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(ESPN)   Arizona DJ plays rude prank on widow of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher who died during season   ( divider line
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2002-10-04 11:13:13 AM  
So let me get this right........Fark can post a story about a guy who invaded someone's privacy, yet we can't post a website or a phone number for a radio station that is public information? Sorry Fark mods but that seems gutless to me. I am quickly losing respect for you guys and gals.
2002-10-04 11:15:52 AM  
This just in----I turned to CNN and saw nothing regarding andy Terrorists in Oregon. Caused me to miss a minute of Fish On! Thanks.
2002-10-04 11:16:11 AM  
Console: n, entertainment unit held by farkers when they have not got their knobs in their hands
2002-10-04 11:16:12 AM  
Thanx MayoBoy, That pic looks like it may have came from the memorial or somthing.
Got any pics from the lake? I'm so trying to go to hell.
2002-10-04 11:16:12 AM  
Hilarious! I don't see what the problem is.
2002-10-04 11:16:12 AM  
Console: n, entertainment unit held by farkers when they have not got their knobs in their hands
2002-10-04 11:16:56 AM  
EmJSea Maybe someone could repost that information to an outside website and post the link to that here?

Or maybe just let those who would write articles figure it out for themselves. It's not a hard one to guess, and even if it were, a google search could come up with it pretty damn fast.

The guy is an ass for doing it. I think he should be punished, but flooding their website and mailboxes with angry threats isn't going to accomplish anything. If you want to express your opinions, write a well-thought out and respectable letter to the station manager. Using vulgarity and threats just deminishes your arguements. If you have opinions, back them up, and sound intelligent.
2002-10-04 11:17:35 AM  
Is it that hard to find that on your own? Does someone hold your hand when you send email, too?
2002-10-04 11:17:45 AM  
Phxtony - I heard that they were pretty funny. Unfortunately, I was still trapped and listening to the "Morning Suckness"
2002-10-04 11:17:45 AM  
The Oregon thing:
2002-10-04 11:17:45 AM  
by the way,
I agree with DaNightTripper
I actually like tasteless humor...but this was not funny. It was just tasteless.

couldn't agree more. My sense of decency is only slightly more insulted than my sense of humor.
2002-10-04 11:22:19 AM  
MORE BREAKING NEWS President Bush to make major national address on Iraq Monday night. Details to come.
2002-10-04 11:23:51 AM  
"I believe you are completely wrong, and if this woman turned up in my office today, I would sign her up in a heartbeat, easy money."

Ugh. I'm glad that the plaintiffs' bar is interested in this matter for the right reasons. I mean, if this really was a traumatic thing for her rather than some sort of annoyance, I'm sure that she'd like nothing better to do than to relive it for a year or more during protracted litigation, suffering through independent psychological exams, and the rest.

And no, I don't mean to suggest that no one who suffers emotional harm should sue, but in the case of a woman who is already well-provided for, what would a lawsuit really do other than give money to the lawyers? You may say punishment, but if this thread is any indication, the DJs will be more than adequately punished in the court of public opinion.

I don't mean to single you out, Gator, but it strikes me that the plaintiffs' bar has a responsibility to their clients to judge when a suit really won't do anything for them, and risks doing them more harm. Mrs. Kile may have genuinely been shattered by this, but if it is anything short of a life-halting situation, a lawsuit would probably just delay the process of moving on.

Only me two cents.
2002-10-04 11:24:41 AM  
Farkeater said: Someone should call Nancy Reagan and ask her if she needs some meat to go with her vegetable.

Sublime. I know it was posted way back at the top of the thread, but it's the funniest thing I've read all day.
2002-10-04 11:25:40 AM  

I met her last year at Children's Hospital. My nephew was in there and some Cardinal wives came in to give out teddy bears and stuff. She stayed for a long time and talked with my him (6 years old). A few days later, she showed up on her own to see how he was doing. She brought a signed hat, ball & stuff for him that time. He beamed for a week straight.

Like I said - show some respect.
2002-10-04 11:26:01 AM  
MORE BREAKING NEWS Ididntdoit is now the official fark crier. Knucklehead.
2002-10-04 11:26:01 AM  
That's not the point Eeek-- When there is a boobie thread people are allowed to post links to individual pic on the page. How is that any different than posting a link to a radio station webpage?
2002-10-04 11:26:23 AM  
I bet Kyle's wife does the stand-up thing and does not sue this guy or the station. I bet she uses the media to out him as an asshat.
2002-10-04 11:27:40 AM  
somebody kick this guy in the nuts.
2002-10-04 11:28:54 AM  
nice to see you back Fb-. It's no fun without everyone disagreeing and getting bent outta shape.
2002-10-04 11:28:55 AM  
BernalDiaz I'm not the ones with the answers. I don't own the site. May I suggest you send a farkback and make, no, demand they give you an answer?
2002-10-04 11:29:34 AM  
Ididntdoit. Troll. I can go to CNN too. I am here because I choose to talk about the topic of THIS thread. Go somewhere else.
2002-10-04 11:30:51 AM  
Total jerks. The government needs to pull some licenses. They say they own the airwaves, then they are the ones pushing this crap when selling to irresponsible radio and TV stations.

