he always was. The only thing he had going for him was the 40/40 club which Soriano almost made it in his 2nd year. Bonds is nothing without his steriods. Now, everytime he gets some wood on the ball, it goes beyond the fence.

I nominate Big Al for "Dumbest Guy on the Planet."
2002-10-15 05:30:30 PM  
Bsman, it isn't about homers or OBP. The MVP award is not about every stat, it is about the MOST VALUABLE player.

Sammy Sosa, although I hate the guy, was light-years ahead of Bonds in terms of his value in 2001. He had twice as many RBI as the next player on his team (I know, these are stats, but RBI has more to do with helping the team than home runs). I think the Giants had three guys with nearly 100 or more RBI. The Giants had some pitching, the Cubs didn't. The Giants had a couple good hitters, the Cubs didn't.
Sammy WAS the team. They didn't make the playoffs either, but he certainly deserved the award ahead of Barry. I don't like the Cubs, or Sammy, or Barry.

Of course, I thought Brett Boone deserved the AL MVP last year. His season was amazing in every aspect of the game, and he can speak English. Giambi also deserved it ahead of Ichiro...but he was the flavor of the week.

Yeah...Bonds uses "creatine"...or so he says. I don't think anyone can comment on it. You certainly don't know if he uses, so I wouldn't call that guy an idiot. I mean, what if you find out that Barry DOES use 'roids? Your face would certainly be red.
2002-10-15 06:36:48 PM  
2002 143 403 117 149 31 2 46 110 198 47 9 2 .370 .582 .799 1.381

Anybody who says barry bonds has no talent is so full of shiat their breath stinks.
2002-10-15 06:58:08 PM  
Halo's in 5.

Anaheim bullpen will pitch to him, let him hit home runs at every bat, score will be SF 3 ANA 15 everytime. Solo home runs don't scare me.

ANA bats are hot, SF middle relief sucks. Best inning in post season play ever....twice! Game 4 5th Inning of the and then breaks that record in the ALDS Game 5 7th Inning. Fear them. Fear.....
2002-10-15 07:27:48 PM  
I'm still pissed that the D-backs didn't make the series. If we hadn't lost Counsell and Gonzo, we would have had a shot. Dammitall
2002-10-15 09:55:26 PM  
There's always some dipshiat who runs around claiming that Barry's on steroids. Well, Barry hit .370 and no amount of steroids will make you hit the ball more often. Mark McGwire batted like .180 his last season.

I think this is nothing more than they whining of crybabies who wish they had Barry on their team this season.

2002-10-16 01:24:40 AM  
McGwire was badly injured, possibly because of that andro crap. But this isn't about McGwire...it is about Bonds.

If you are pitched around every other at-bat, it is probably easier to hit the few strikes you see. And since pitchers can't pitch inside to him, and he has the smallest strike-zone I've seen (I've never anyone get the benefit of the doubt from umps more often than he does), why SHOULDN'T he hit that well?

I won't say he uses or he doesn't. Only Bonds knows. Again, ONLY BONDS KNOWS! Nobody else, not you, not me, not anyone.
2002-10-16 01:44:19 AM  
Puffy: By your logic only good players on lousy teams would qualify for MVP. It's relative to the League, not the shiatty players around Sammy, or ARod.

Also by your logic, everybody could become a Bonds. Jus' get you some elbow armor and you're all set.

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