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(BBC)   Vancouver and Melbourne are the best places to live - despite the fact that they're in Canada and Australia   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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2002-10-04 02:21:40 PM  
Why is this unlikely?? Were you expecting Springfield, Mo. to make the top ten?

Of the ones mentioned, I've been to Vancouver and enjoyed it. Boston made 28th, and it's got to be one of my favorite cities.

I'd be interested in the whole list if anybody finds it.
2002-10-04 03:33:48 PM  
The survey is for "best places for ex-patriots to live." I'm sure they're great if you're American, but I don't envision any city in the US being quite so hospitable to foreigners... It's the "melting pot" thing.
2002-10-04 05:23:41 PM  
2002-10-04 05:25:08 PM  
ain't nothing wrong with Canada and Australia.

definitely better than jersey.

any day.
2002-10-04 05:25:52 PM  
Notice, it's a British source.
2002-10-04 05:26:08 PM  
Crickey, I don't want to live with no hoseheads, now go take off, eh ?
2002-10-04 05:26:28 PM  
Vancouver is a great city. I've always enjoyed myself whenever I've gone there. All three major Pacific NW cities are fairly similar Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. Bring a good cool weather/rain jacket and see the sights.
2002-10-04 05:27:13 PM  
The list in full

1. (tie) Melbourne, Australia

1. Vancouver, Canada

3. Perth, Australia

4. (tie) Vienna, Austria

4. Toronto, Canada

4. Geneva, Switzerland

4. Zurich, Switzerland

8. (tie) Adelaide, Australia

8. Brisbane, Australia

8. Sydney,Australia

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Dusseldorf, Germany

8. Frankfurt, Germany

8. Oslo, Norway

8. Montreal, Canada

16. (tie) Calgary, Canada

16. Helsinki, Finland

16. Stockholm, Sweden

19. (tie) Berlin, Germany

19. Amsterdam, Netherlands

21. (tie) Tokyo, Japan

21. Osaka, Japan

21. Honolulu, Hawaii

24. (tie) Hamburg, Germany

24. Munich, Germany

24. Auckland, New Zealand

24. Wellington, New Zealand

28. (tie) Brussels, Belgium

28. Reykjavik, Iceland

28. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

28. Boston, Massachusetts

32. (tie) Lyon, France

32. Paris, France

34. (tie) Barcelona, Spain

34. Atlanta, Georgia

34. Chicago, Illinois

34. Lexington, Kentucky

34. Miami, Florida

39. (tie) Cleveland, Ohio

39. Houston, Texas

39. Los Angeles, California

39. Minneapolis, Minnesota

39. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

44. (tie) Hong Kong, China

44. Lisbon, Portugal

44. Madrid, Spain

44. London, England

44. San Francisco, California

49. Seattle, Washington

50. (tie) Singapore

50. Manchester, England

52. (tie) Dublin, Ireland

52. New York, New York

54. (tie) Milan, Italy

54. Detroit, Michigan

54. Budapest, Hungary

57. (tie) Prague, Czech Republic

57. Rome, Italy

57. Washington, D.C.

60. Taipei, Taiwan

61. Seoul, South Korea

62. (tie) San Juan, Puerto Rico

62. San Jose, Costa Rica

64. (tie) Athens, Greece

64. Montevideo, Uruguay

66. Santiago, Chile

67. Buenos Aires, Argentina

68. Dubai, UAE

69. (tie) Tel Aviv, Israel

69. Warsaw, Poland

71. (tie) Zagreb, Croatia

71. Abu Dhabi, UAE

73. (tie) Guangzhou, China

73. Shanghai, China

75. (tie) Panama City, Panama

75. Amman, Jordan

77. (tie) Bahrain, Bahrain

77. Beijing, China

77. Shenzhen, China

77. Moscow, Russia

81. Pretoria, South Africa

82. (tie) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

82. St. Petersburg, Russia

84. Tianjin, China

85. (tie) Sao Paulo, Brazil

85. Kiev, Ukraine

87. (tie) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

87. Lima, Peru

87. Istanbul, Turkey

87. Kuwait, Kuwait

87. Tashkent, Uzbekistan

87. Tunis, Tunisia

93. (tie) Quito, Ecuador

