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(Some Guy)   South Korean spies 'ordered to have sex with prostitutes'   ( divider line
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8924 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Oct 2002 at 4:01 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-05 10:38:25 AM  
Me likey !
2002-10-05 10:54:53 AM  
That's why South Korea is the dominant world power that it is.
2002-10-05 12:05:53 PM  
Laugh if you will about the Koreans, but they have some pretty sweet tanks:

[image from too old to be available]

2002-10-05 01:39:05 PM  
Just following orders, sir!
2002-10-05 04:05:33 PM  
and i'm sure they're all groaning about it... hehe.
2002-10-05 04:10:14 PM  
That isn't the first thing that pops into mind when you hear "do your duty for your country", but what the hell.
(I wonder if any of them found the microfilm...)
2002-10-05 04:10:37 PM  
I have sex with prostitutes all the time, but does America ask me to be a spy?
2002-10-05 04:14:15 PM  
"Look, you're marrying Princess Lucky, so you'd better get used to the idea!"
2002-10-05 04:14:45 PM  
"We can't know for sure if you're willing to die for us while in training, so instead, we're going to give you herpes."
2002-10-05 04:16:12 PM  
Are they trying to fulfill the James Bond image? Or trying to kill the agents with the AIDS?
2002-10-05 04:16:43 PM  
Oh, no! Not that! Anything but that!
2002-10-05 04:20:58 PM  
This reminds me a bit of Brave New World... how their culture had lots of casual sex in order to avoid long-term emotion laden relationships. My guess is that this practice was there to meet the physical needs of the spies so that they wouldn't find it in a meaningful relationship that might compromise their job.
2002-10-05 04:22:57 PM  
well damn, i hope my military institutes this soon.. and then sends me to (insert place where whores run rampantly without disease and i can bareback them til the wee hours of the morning)
2002-10-05 04:24:41 PM  
So what's the point there? If they aren't willing get crabs for the sake of their country, they won't be willing to die for it either?
2002-10-05 04:29:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-05 04:34:56 PM  
as I approached the bar, I could see she was eyeing me. I ordered my martini and cooly said my name..."Tulong...Wang Tulong".
2002-10-05 04:38:49 PM  
LOL merlotguy thats wae to farking funnae

Much props bro but yea thats pretty screwed up but look at what were talking about in the first place...

Enough said
2002-10-05 04:40:12 PM  
We're always arguing over tv's effect on youth, but nobody would have guessed the power of american cimema over another nations "secret agents".
2002-10-05 04:53:51 PM  
Yet another article without pictures. Sheeesh.
2002-10-05 04:56:39 PM  
My thoughts exactly... its scary how that huxley book keeps popping back up..
2002-10-05 04:57:40 PM  
Aye aye captain major lieutenant sir!!!
2002-10-05 04:57:57 PM  
Where do i sign up?
2002-10-05 05:01:35 PM  
I think Ice Cube said it best...

Look Who's Burnin'

[intro: conversation between 1 and 2 + a Nurse]

[1] Ay but, what you doin up here anyway nubian?
[2] Man I came up to get some rubbers man, what you doin up here?
[1] No shiat? Man, I came up here to get a physical
[1] You know for my job, you gotta get a physical and shiat, but..
[2] Really?
[Nurse] Philip Brown to the front desk - Philip Brown
[1] Aw that's me right there, hey man you stay up man!
[Nurse] Philip Brown!
[1] Be careful and shiat you know...
[2] Awright then homey!
[Nurse] Philip Brown?
[1] Yeah?
[Nurse] Can I help you?
[1] Ahh, ah-uh-yeah, I'd like to get
[1] I'd like to get a physical
[Nurse] We don't give physicals here
[1] Oh you don't?
[Nurse] No, all we test for is VD, herpes, syphillis and gonorrhea
[1] I'd like to see a doctor
[Nurse] What's the matter, you BURNING?
[1] Huh??

"Stepped out my house, stopped short, oh no.." [Slick Rick]
"Why is my thing-thing burnin like this?"
[Nurse] You BURNING?
"Stepped out my house, stopped short, oh no.." [Slick Rick]
"What have I, done stuck my duck in?"

