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2002-10-08 07:36:24 PM  
He has a magic horseshoe from Mr. Ed's spirit stuck up his ass.
2002-10-08 07:48:09 PM  
Not to be picky, but the article doesn't really say how Edward does it. It merely gives ways that Edward could be doing it. I see only speculation on the author's part with no real evidence of chincanery.

As I said before, either he is talking to the dead or not. The only way to know for sure would be to perform tests in a controlled environment. Not gonna happen, folks.
2002-10-08 09:07:23 PM  
That'd be in the butt, Bob.
2002-10-08 09:08:28 PM  
But why not? I mean, if he could prove his 'powers' in a controlled environment he could not only win Randi's million bucks, but he could become the most famous guy in the world.

Of course, none of these so-called 'phychics' do anything like this, because (here's the punchline) they're all deceiving either their audience or themselves.
2002-10-08 09:10:49 PM  

More John Edward info than you can shake a stick at, unless you're really into shaking your stick at charlatans.
2002-10-08 09:11:03 PM  
Duh.. hello!?!! Anyone who falls for this fake crap is a dumbass.
2002-10-08 09:11:11 PM  
If he was not on TV, what would people watch when Wrestling and Monster Truck races were over
2002-10-08 09:12:24 PM  
In any event, the salient point of all these threads today has only been touched upon briefly. Namely, that even if you figure in some reasonable overhead - travel expenses, a modest entourage (gotta have a small stage crew, a manager, a couple of gophers, and a clean hooker on retainer, right?) - $1.5M for three evenings acting that doesn't even remotely qualify as work equates to an amazing hourly rate.

Man-o-man...I sometimes wish I could just trash this thing I call a conscience and get into this kind of racket. Maybe SLAYERSWINE could be my manager...:-)
2002-10-08 09:13:11 PM  
Wait, Im sensing a lot of hostility, and perhaps the color blue... and a set of jugs...


Anoyne in the farking audience who's grandmother's maiden name contains an e? Anyone? Anyone?
2002-10-08 09:15:08 PM  
Reminds me of a movie...

[image from randi.org too old to be available]
2002-10-08 09:15:41 PM  
whatta dork-o!
2002-10-08 09:15:52 PM  
any fool that would actually pay for this B.S. is farking nuts.
2002-10-08 09:16:43 PM  
I could tell youhow he does it, but then I'd have to kill you. Or maybe wash my mouth out with soap.
2002-10-08 09:19:16 PM  
Once a self proclaimed psychic wins the lottery, I'll listen.
2002-10-08 09:20:38 PM  
I knew you were going to say that Sweater Girl
2002-10-08 09:20:38 PM  
no e? how about an A. anyone?
2002-10-08 09:21:34 PM  
John Edwards does it with dead people.

2002-10-08 09:21:55 PM  
How John Edward does it

I can tell you that.

He talks to people that are farking stupid.

It's that simple.
2002-10-08 09:22:05 PM  
I dont care about John Edufnlnd whatever. I just want to fark me a white woman.
2002-10-08 09:22:40 PM  
What a load of Farkin' crap...
2002-10-08 09:23:44 PM  
I wouldn't lump George Anderson in with some of the others. He's had plenty of publicity, but he doesn't fall in the same camera-whore category as John Edward, not to mention Sylvia Browne or *uggh* James Van Praggh.

I will never understand the amoral "Hey, I make people feel better, they give me money" rationalization of some of these spiritual con artists. I believe there are people out there who have access to more than the 10% brain power the rest of us have to work with, but I'm not convinced John Edward is one of them.
2002-10-08 09:23:49 PM  
John: ok, from the left side of the this chat room i feel someone is looking at porn? You sir, are you looking at porn?

Guy: Wow how did you know

John: I see Boobies, and Fark.

Guy: I dont know how he does it....ive got nothing.
2002-10-08 09:26:22 PM  
Why would any of these asshats ever want to claim Randi's $1 million?

They will easily make that over their careers, if not many millions.

