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(NYPost)   Noise pollution vigilante protects NYC with arsenal of cardboard, glue and markers   ( divider line
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2007-12-03 06:53:12 PM  
Mechdemon: Improper use of Hero tag, subby...5 demerits!

As I previously stated, I was playing the odds in hopes of a greenlight. Forgive me, please.

lajimi: PREDICTION: Now that a picture of Grandpa has been published and in the New York Post, a paper read by the MOST sophisticated of New Yorkers, our "hero" is going to turn up in an alley with his hair parted with a tire iron.

PREDICTION: I never see you or your dog again.

/bad Farfel, bad
2007-12-04 01:24:07 AM  
Hoarf: Gelat

Oh thank GOD someone got that. But now, can you identify which movie it's sampled from? :)
2007-12-04 02:00:43 AM  
I notice how all the posters who are all like "OMG dude, if you don't like noise don't live in NYC" don't actually live in NYC.

You can used to the sound of trucks, busses, people on the street. It just becomes ambient street noise. But those farking car alarms are LOUD. You can hear them from blocks away, and they are very irritating. It's difficult to even think when one is going off near your apartment.

I don't know why they aren't outlawed altogether -- why does a whole neighborhood have to be irritated and upset just because *your* car needs to be protected?

(Plus, of course, they are completely ineffective -- is there even 1 known instance where a car alarm has prevented a theft?)

Guy's a hero in my book. Wish he lived in my neighborhood.
2007-12-04 05:20:58 AM  
just another "artist" out for attention.

He plays the piano at noon. Thats when im usually hungover. So isnt it justifiable that if i lived in the same building as him, i should smash his piano, and possibly his face?

I hope someone smashes his piano. Farking douche

/Owns a rice car with loud stereo
///Keep the piano off at noon, ill keep the stereo silent at midnight
2007-12-04 11:45:36 AM  
Your Fairy Hockey Player -
Bad move allowing the paper to show his face. You put wood glue on somebody's $30,000 piece of property, you pretty much deserve whatever you get.

This guy seems to be pretty good at the vengeance thing. What if he submitted the picture of one of the douches with an annoying alarm?
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