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4716 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Oct 2002 at 2:07 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-13 02:09:08 AM  
I have no legs!
2002-10-13 02:10:32 AM  
Well, Doug Moon is a little ray of farking sunshine now isn't he?
2002-10-13 02:11:33 AM  
Dear Mr. Moon: Most people take their 30 or 40 pages of text and SEPARATE THEM INTO MORE THAN ONE FARKING PAGE!

King HTML Asshat.
2002-10-13 02:11:35 AM  
The message board is always fresh with exciting links, timely information, and temporary treats.

Get bent.
2002-10-13 02:11:42 AM  
so, will his server be a hot pile of dogcrap?

2002-10-13 02:12:44 AM  
This man is an anti-semite!
2002-10-13 02:13:05 AM  
Either that, or he got cheated at Battleship
2002-10-13 02:13:23 AM  
maybe im an asshat, but im completely failing to see the point of that website at all. even i wouldnt waste time there, and i waste time EVERYWHERE!!
2002-10-13 02:15:33 AM  
somebody is not taking their lithium...
2002-10-13 02:18:17 AM  
this idiot is worse than the timecube guy. i really hate the fact the internet allows jackasses like this to jabber about absolutely nothing and make the world that much dumber for paying attention. farkin shiat
2002-10-13 02:18:31 AM  
"Why are some people darker than others?
Dark skin is required in regions of the Earth that are closer to the sun.
Take a basketball and hold it in front of you."

Oh, so what are you trying to say Doug Moon? All black people are good at Basketball?
2002-10-13 02:22:31 AM  
"Never play "Battleship" with a Jew. You'll have your command board full of pegs and they'll still deny you had any hits." - Doug Moon

"If ya can't beat 'em, demonize them." - Doug Moon

Looks like you were right, RobbieFal.
2002-10-13 02:24:41 AM  
All the truth you can stand with just enough shiat stirred in to keep you guessing.
Call it a gift.

Or a waste of bandwidth. You say tomato, I say tahmahto.
2002-10-13 02:30:44 AM  
You want nutty? I've got nutty:

THIS is nuts.
2002-10-13 02:31:55 AM  
Ahh, anti-porn, how I missed thee.
2002-10-13 02:32:44 AM  
Nevermind, Doug takes the cake. As long as it's lead-free, of course.
2002-10-13 02:37:13 AM  
Whoa. And, where did anti-porn guy get his 'fag' facts from? I think this person has more in common with gay men than he thinks- he also pulls things out of his butt.
2002-10-13 02:37:58 AM  
didn't mean to offend anyone, BTW.
2002-10-13 02:39:39 AM  
"Jesus' primary tongue was that of the pharses (the dialect of Egypt) as He knew little English."

Wow! its a good thing we have Doug Moon to set things straight, cause I be a retard and thought jesus spoke english.
2002-10-13 02:49:03 AM  
I would like to share the following thoughts from Mr. Moon:
Don't disrespect life. You take life to acquire these things so they stay special to you.

Now let's talk about Carbon Dioxide (CO2) -- it doesn't exist.

The universe is a disc of area (space) that sits in the hole of an inconceivably large doughnut of energy reserve.

Do people inhale Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide?
People inhale Oxygen through the lining of the lungs, not the aveoli.
The aveoli just spray the lining of the lungs with water vapor and mucous.
The lining of the lungs is where Oxygen meets the bloodstream.
When people exhale, they are just exhaling what didn't get picked up by the bloodstream.
How is Oxygen released by the body?
Through the skin.
If you block the skin's pores, respiration is impeded.
That's why the girl - her name was Missie New - in the opening sequence of the James Bond film "Goldfinger" died.
Her skin couldn't respirate because it was painted with gold.
Gold wasn't havin' none of that Oxygen.