Farking Bush and republicans complain about the springer style radio and TV. Hell who do they think owns these stations? People like Republican rupert Murdock. Then Republicans spend all their time trying to get these responsible? business owners a tax cut on taxes they don't pay in the first places.
2002-10-04 11:32:55 AM  

Maybe we could improve society by treating the smaller infractions against each other as just as important as the more serious ones.

I think it would be very difficult to commit murder or rape if you have a general respect for the basic dignity and enjoyment of life of other humans.
2002-10-04 11:33:03 AM  
I didn't realize there were so many Cards fans on Fark. ;)
2002-10-04 11:34:01 AM  
Rodeo360: New guy calling people trolls. Seems kind of out of place.
2002-10-04 11:34:01 AM  
Atleast she has more money than the DJ.
2002-10-04 11:34:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-04 11:35:28 AM  
Six months after my father was killed in a plane crash, someone started calling my mother and asking for him. This happened 8-10 times.

Hahahahahahaahaha! Shiat, that's almost as funny as this joke!
2002-10-04 11:36:25 AM  
New guy? You think Im new here? Whatever. even if I was new, a troll is a troll.
2002-10-04 11:37:36 AM  
BernalDiaz Probably because it was posted so many damn times anyway, including the very first one way up top. Also, in other threads when posting a link to a particular pic, your intent is for people to innocently view the pic or web site. The intent most people have by posting the radio stations web site is malicious. If Drew allowed that, he could be considered condoning the behavior of the mass emails or flooding the server. Also, the radio station may have asked the links to be removed (since they can tell that the referral site is, and it is known that when asked, he will do so.
2002-10-04 11:38:22 AM  
Login: Rodeo360
Location: Pittsburgh
Articles: none posted
Fark account number: 53862
Date created: 2002-09-12 10:44:51
2002-10-04 11:39:47 AM  

Thanks for the congrats! I cannot wait to meet my new son!

Oh, for the record (if anyone is still reading this thread this far down) I do think the dj was a dick for doing this, I just don't deem it a lynchable offense. Some farkers need to lighten up a tad.

Now, the sniper-dude in DC...HE'S lynchable!...(not to be confused with "lunchables," that tasty, heart-clogging concoction of meats, cheeses and crackers).
2002-10-04 11:40:19 AM  
So I created a new name. Or might have been reading the forums for the last year or so and not had anything to say till latley.

Next subject genius. You seemed to have mastered the cut and paste functions of the PC.
2002-10-04 11:40:46 AM  
Uh oh... I feel a classic "m2c" threadjack coming on with the newbie and the newsie.

Stay tuned....
2002-10-04 11:40:46 AM  
MayoBoy She sounds like a very nice upright citizene.
Glad to know she not so self indulged that she does make time to go visit the sick children.
Tell him to hang onto those signed items, they may be worth somthing someday.
2002-10-04 11:41:51 AM  
Rodeo360 A troll is "To utter a posting on Usenet designed to attract predictable responses or flames; or, the post itself."

The more appropriate term for what he is doing is threadjacking. Sorry, no definition in the Jargon Lexicon for that one.
2002-10-04 11:42:52 AM  
I put together a list of the website sponsors of KUPD. it can be found here
2002-10-04 11:43:19 AM  
Rodeo360: Blah, blah, blah, blah blah.
2002-10-04 11:44:19 AM  
Sos: Circle gets the square! :-)
2002-10-04 11:44:24 AM  

I'm a troll, trolly ole, and I'm coming to eat you up!

*three billy goats gruff scatter and hide*
2002-10-04 11:46:32 AM  
LOL. I think it is funny that because of a date on a name creation I'm called a newbie. No one ever said every farker was smart. But, whatever. Who wantd to argue this stupid point. not I.
2002-10-04 11:46:47 AM  
So I created a new name.

Mytwocents? Is that you?
2002-10-04 11:48:06 AM  
Whale meat again...
2002-10-04 11:48:39 AM  
Great retort, Phx. You are surely the center of attention at every party you attend, right?
2002-10-04 11:48:58 AM  
10-04-02 11:40:19 AM Rodeo360
So I created a new name. Or might have been reading the forums for the last year or so and not had anything to say till latley.

Sorry, but I'm with Phxtony, I gotta throw down the bullshiat flag on that one.
2002-10-04 11:50:42 AM  
PJ = troll
ididntdoit = threadjacker
Beau Duran = asshat
43 = Farkette anxiously awaiting this thread to hit infinity status.
2002-10-04 11:51:01 AM  
I think I am finally getting it. Only people who have had accounts for more that 6 moths are allowed to have an opinion that counts. Duh, silly me.
2002-10-04 11:51:26 AM  
all your threadjack are belong to us!

Now, to jack that assclown DJ right in the mouff....
2002-10-04 11:53:53 AM  
Be careful Rodeo360. I created Stewart to troll with a little and earned a vacation from fark that lasted a few weeks actually several weeks.

I just got done finding a blondes in bikinis website I submitted. In honor of a hot blonde farkette who seldomly shows up is here again. Now lets see if it gets posted.
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