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2002-10-06 10:40:39 AM  
are the eds asleep today? hey who played Medusa? She was convincing !! ;)
2002-10-06 10:51:29 AM  
Look out, it's the cast listing!!

But Ursula Andress as Aphrodite? I'm so gonna rent this now!
2002-10-06 10:51:59 AM  
[image from members.rogers.com too old to be available]

Best metal show I have ever seen I think. SLAYER, Anthrax, Megadeth, & Alice in Chains.
2002-10-06 12:47:02 PM  
Who cares? It was a crappy movie, anyway.
2002-10-06 12:47:23 PM  
I cannot believe this got posted.

I give up.

Mods asleep at the wheel again.
2002-10-06 12:49:34 PM  
More than you ever wanted to know about why the eds don't even read the links before posting them.
2002-10-06 12:50:39 PM  
Administrators take care of the links. The mods. police the threads.
2002-10-06 12:52:03 PM  
My bad.

Admin asleep at the wheel again.

Thanks Slayerswine.
2002-10-06 12:52:31 PM  
i like that cheezy claymation, or whatever you call it
2002-10-06 12:52:39 PM  
2002-10-06 12:53:27 PM  

that is not everything I wanted to know
2002-10-06 12:55:02 PM  
[image from expert.cc.purdue.edu too old to be available]

2002-10-06 01:03:02 PM  
IMDB.com is better, anyhoo...
2002-10-06 01:03:04 PM  
Boring link, great movie
2002-10-06 01:07:15 PM  
lol doom
2002-10-06 01:07:16 PM  
This is a fine example of a movie that you watch over and over as a kid thinking that it's great, then when you go back and actually watch it years later realize that it's not that great. Beastmaster and Swamp Thing are a couple of others.
2002-10-06 01:16:47 PM  
Wow.. Slow news day or what?
2002-10-06 01:19:20 PM  
Ok, this has been bothering me for years. Can anyone remember what early 80's fantasy movie involved the lead female (maybe she wasn't THE lead, but she was pretty important) getting strapped to a stone table and having her legs eaten off by St. Bernard-sized dragons? I must have seen it when I was about 7, and I only remember that scene.

What movie is it from?
2002-10-06 01:20:15 PM  
Ok, maybe it was more like mid- to late 80's.
2002-10-06 01:22:31 PM  
Shh, not a scat filet!

(Anagrams, anyone?)
2002-10-06 01:27:53 PM  

Maybe I'll just submit individual links to every movie listed at IMDB.
2002-10-06 01:30:29 PM  
What's next, 'Megaforce' links? Where's 'Condorman'? Tip: movies you thought were great as a kid are usually total crap if you watch them again as an adult.
2002-10-06 01:32:34 PM  
Not to mention an annoying popup that I quickly blocked with adshield.

But seriously - Everything I wanted to know? Gimme a break there was hardly anything on there, IMDB is much better...
2002-10-06 01:34:59 PM  
Ray Harryhausen was way ahead of his time. That guy made some cool effects back in the day.
2002-10-06 01:44:53 PM  
Vici -you are referring to the sacrifice scene from
DRAGONSLAYER when the princess is tied to a stake and eaten by baby dragons.
2002-10-06 01:46:31 PM  

The movie you are thinking of is Dragonslayer. I think it was from the late 70's. It's Princess Elspeth that gets gnawed. The sorcerer's apprentice was Peter MacNicol, who played Cage on Ally McBeal.

I have no idea why I remember all this crap.
2002-10-06 01:47:35 PM  
with fear of sounding young.. what is the clash of the titains??
2002-10-06 01:48:02 PM  
...if you want to get technical, she is tied to a stake, then freed, then continues into the cave to be devoured by baby dragons.
2002-10-06 01:52:02 PM  
Awesome. Thank you guys!

I remember being pissed that they would let an important and innocent character get EATEN. Well, I was only 6 or 7.
2002-10-06 02:06:58 PM  
[image from thirdage.com too old to be available]
2002-10-06 02:08:18 PM  
I actually like this movie. I was old enough when I saw it the first time to know it was kinda cheesy, but still entertaining. So it's never lost its charm for me.

And yeah, Harryhausen has done some amazing special effects over the years. Trained under Willis O'Brien who did "King Kong,". Probably the best example of Harryhausen's work are the swordfighting skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts. Classic.
2002-10-06 02:27:13 PM  
Y'know what TV was ruined for me when I watched it a few months ago? The A-Team. I loved that show completely when I was 5 years old. I still have my A-Team train set at home. Anyways, I watched it a few months ago and found that it was the hokiest TV show ever. No actual violence, and the way the A-Team shut down an illegal casino was to shoot the frickin' gambling tables with machine guns! Machine guns!