What is a virus?
A virus is a compromised active cell that originates in the brain and requires nothing for sustenance.
A virus is a partial cell that has no reason be or place to live - it is free floating.
A virus is more than a cell - it has its own genetic code that allows it to survive indefinitely.
A virus is best described as a time bomb of exponential potential - its sole function is replication.
A virus is a dormant encapsulation of dark energy that, much like a soul, is guided by conscient being.
A virus activates when certain non-physiological factors are present.
Viruses target certain types of beings that are not desired in the world.

Need I say more? And that was just from scrolling through the page and randomly picking sections.
2002-10-13 02:51:27 AM  
Wow. I think the cheese fell off his cracker a long time ago.

It reads sort of like the Book of the Subgenius without the humor.
2002-10-13 02:53:48 AM  
I have one more thing to share, and then I will leave this post alone, I promise> I would like to share an excerpt that allows us to understand WHY Doug Moon dislikes jewish people. Here is the beginning of it:

Did you know that Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey routinely reduces the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores of white people by four hundred (400) points?
Both the "math" and "verbal" portions of the test are reduced by two hundred (200) points for people who describe themselves as "White/Caucasian".
This reduction was initiated by Jewish people in 1966.
However, the scores of Jewish people are maintained.
How does ETS know a Jewish person from a white person?
By one indicative question - your name.
Jews know every Jew alive - they keep a database at the CRA (Convention of Rightest Allegiance) - a Jewish organization in Langley, Virginia.
The CRA is not to be confused with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) - there is no affiliation.

And here is the insight into his mind-

Doug Moon had scores of 480 on the "math" portion and 520 on the "verbal" portion.
Doug Moon's actual scores were 680 and 720, respectively.

And he blames jewish people for his SAT scores?
Then, of course, he says:
You don't end discrimination by discriminating.
Excuse me while I shoot myself in the head.
2002-10-13 02:55:26 AM  
regarding the antiporn guy

"All persons must wear clothing from their neck to three inches below their knees when in public or in the presence of children.
Women MUST wear dresses. Trousers are NOT lady-like and therefore, women ought not to wear them."
jesus tapdancing christ! can you say christian taliban, I wanna know what the fark happened that would make a 19 year old kid this kind of nut!

his photos (html sucks)

do I smell a photoshop?
2002-10-13 03:04:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-10-13 03:08:01 AM  
That anitporn guy is pretty old news. He was one of these internet phenoms(sic) that pop up every now and again, like 'all you base are belong to us' or that Turkish guy whose name I forget. Anyway, when everyone started linking to his site he got swamped by hate mail and he took his site down. Some people still saved his content and provide it through mirror sites though. This was way back when blogging was just making a name for itself. I remember when this was all fields.
2002-10-13 03:16:54 AM  

Morons on the net suck :(
2002-10-13 03:25:07 AM  
What is it with this guy? Holy fark, he has issues. This guy,a philosopher??? I mean give me a break! Look at this shiat.

"Life isn't fair. Sometimes it works in your favor - sometimes it doesn't." - Doug Moon

"Save your own ass." - Doug Moon

"For every obstacle, a way around it." - Doug Moon

"To be, or not to be. That is the answer." - Doug Moon

This guy is a complete idiot. My favourite by far is:

"If you can't accept this, neither can I." - Doug Moon

Well, that being said, I don't accept a thing he says. Therefore, his page is complete shiat. Even according to him.
2002-10-13 03:25:57 AM  
"Doug Moon is a fecalpheliac." - passthedutchie

