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(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   Former smoker sues tobacco company and is rewarded with a 28 BILLION dollar settlement. Claims she didn't know smoking would cause cancer   ( divider line
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2002-10-04 4:46:56 PM  

Nice one guys.
2002-10-04 4:47:19 PM  
Um isnt this a repeat?
2002-10-04 4:48:02 PM  
Man sues fark.
didn't know that double postings cause flamewars.
2002-10-04 4:48:24 PM  
Now THAT! was a fast repeat.
2002-10-04 4:48:30 PM  
What a beitch.. a lucky beeitch. That's BILLION with a 'b'
2002-10-04 4:48:35 PM  
soon we will b able to sue the car makers....they r polluting the air we breath..
2002-10-04 4:49:46 PM  
In other news I just got done stabbing a cougar to death with a pocket knife.
2002-10-04 4:49:49 PM  
Didn't she just win $28 Billion earlier today? Man, how lucky can you get???
2002-10-04 4:50:24 PM  
Can't get enough of this story!
2002-10-04 4:50:33 PM  
Wow! A repeat doublet! Is this a first? We have two instances of "$28 Billion settlement" above "Walken in D&D 2"! It's like the two stories were repeated in the same order! It's deja vu all over again! It's doubly reduntant!
2002-10-04 4:51:04 PM  
You'd think that before ok'ing a post the moderator would at least take the time to look and see if the same story wasn't posted 20 minutes earlier??? Laaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy
2002-10-04 4:52:03 PM  
*lights a cancer-stick*

Oh my GOD these things kill you????

2002-10-04 4:52:22 PM  
Two repeats... back to back - and you don't even have to scroll down to see 'em.

The mods are definitely drunk. Perhaps they should be replaced by something that would do the job better: trained chimps.
2002-10-04 4:52:22 PM  
Still no cure for frivolous lawsuits.
2002-10-04 4:52:58 PM  
Man that would be totally sweet if the next link was of this story I just read somewhere: Anti-DMCA bill finally introduced. RIAA craps pants.
2002-10-04 4:53:13 PM  
What kinda farktards are running this joint anyway?!
2002-10-04 4:53:50 PM  

why are we getting double posts of the same stories?!

grr stupid smoking biatch gets 25 billion... i hope she dies tomarrow
2002-10-04 4:54:53 PM  
Because, you know, the makers of cigarettes forced her, at gunpoint to start smoking.

2002-10-04 4:55:43 PM  
nonono this is a different article, hence no a double posting.. give the mods credit. they know what they are doing!
2002-10-04 4:55:43 PM  
At least the right tag was used this time.
2002-10-04 4:55:43 PM  
Hey, I just heard that some chick was awarded 28 Billion (not million, BILLION) in a lawsuit against Philip-Morris.

Has anyone heard anything about it, I can't seem to find it anywhere.

2002-10-04 4:57:56 PM  
I clicked just to see the repeated posts about repeats.
2002-10-04 4:57:56 PM  
Two 28 billion dollar lawsuits in the same day??? Wow, the tobacco industry is really taking a hit...

um yeah
2002-10-04 4:58:56 PM  
That's like, $58 billion.
2002-10-04 4:59:20 PM  
[sarcasm] You know, I'm sick of everyone blaming the mods for double-postings. [/sarcasm] According to the FArQ:

Admins deal with posting new articles/links, mods deal with lame comments made about those articles. Admins are mods, but mods are not admins; mods can't control what links are posted. (Subtle but important difference.) We'll say it again: Mods don't pick the articles. Admins do. There will be a test on this later.

So, with this in mind, let the ADMIN flaming begin!
2002-10-04 4:59:34 PM  
Cigarettes should be banned. They're a clear health threat to just about everybody. That said... Fercrissakes You're inhaling SMOKE. Duh it's gonna affect your health. The jury was obviously high on crack. Force the tobacco companies out of business and buy smokers a nice pine box for their funeral. 28 Billion, feh.
2002-10-04 4:59:40 PM  
And the tag issue is resolved.