[Ice Cube]
I went to the free clinic, it was filled to capacity
Now how bad can a piece of ass be?
Very bad, so I had to make the trip
and thank God, I didn't have the drips
I was there so a hoe couldn't gimme that
Just to get - twenty free jimmy hats
Now look who I see
Ain't that... yeah, that's the biatch from up the street!
With the big fat tail
who always told Cube to go to hell
She thought she was wiser
Now she's sittin in the waitin room, burnin like heat-mizer
Yeah I see ya
First Miss Thang, now Miss Gonorrhea
Man it's a trip how the world keeps turnin
It's 1991, and look who's burnin

[Chorus One: various samples (repeat 2X)]

"Does it get you hot?"
"It's got me hot!"
"This is a girl playin hard to get.." [Slick Rick]
"Burnin up, burnin!"
"What have I, done stuck my duck in?"

[Ice Cube]
Now everybody is a victim, you can go see 'em
and you'll hear more claps than the Coliseum
Sittin there all quiet and embarrassed
Whup - there go that biatch who was careless
I remember - she wouldn't give the cock
to anybody who lived on the block
Now hoe, look what you got
Cause somebody is pipin hot
Drippin like a faucet, I'm glad I didn't toss it
Got you a college boy, who was worse than me
and he probably farked the whole university
Still wanted him to dick you down, kick you down
with some bucks, now who got farked?
With a nubian for the money he's earnin
but ask for some water biatch, and look who's burnin

[Chorus Two: various samples (repeat 2X)]

"Does it get you hot?"
"Can you get that?"
"This is a girl playin hard to get.." [Slick Rick]
"Burnin up, burnin!"
"Why is my thing-thing burnin like this?"

[Interlude: more samples]

"It burns.."
[man moaning in pain, urinating sound]
"Fitfully, sputteringly to it's end.."
{aww shiat!!}
".. at which there is, a little surprise"
{That stupid ass..} "biatch!!!!"

[Ice Cube]
Yo, it ain't my fault you got the heebie-jibbies
but you still try to act like you didn't see me
So I walk over, and say "Hi,
biatch, don't try to act surprised!"
You shoulda put a sock on the pickle
and your pussy wouldn't be blowin smoke signals
Man, this is gonna kill 'em
Guess who got a big fat dose of penicillin?
They'll ask, "Who?", and I tell 'em you
The new leader of the big booty crew
And after the day, I'm sorry to say
You come through the neighborhood, you couldn't give it away
To a nubian, who's out to get major paid
but you'll have him, pissin out razorblades
But a biatch like you..ll be returnin with the H-I-V, R.I.P.

[Chorus Three: various samples (repeat 2X)]

"You can't trust a big butt and a smile.." [KRS-One]
"I'm burning up!"
"You can't trust a big butt and a smile.." [KRS-One]
"You can't trust a big butt and a smile.." [KRS-One]
"I'm burning up!"
"What have I, done stuck my duck in?"

".. done stuck my duck in?"
"I'm burning up!"
"It's hot.. I'm burning up!"
2002-10-05 05:05:29 PM  
This reminds me a bit of Brave New World... how their culture had lots of casual sex in order to avoid long-term emotion laden relationships.

Did anyone see the remake of that a few years back with Lenord Nimoy? The folks that had good jobs got to go to sex parties, do drugs and live it up. While the folks that weren't so bright had to mop floors and do drugs, and the crazy militia type people had a section of the country to keep them isolated from everyone else.
I kept thinking, Hey! Sign me up!
2002-10-05 05:15:59 PM  
how intelligent!! get it out of the prostitutes, they all the enemies secrets about ahem * biological warfare *

/salut ruski. salut vodka!
2002-10-05 05:45:58 PM  
What do I get for $10 ?

" Everything "

Everything ?

" Everything you want.. me so horny.. me love you longtime "
2002-10-05 05:55:51 PM  
That was the shortest article I've seen in awhile. We need detalils, how old were they, boobie size, what kind of shoes were they wearing.
2002-10-05 06:01:27 PM  
Spys could be comporomised by secret lifestyles. Sounds like a way for them to sniff out homosexuals.
2002-10-05 07:17:45 PM  
Hmm, I wonder if I can convince my wife that I'm a Korean Spy...
2002-10-05 08:46:03 PM  
they were also forced to take money. poor bastards
2002-10-05 08:50:32 PM  

I saw a show about this once on A&E or the Hitler channel or something like that. It was called "Sexpionage".
2002-10-05 09:44:08 PM  
The most appalling thing about Brave New World, that really makes it a much stronger book that 1984, is that some people read it and say, "hey, that isn't so bad". Unlike 1984, which no one would want to happen, "Brave New World" is the real future we are facing, because it is what some people want.
2002-10-05 10:06:16 PM  
Bro-jobs for sum yung guy !
2002-10-05 10:11:37 PM  
Where do I sign up? Now that's what I call "training"!
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