... so much bullshiat, so many fools ...
2002-10-08 09:27:15 PM  
What are Mr.Nickell's qualifications, anyways? What kind of scientist is he? Maybe has a degree in basketweaving? Consider the source. The magazine he works for wants you to buy a subscription or membership...that's how Mr.N makes his money.
2002-10-08 09:27:41 PM  
In other news, there is no Santa Claus. Virginia surrenders.

P.T. Barnum vastly underestimated the sucker-to-minute ratio.

Desecrated:The only way to know for sure would be to perform tests in a controlled environment. Not gonna happen, folks.

If he really could perform his shtick in a controlled environment he could pick up a very nice check by challenging the source of the link, CSICOP. So of course it's not going to happen. And check the links, CSICOP laid some decent smack-down on Uri Gellar, who tried to prove in court that he really actually had psychic powers, and failed. To the tune of $120,000 he failed: http://www.csicop.org/articles/uri_pay.html

Praise "CSICOP", Praise "The Amazing Randi", and Praise "Bob". And Hail Eris. Wanna cover all the bases ;)
2002-10-08 09:28:11 PM  
Bigufo: Basketweaving is crap compared to the fine art of Broomcraft.
2002-10-08 09:28:28 PM  
Of course, the same people who fall for Edwards also believe Miss Cleo's Jamacan accent is authentic. You can get people to believe anything by using something they want to believe (that there is some way to contact dead loved ones) or by using their fears (Iraq will kill mass Americans at any time. Bad thing is, I realize this and how to use but that darned conscience won't let me make any money off of it.
2002-10-08 09:28:59 PM  
that'll cost you $250, Capt.
2002-10-08 09:29:42 PM  
I really wish I had the charisma to get into this line of work. I mean people are just so willing to throw their money away and I'd only be happy to take it and retire before reaching 30.
2002-10-08 09:30:23 PM  
That guy is so full of shiat his eyes are brown.
2002-10-08 09:30:48 PM  
From http://www.scifi.com/johnedward/rules.html

John's Rules:

• By entering the stage area, you're agreeing to be "read" by John. John cannot control who "comes through." So there are no "passive audience members." For instance, John has read the cameraman, soundman, and someone in the next room during rehearsals. If you feel you'll be too embarrassed, too frazzled, or just not interested, we ask that you give up your seat to someone who's anxious for a reading.

• Have no expectations. You may REALLY want to connect with one specific relative...but there's a good chance they may not come through. Keep your mind open and welcome whoever comes through during the reading. We don't want you to be disappointed or broken-hearted if your chosen loved one doesn't come through. As John says, "Please don't put earthly expectations on a heavenly experience."

• This can be an emotional experience! Know you're in a safe environment with lots of support - and lots of tissues. John moves quickly from person to person, which can be jarring. There are plenty of people to share your experience and feelings.

• Don't get "psychic amnesia." John coined this phrase to describe what happens when he goes to someone in the audience and they all of a sudden forget their family tree. You can use the following worksheet to jog your memory of your ENTIRE family.

• Validation Is Important! Since John does not know your friends and relatives, it's very important you give feedback. A simple nod of the head, a yes or no answer goes a long way in a reading. Please don't give more information than John asks for.

• Write it down! Have a pen and paper ready to write whatever messages John may pass along. If you are with someone, they can write down the information for you. If John reads the person sitting next to you, it'd be a nice gesture to take notes for them to review later. Chances are this info will take on more meaning when you get home and think about the reading.

• Appreciate the message! Even if you are not the person being "read," John wants you to walk away knowing your loved ones are always around you, and to thank them in some way - a prayer, a simple acknowledgment, or a kind thought.

Any red flags, true believers?
2002-10-08 09:31:35 PM  
Wait... I'm getting a message...

Any Farkers out there have a male relative who passed away?

Did his first name have a consonant or consonant sound in it?

I'm getting that he died... he died of something... some sort of illness or disease or accident.

That's him. He has a message for you... Um, he's happy and everything is fine and he loves you.

