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(Wall Street Journal)   Hating President Bush might inflict damage on your intellect. If you're ready to type in a snappy comeback, it probably already has   ( divider line
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2007-11-14 9:08:39 PM  
I don't hate Mr. Bush, I don't know him. I do know the policies his mal-administration has put into place and those policies are what I despise.

He's just dumb and slow.
2007-11-14 9:13:14 PM  
2007-11-14 9:13:18 PM  
2wolves: He's just dumb and slow.
2007-11-14 9:15:04 PM  
In short, Bush hatred is not a rational response to actual Bush perfidy.

What's wrong with hating him simply because he's a stupid asshole?
2007-11-14 9:15:30 PM  
Glenn Greenwald does an excellent job answering this editorial HERE. (salon link, may have to watch a quick ad)
2007-11-14 9:17:25 PM  
this comment brought to you by a chief advisor to rudy giuliani's presidential campaign. disclosure from WSJ in 3 2 1... never.
2007-11-14 9:17:27 PM  
i don't have any intellect to damage. i do hate right wing rags like the POS journal whose editors masturbate to stories of millionaires while caring nought for the workers that made those people the obscene salaries.
2007-11-14 9:19:50 PM  
"Recognizing the common heritage that provides the ground for so many of the disagreements between right and left today will encourage both sides, if not to cherish their opponents, at least to discipline their passions and make them an ally of their reason."

2007-11-14 9:37:01 PM  
Where was this trenchant analysis in the WSJ when it was undertaking its own fatwah against Clinton. The Journal editorial page was the only MSM that kept the Foster murder story alive.
2007-11-14 9:50:57 PM  
The author - Peter Berkowitz - is a college professor. How someone could rise to that position and yet be so obtuse and hypocritical is beyond me.
2007-11-14 10:14:14 PM  
Subby deserves kudos for nailing the liberal responses to this thread. I mean, you all couldn't be better examples of what the article pointed out if you tried... but you just can't help yourselves can you? From outright irrational Bush hatred without a single cogent argument for it to "kill the messenger" (both the author and the venue)... it's VERY amusing to say the least.

Thankfully I don't have to suffer through a dinner party with any of you though, nothing ruins a good meal more than irrational hatred. Well, that and coleslaw.
2007-11-14 10:46:04 PM  
Hating President Bush might inflict damage on your intellect.

which would then lead to being a Bush supporter.
2007-11-14 11:39:13 PM  
Mordant: which would then lead to being a Bush supporter. +++baddup bup pshiat

...If you're ready to type in a snappy comeback, it probably already has [damaged your intellect]

Parody yourself much?
2007-11-15 8:08:28 PM  
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