*goes for another money stick*
2002-10-04 4:59:56 PM  
True, it's crap that it's a double post. But I think some of the comments here make up for it. Nice one 3horn.
2002-10-04 5:00:03 PM  
Hey mods, I submitted what I thought was a cool link this morning and I got a notice that it had already been submitted and denied posting. Now you double up within 10 posts. PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE!
2002-10-04 5:00:03 PM  
i think i just saw this a minute ago
i think i just saw this a minute ago


thats redundant
thats redundant

gotta love those mods
gotta love those mods

i think they are drunk right now
i think they are drunk right now

repeats give ME cancer. i think i will sue FARK
2002-10-04 5:00:09 PM  
I must have missed something, or my math is off.. How does $750,000 in damages plus $100,000 for pain and suffering = $28 Billion?

Maybe it's just the way the story is worded... I see the $28B in punitive damages for fraud and negligence, but it don't add up...
2002-10-04 5:01:01 PM  
28 billion? Where? You shmuck.
2002-10-04 5:01:23 PM  
I don't mind the repeats right beside each other. It's just like how twenty people will write the same comment, but not realize it because they were all writing at the same time.
2002-10-04 5:01:58 PM  
The tobacco companies deserve this: Don't make fun of that lady...

yes, SOME people know smoking cigarrettes cause cancer...but a lot don't, and I bet if this lady called up the tabacco companies when she first started smoking and got adicted, they would have claimed 1)Tabacco doesn't cause cancer, and 2)Tabacco isn't adictive

also remember, when you are smoking tobacco, you are NOT smoking a plant out of the ground...Tabacco companies add SOOOO much junk to it, for 'flavor' and to increase your chances of really isn't the same anymore

and I'm sure some of that stuff they add causes cancer
2002-10-04 5:02:00 PM  
Did anyone see the NFL touchdown record set on MNF last night?!?
2002-10-04 5:02:16 PM  
Do me a favor... Cut it in half, then DOUBLE IT!
2002-10-04 5:02:23 PM  
Isn't there a Farker out there named Dept. of Redundancy Dept.?

Fark has become him!

And my 2 cents are that, as much as I hate smoking and tobacco companies, this is farking stupid. Watch that number drop like an old ladies hooters when her bra comes off on appeal.
2002-10-04 5:02:36 PM  
I also think it's ironic that the Government says that smoking is deadly...yet they LOVE to tax the heck out of cigarettes for the precious funds.

/lights up another cancer stick
2002-10-04 5:02:53 PM  
I'm getting a serious case of dejà vu. Good job mods.
2002-10-04 5:03:29 PM  
For those of you wondering what $28 billion looks like.....


Or am I off here?
2002-10-04 5:03:46 PM  
Will Buggernuts be back? no? shame.
2002-10-04 5:04:06 PM  
Pete and Repeat. Who came last?
2002-10-04 5:04:24 PM  
Xieflow: Yes, but there are more organizations promoting a non-smoking lifestyle than there are tobacco companies, and they tend to have louder voices. People should know by know that cigs cause cancer. Besides, what is that warning for on the side of pack?

See also: those "Truth" adds with the wind-up babies or the banners at the beach.
2002-10-04 5:05:13 PM  
False alarm. We're talking Canadian money.
2002-10-04 5:05:56 PM  
If I was a mod, I'd ban any mofo's complaining about MODS choosing stories just to demonstrate what mods actually do.

If I were an admin, I'd be repeating stories 24/7 to keep the banning constant.

(That's why I'm neither.)
2002-10-04 5:06:12 PM  
*sigh*.. many apologies for poor spelling skills in the above comment. I am one tired little farkette right about now.
2002-10-04 5:06:21 PM  
uh, Xieflow. You're kidding, right? How can you NOT make fun of this broad?!? I think you've been smoking too much of "a plant out of the ground". And you haven't shared with the rest of the class, shame!
2002-10-04 5:06:41 PM  
Oh yeah, that's one award that she will be able to collect Monday morning. No problem. Riiiiiiiiiiiight.
2002-10-04 5:06:42 PM  
WTF? In one part there it mentioned a HEROIN ADDICT won the last record settlement with tobacco companies (3 billion) who got cancer.


Ok, now I'm just lost.
2002-10-04 5:06:51 PM  
Xieflow: You commie Fark. Get out of my country!
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