How did that show ever gain popularity?
2002-10-06 02:30:43 PM  
I agree with most everyone - perhaps the worst link I've ever seen posted... but a great movie, definitely. The special effects were the coolest.
2002-10-06 02:38:10 PM  
"Tip: movies you thought were great as a kid are usually total crap if you watch them again as an adult."

Not so. I still (God help me) think "Xanadu" is cool. Olivia Newton-John at her hottest (with the POSSIBLE exception of "Grease"), Gene Kelly, and ELO. Plot? Who needs a plot?!
2002-10-06 02:43:49 PM  
Great movie, crappy link. The moderators obviously have their heads up their asses again.
2002-10-06 03:05:55 PM  
I just got it on DVD :) don't you dare diss Harryhausen!!
2002-10-06 03:12:43 PM  
Swamp Thing not that great? Blasphemer! Beastmaster? Gahhh! Now Gymkata, that was a piece of crap but I still love it. Why? 'Cause I love Bad Film.

Clash was state of the art in the day. I saw this in the theater with my own money--earned by the sweat of my brow, and it took a whole $.50 to get in, and another $1.50 for a Suicide a gigantic popcorn AND Junior Mints. I was in heaven when I sat down, AND then it had the princess' nekkid kiester eight feet high...it was a major event. This movie was fantastic, but the site...it had no where near enough information in it. I've got more in the copies of Fangora sitting in my closet. Poor site. Great film.
2002-10-06 03:18:27 PM  
i can't believe someone actually took the time to create this.
2002-10-06 03:19:08 PM  
Don't. Fark. With. Megaforce. Especially if your best Armored Cav Tactics call for getting in a straight line and waiting in a killzone.

They got tha phat steal dune buggies with whisper mode, yo. Not to mention rocket-powered motorcycles boosting the Mayor from Spin City into the back of stealthy C-130s.
2002-10-06 03:20:54 PM  
[image from images.amazon.com too old to be available]
2002-10-06 03:34:31 PM  
That looks like a Will Farrell character.
2002-10-06 03:38:22 PM  
Once again, WHY WHY WHY does crap like this get posted????! Must be giving BJ's to the mods.

That said, I fondly remember this flick. It was the last day of 5th grade and as a reward we all trooped into the gymnasium to watch this film. I remember sitting non-PC "Indian-style", noshing on popcorn and pop and being in awe of the whole movie.
2002-10-06 03:54:07 PM  

Must be giving BJ's to the admins.

You now owe the mods a blowjob.

Thank you.
2002-10-06 04:41:18 PM  
TK-421 Another movie you thought was cool as a kid but turned out to be not so great:

FLASH GORDON. Best. Soundtrack. Ever.

P.S. Why aren't you at your post?
2002-10-06 04:54:48 PM  
Here's everything you need to know about "Clash of the Titans": It sucks. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled life.

SprackFifty years ago, Ray Harryhausen was ahead of his time. Not to dis a master, and I love the classics, but "Clash" stank up the screen. Not Harry's fault, the acting was pathetic, the plot would have done better on the back of a cereal box.

He'd have been better off passing on that turkey. Now give me "20 Million Miles to Earth", or "Beast from 20,000 Fathoms", or "Jason and the Argonauts", or one of the Sinbad movies - these were great.

Old & Busted: Stop-motion.
New Hotness: CGI
2002-10-06 07:39:17 PM  
I think they should just put "Admins post links, not mods." right at the top of the page, above the word FARK, so as to avoid further confusion. I normally don't gripe about crappy links, still....that one was kinda awful, though. I remember seeing this movie at the drive-in when I was maybe eight years old and it was great. I don't really want to watch it again, think I'll just remember it that way.
2002-10-06 10:29:01 PM  
Obviously a cry for help from the mods.
2002-10-06 10:48:15 PM  

I too remember gathering in the gynasium -- back then you said the whole word -- to watch films on reel-to-reel.

Man, those were the days.
2002-10-06 11:55:44 PM  
(helps to put text in a post...)
I met Ray Harryhausen once... hell of a nice guy, and a friggin genius at his art.
2002-10-07 11:21:47 AM  
Just as an aside, this movie opened the same weekend as Raiders of the Lost Ark. I went to see "clash". Saw raiders the next day. Thought it was a little better. Not much. Really...
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