93. Johannesburg, South Africa

93. Bucharest, Romania

96. (tie) Asuncion, Paraguay

96. Casablanca, Morocco

98. Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

99. (tie) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

99. Baku, Azerbaijan

101. (tie) Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

101. Bangkok, Thailand

101. Caracas, Venezuela

101. Tripoli, Libya

105. (tie) Guatemala, Guatemala

105. Mexico City, Mexico

105. Manila, Philippines

105. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

105. Belgrade, Yugoslavia

105. Harare, Zimbabwe

111. Cairo, Egypt

112. Libreville, Gabon

113. Colombo, Sri Lanka

114. Douala, Cameroon

115. (tie) Hanoi, Vietnam

115. Bogota, Colombia

115. Nairobi, Kenya

118. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

119. (tie) Jakarta, Indonesia

119. Tehran, Iran

121. New Delhi, India

122. Dakar, Senegal

123. Abidjan, Ivory Coast

124. Mumbai, India

125. Algiers, Algeria

126. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

127. (tie) Dhaka, Bangladesh

127. Lagos, Nigeria

129. Karachi, Pakistan

130. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Wow, I live in #4, a lucky biatch am I...
2002-10-04 05:27:52 PM  
Vancouver is fabulous. I also notice that Montreal made it up there.
2002-10-04 05:29:48 PM  
Australia OWNS you all
2002-10-04 05:31:32 PM  
haha Canada sucks!
2002-10-04 05:32:08 PM  
No east coast Canadian cities on the list, I'm not surprised...
2002-10-04 05:32:49 PM  
Must have been written by an Australian reporter for the BBC...

on another note...how does LA rate 39? shouldn't it be more like 139?
2002-10-04 05:33:11 PM  
Vancouver pride!!!!
2002-10-04 05:33:43 PM  
28. Boston, Massachusetts

This is the highest US city, the US sucks...
2002-10-04 05:33:51 PM  
Alton :

What is wrong with Springfield?
2002-10-04 05:33:54 PM  
Vancouver is quite a fine city, and I'm from the midwest. If I could live anywhere, it would probably be there. Plenty to do, great west-coast vibe. Minutes from anything you would want to do, plus you don't feel like your in Canada. Second fav would probably be Lyon France.
2002-10-04 05:36:51 PM  
great places to live if you are independantly wealthy and don't need to worry about finding a job that is!!!! I have many Austrailian friends here in Cali who moved here because there were no jobs in Austrailia and would love to go back but just can't find work that pays anything worth a damn. I have heard Canada is not the easiest place to find a good paying job either.
2002-10-04 05:36:51 PM  
Vancouver and Melbourne are the top two cities for standing around and wondering "Where the fark am I?"
2002-10-04 05:37:24 PM  
Atlanta is number 34! Woot!
2002-10-04 05:37:39 PM  
Madrid tied with Lisbon? What are these people's criteria? Madrid is a hell of a lot better than Lisbon. There's a hell of a lot more to do in Madrid, museums, etc. Plus, trying to drive in Lisbon is a pain in the ass, it's all steep hills and all they have is manuals, it's like bumpercars.
2002-10-04 05:38:31 PM  
I spent about 8 hours in Vancouver last summer, wandering around with a friend, saw the beach, visited the shops, had dinner and a few drinks. Farking beautiful city, but I don't think I'd want to live there. I think living there might ruin it somehow... a resident's impressions will differ from a tourist's. Still, I wouldn't mind being a tourist there again.
2002-10-04 05:38:44 PM  
I've seen the women in Vancouver. I saw one fat one and she was a tourist. It's amazing how attractive people are when they aren't overweight. People are friendly. The city is spotlessly clean. I'd move there in a heartbeat.
2002-10-04 05:40:38 PM  
Its all about Toronto being in the top 5.

Sure I go to school in Ottawa, but the T-dot is a damn fine city.