That'll be $75 please.
2002-10-08 09:31:51 PM  
Like, Oh ma GAWD The_bEEvEr,

My grandmother's maiden name does have a "e" in it

I'm wearing blue

and I'm thinking about juggs

You should take the show on the road just like that steaming piece of crap John (I don't want people to know my real last name is MaGee) Edwards
2002-10-08 09:35:58 PM  
In the old days, people would go to these people to ask things. eg. Should I marry Bruce? Should I sell the family house? Now it seems they are content just to know that there dead loved ones are OK on the other side.

Looks like the gullible are becoming more gullible as time passes.

If I was on his show I would start asking the guy about stuff. Make that biatch work for his money.
2002-10-08 09:36:10 PM  
I'd rather believe in John Edwards than in god. Seriously, I think this must be how people during jesus' time thought. I mean, it's more enticing to believe this human being who claims to communicate with the untherworld (tm)than to believe in a nuther being (tm) that never verbally nor precisely responds to a multitude of requests/prayers, pleas. I predict John Edwards will be the "jesus" of the 24th century. Feel free to quote me on that.
2002-10-08 09:38:03 PM  
Have you heard of the midget spiritualist who was running from the police? He was a small medium at large.
2002-10-08 09:38:37 PM  
How John edward does it:
[image from clitical.com too old to be available]

That's him in the back, that's his believer in the front
2002-10-08 09:39:48 PM  
a... small meduim... at... hee hee. hee heee hee hee!
GAWD that's funny

hey nanook - i ate the yellow snow, watchya think of that action?
2002-10-08 09:40:39 PM  
I hate this guy and what he does so much.
I hope that when he dies, I can channel him in Hell and ask how he's doing now.

I have a very educated friend who paid $500 for her and her sister to go to the asshole's show in the hopes of getting to talk to their father who passed away a while back.

I have a background in magic from when I was a young man, and I made some guesses (all correct) about how he does his act, and she just refused to believe me.

It's so sad. He takes advantage of people who just want another minute with someone they love.

Buy a Ouija board, it's cheaper and you will get more out of it...
2002-10-08 09:40:39 PM  
Stop it now or I'll bend some of your keys!
Too late! Don't believe me? Check for yourself....
see, I told you so!
2002-10-08 09:41:02 PM  
how john does it:

john edwards:im seeing a k from someone on this side of the room, or maybe an h, no? how bout an l? r? t? d?

audience:yes my fathers name was dave!(notice how the audience member said "was" implying that the person is deceased)

john: did he pass away recently?

audience member: yes omg how did you know!

john:im seeing that he passed away possibly from some medical complication related to either his chest or head(95% of all deaths are related to these areas)

i think i could be a very good psychic.
2002-10-08 09:41:15 PM  
I wonder if he's a virgin?
2002-10-08 09:42:30 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

He does it by gathering the most gullable dumbasses he can find and the rest is easy...
2002-10-08 09:42:32 PM  
damn, won't let me post message second time...damn
2002-10-08 09:42:45 PM  
Bless you Wings_Fan

You may return my spiritual guidance by filling out this very simple life insurance beneficiary change form on the way out and my gleeful staff will be more than happy to file it for you and see you safely to hell..er i mean home..
2002-10-08 09:42:48 PM  
How who does what now?
2002-10-08 09:43:43 PM  
Hi... I am seeing a "D"....

Is there a "D"?

Ummm... "Dou"....

"Douchebag?" Yes, there is a douchebag in the room!

It's me on the stage... and I hear me very clearly.

Now give me your money you farking dummy.
2002-10-08 09:44:26 PM  

Actually, the whole "we only use 10% of our brains" thing is just a myth.
2002-10-08 09:46:22 PM  
I believe in psychic powers in the sense that I think there's a lot more to humans than science has figured out, and it's foolish to think we know EVERYTHING. I've seen some weird stuff, from people who wouldn't be trying to con me. (no profit ;->) However, I do think the ratio of cons to legits is at least 100:1, probably higher. And - here's the kicker - anyone who CAN actually do things is not going to be prancing around on TV looking pretty. They're going to be in the trenches, doing things in the real world.
In a way, I think these fake psychics are a goodness. They let the real thing lurk quietly without drawing too much attention to themselves.
2002-10-08 09:47:40 PM  
do you take master card or visa?
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