"Hell is a terrible place. Doug Moon will be there." - passthedutchie

"Doug Moon is a Jew-hating racist bastard." - passthedutchie

"The world would suck with more Doug Moons." - passthedutchie

"If my last name was Rothstein, I'd biatch-slap Doug Moon." - passthedutchie

"If Doug Moon was an ass, he would be a....wait, he is one." - passthedutchie

"I didn't give any quotes to Doug Moon. The asshat did not have my permission to use my name either." - God
2002-10-13 03:28:16 AM  
i wonder if he owns a white box-car van...
2002-10-13 03:33:05 AM  
you want nuts???
nothing quite compares to a deranged paranoid chess wizard that has a penchant for 12 year old pakastani whores..
the one.. the only..
2002-10-13 03:34:09 AM  
That antiporn thing, wow. I imagine his hypocrisy has been pretty thoroughly established?
2002-10-13 03:35:27 AM  
yessir it's

groove to perhaps the Creepiest MIDI sample ever encoded..
read at great length his sexual exploits with 12 year old whores in the orient..
share in his paranoid delusions and abuse of state and federal institutional infrastructure...

its wild wonderful and wild...
its also wonderful...
2002-10-13 03:49:29 AM  
Twinxor: Yep
That being said, a lot of people thought the whole thing was a joke, but there was something just so undeniably creepy about the whole thing that it had to be real.
2002-10-13 04:06:29 AM  
Anti-Porn guy:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-13 07:50:20 AM  
this guy is a white SUV and a hi powered rifle away from being a PRIME SUSPECT!!

this shiat reads like the UNABOMBER MANIFESTO 2002
2002-10-13 09:17:45 AM  
"I invented diarrhea of the mouth." - Doug Moon
2002-10-13 11:34:22 AM  
I had no idea that this guy was so insightful...

Did you know that "turbulence" in planes is actually caused by pilot action? Airlines encourage pilots to "bump" planes on commercial flights to frighten passengers and keep demand down.

Hmm... seems like a good way to run a business.

His treatise on diseases is also very enlightening...

Cystic Fibrosis - Not a hereditary condition - barely a condition since it affects only Jews.

Skin Cancer - No one gets skin cancer in Asia. No one.
Why? Because no one drinks beer.

Why doesn't this man have his own late night infomercial?!?! His "medical discoveries" could change the world!

*runs off to barf*
2002-10-13 12:47:02 PM  
OMFG... Why is it all on one page???!!!!111

The Big Bang loaded up on matter and rolled it out.
Something that wasn't included in the big bang: The Milky Way (there are two layers in one spiral).
The second layer saves everything the first layer generates in terms of light recordation.
We dragged a few things in from the Big Bang: Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.
Hope you don't mind.
2002-10-13 02:11:48 PM  
Wow, according to doug moon, I made about a 1700 on the SAT. Maybe he can tell me how to jack up my GRE scores like that too.
2002-10-13 03:18:40 PM  
This was also an ALoD. Why are these things getting posted?
2002-10-13 03:34:00 PM  
Here's my favorite, (on the diseases page, talking about boils)...

Why the subdermal layer?
Because skin has no need to bother with anything but that particular layer.
2002-10-13 04:17:23 PM  
Regarding AntiPornGuy...




This guy can't be for real, can he? I mean, judging from his photo, he looks like porn may be his only hope.
2002-10-13 04:59:51 PM  
I have to do this...from The Stand :)

M O O N ...that spells farking asshole.
2002-10-13 10:15:36 PM  
Full of himself, isn't he? What an asshole.
2002-10-14 08:44:11 AM  
dougmoon is a jackass
2002-10-14 08:49:05 AM  
I had never heard of Doug Moon or the Antiporn guy until reading this thread. What the fark is wrong with these people? I'm thinking Doug Moon's main problem is a severe god complex, but damned if I have a clue why the antiporn guy is so farked up. Look at the amount of research he puts into some of his theories. Unbelievable.

I'm going back to read more of Maddox's stuff. There is a guy that makes a lot of sense if you cut through the rough edges and satire.
2002-10-14 11:08:11 AM  
I think this passage says it all...

Abraham dove in to become Jesus Christ.
Abraham didn't feel ready to leave people alone.
Jesus Christ dove in to become me.
I think there is much work to be done, still.
In most ways, people are doing much better.

This guy is farking crazy.
2002-10-14 12:11:14 PM  
Got ya beat, Cryingoutload... 1710 here :)
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