Spent 24 years of my life there, and I still consider it home.
2002-10-04 05:40:43 PM  
What about Melbourne, Florida?
2002-10-04 05:40:45 PM  
lexington was a tad too high on the list...or maybe they forgot to add a one in front of the number.
2002-10-04 05:41:04 PM  
What?!? Detroit isn't on there!? It's easily the best place to live in the world. There and the border between North and South Korea.
2002-10-04 05:41:21 PM  
Well this is total BS on Melbourne. My ex-girlfriend is over there and she's the biggest biatch in the world. Freakin' took my dog and all my furniture. She alone should drop Melbourne off the list!
2002-10-04 05:41:44 PM  
"Have you ever been to...Santiago, Chile?"(66)
"Yes, Twice last year."
2002-10-04 05:42:39 PM  
Nevermind, Detroit is ON there. Obviously they've never been to Detroit.
2002-10-04 05:43:31 PM  
ArmyOfFun - Detroit was 54, ensuring this report the honor of:

Most. Arbitrary. List. Ever.
2002-10-04 05:44:28 PM  
I'd agree with Toronto being up there. Lived just outside of it for my whole life. Never been to Vancouver, but my mom lived there for 15 years and always says she regrets moving. And I visited Helsinki for a month before, incredibly fine city.
2002-10-04 05:46:16 PM  
Detroit, hell. I could die happy if I never again had to set foot in Wayne County. I cannot think of a single goddamn thing in Detroit that doesn't make me vaguely ill. I have to admit, though, it's pretty convenient as a place to drive through on your way to New England from west Michigan via Canada.
2002-10-04 05:46:23 PM  
I'm not surprised at all with the rankings of the Canadian cities. Beautiful, clean, and safe. I live in the States, but I can't tell you how many times I've thought about moving up there.
2002-10-04 05:46:33 PM  
woo hoo!!!!
Calgary 16th.... Canada - 4 in the top 16.... but not quite 5 in top 8 of Australia.
2002-10-04 05:46:46 PM  
I think they probably use more stringent standards than having easy access to fast food, smog, traffic, slums, and unbridled jingoism in making these assessments. Maybe that's why there's a noticeable lack of American cities
2002-10-04 05:47:34 PM  
44. San Francisco, California WE ONLY MADE 44TH DAMN
2002-10-04 05:50:33 PM  
WTF? Cities in China, Libya, Kuwait, Farbekistanabijan? Who wrote this article? A Communist or a reader of Soldier of Fortune?
2002-10-04 05:51:00 PM  

Good, thanks now get back on that combine and thrash us some more wheat eh. And when you need your heart surgery I hope you die while you wait (which you surely shall socialized medicine breath).
2002-10-04 05:51:36 PM  
What I want to see is a list of cities ranked by how cute/charming/f-able the local chicks consider Americans. Somewhere out there is a hot girl who will dedicate her life to blowing me because I know the secret of making fire. She's probably brown, or yellow, but what do I care? They're all pink in the middle.
2002-10-04 05:51:49 PM  
"Wow, I live in #4, a lucky biatch am I..." -WigglePuppy44

So, would that make you a Wienner ? ;)

Big cities are fun to visit, but I'll take living in my beanfield any day.
2002-10-04 05:51:57 PM  

Too bad, I was there a month ago and I would have put you up close to the top. But you're still in California, which means that you can never be the best place.
2002-10-04 05:54:05 PM  
kpar90: i know i want to live in a world class city not in this dump (G)
2002-10-04 05:57:03 PM  

I was just commenting to my buddy here in Douala, Cameroon how nice it was living here. I mean what it been months since we've had inter-tribal hostilities. His nub of an arm from where his forearm had been hacked off by a 12 year old morality policeman seems to be healing up nicely.

What a turd of a list.
2002-10-04 05:57:23 PM  
I live in Toronto. My sister lives in Vancouver. I travel to Montreal regularly and Boston for business. If this is the best the human race can do, we're all farked. Seriously, they're all great cities, but if Toronto is #4 in the world I'm very very scared.
2002-10-04 05:58:12 PM  
Monkey_Hate: That was one of the more offensive things I've ever had the pleasure to read. Thank you.
2002-10-04 05:58:49 PM  
From that page, click on the "Austrailian Timeline" link. Scroll down to about 1996. Check out what is considered "liberal" down under.
2002-10-04 05:58:54 PM  
I love living in Melbourne.
2002-10-04 05:59:44 PM  

Make me proud baby!

[image from www3.lib.rug.ac.be too old to be available]

God job to our Aussie cousins too. Oi!
2002-10-04 06:01:20 PM  
for those neither white, nor rich, nor northern hemispheric (temperate), nor currently residing in former UK outposts, nor me....invert list.
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