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(ESPN)   Arizona DJ plays rude prank on widow of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher who died during season   ( sports.yahoo.com) divider line
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2002-10-04 09:20:50 AM  
Oh man, I just went to their website http://www.98kupd.com/
(thanks Ididntdoit), Tony Larussa when you set up the "hit squad" let me know, I'd like to shove my size 15 up the a** of that fatbastard with the Van Dyke! Morning sickness?! HAHAHAHA! Those jagoffs couldn't find a woman to give morning sickness to!
2002-10-04 09:20:54 AM  
If only you yanks took your poilitics as serious as your baseball *intentional flamebait*
2002-10-04 09:21:08 AM  
Let's band together as Farkers a find a way to fark this stupid shiathead up.

Find one idea and have everyone join in.

I am so pissed off right now I feeling like putting my hand through my monitor.
2002-10-04 09:21:57 AM  
"Gator8387: 'intentional infliction of emotional distress', Wow! is there really such crime in the States? That's hilarious if true."

It is not a crime, but it is definitely the basis for a lawsuit. It is meant for cases exactly like this one, where a person maliciously causes another person emotional distress.
2002-10-04 09:22:26 AM  
Someone should call Nancy Reagan and ask her if she needs some meat to go with her vegetable.
2002-10-04 09:22:40 AM  
What a zipper head. Yeah, my e-mail is sent. It's one thing to tell jokes and make fun of people. It's over the line to call a widow and joke about her social life. I only hope somebody tosses this idiot into the Cardinal clubhouse after the game and let them have a few minutes to work on his approach to humor.
2002-10-04 09:23:31 AM  
God, I hate being the controversial ass.

According to the article, he asked her out on a date. I can see where that can get out of hand, but hey, maybe he just wanted to hook up with her. I dunno, it's friday and I don't want to be flammed, so I'll just leave with: "I hope he gets shot and his mother raped"
2002-10-04 09:24:03 AM  
Yeah - sure thing Rammsylvania - she lost her 32 year old husband suddenly and tragically only three months ago. Now she is fully recovered and "boinking" someone else.

Grow up, man.
2002-10-04 09:24:48 AM  
What's wrong PJ? Jealous that we have a real national pastime as opposed to a bunch of Nancy-boys skipping around a field trying to kick a ball into a little box?

*throws gas on PJ's flamebait*
2002-10-04 09:24:58 AM  
What a d-bag. I think the dumbass tag should evolve and become the asshat tag.
2002-10-04 09:25:26 AM  
Did this guy think that this would not hurt the widow or his career? If so then he is to dumb to be a DJ. That is not something you hear everday.

I want his home number to ask him if he has a job on thursday.
2002-10-04 09:25:31 AM  
Farkeater: I hope your being serious, I think that is a great gag!
2002-10-04 09:26:18 AM  
This is the asshat in questions Worst Fears (from the 98kupd webpage): Getting fired and having to sign a deal with a radio station to play Matchbox 20, Vertical Horizon and U2 just to satisfy my overinflated ego. Pretending to drink alcohol when it is merely Apple Juice in a beer bottle. Puking(radio term for screaming) every time I crack the Mic. Doing the same thing OVER AND OVER for oh, I don't know, 20 years?

Maybe he should add: Being beat in the head with a Louisville Slugger.
2002-10-04 09:27:15 AM  
simplest solution is not to email the station, but to contact his show and the stations sponsors. they arent going to care that someone not in their market wont listen to the show, but they will care when ad revenue dries up
2002-10-04 09:28:44 AM  
Make him walk the gauntlet...
2002-10-04 09:30:27 AM  
*lurks back on to the thread to see if anything more interesting / funny has been posted*


*lurks out again to get on with his 'high-powered', ahem, media job in sunny London*
2002-10-04 09:31:27 AM  
Asshat doesn't fit this guy. We need a new description.
2002-10-04 09:31:50 AM  
email sent/
I could farking punch my monitor too. This is my tenth anniversary today and the thought of someone doing that to MY wife has my blood boiling. Bad. Man, I am pissed. Someone do some decent hacking and get this guy's address and phone number up here. I want some real contact info. Just want to say "hello" and that what he did wasn't funny.
2002-10-04 09:32:50 AM  
Which pitcher was it that showed up late for a game or training camp a few years ago? When asked why, he replied that they were having a little trouble with a brother-in-law and he had to take care of some things...

Between losing Jack Buck and Darryl Kile, the team is a little emotional. They might have to wait until after the LCS or Series, but someone on the team is going to take care of business.
2002-10-04 09:33:16 AM  
PJ, I'd take the good ole USA over any other frikkin' country in the world. Politics ain't what it's about. It's livin' and dyin' for what you believe in, period. And don't think this country thinks like any of those Sots in Hollywood. So take your queen worshipping a** down to Westminster Abbey and pray thanks for the USA because we are about to save Europe's a**. AGAIN.
2002-10-04 09:33:52 AM  
This guy is a jerk. It has only a little over 3 months, and he does something so insensitive as this. I don't know what the appropriate punishment should be, but nothing is not appropriate. Maybe he will get his just dessert when he rots in hell.
2002-10-04 09:34:19 AM  
Farkeater: I like it!
2002-10-04 09:35:47 AM  
definitely an asshole.
2002-10-04 09:35:52 AM  
PJ you seem desperate to get a rise, shaddap already =p
2002-10-04 09:36:02 AM  
HA ha
2002-10-04 09:36:29 AM  
I am with you, Thresher.

And for all you English Farker Flamebaiters: this has nothing to do with baseball. It is about basic human decency.
2002-10-04 09:37:19 AM  
That's just mean. This guy's manager needs to have a conversation with him like this:

Manager: "Hey, that was a really funny stunt the other day, calling the dead guy's wife and asking her if she needs a date. We've had so many people call, write, and e-mail the station! We couldn't buy this kind of publicity. This is so great we're going to give you a raise. Well done!"

DJ: "Wow, really?"

Manager: "No, not really. You're fired."
2002-10-04 09:38:17 AM  
Dammit Ironcross,now you went and fed the troll,I realise he's an annoying little tosser but now he'll just keep yapping.
2002-10-04 09:39:45 AM  
During its morning drive segment, an FM station held an impromptu rally across the street from the team's north Phoenix hotel. during its morning drive segment. Led by a pair of shock jocks, a group of people followed pitcher Andy Benes to a nearby coffee shop while chanting "Benes Sucks! Benes Sucks!" The rally continued while Benes and two friends remained inside the establishment. When the party emerged, a station employee put a cell phone to Benes' head in an attempt to get him to go on the air.

Benes suggested the station instead call Diamondbacks lefthander Randy Johnson, saying, "Why don't you wake up Randy and tell him he sucks? We beat him 12-2."

bua haha

same dj's folks.
2002-10-04 09:40:20 AM  
Um, I really can't believe that so many of you are pissed off about this. I read threads in here that are ten times worse than what this guy did. And I guarantee you that more people read the comments on FARK than heard this dickweed on the radio. I just don't get the anger, man...
2002-10-04 09:40:25 AM  
I grew up in Phoenix, and we always had a phrase--"You can't spell f-u-c-k-i-n-g s-t-u-p-i-d without KUPD"...
2002-10-04 09:40:32 AM  
What a lowlife. Here's a pic - any Farkers in Phoenix who see this guy, cut his nuts off or something. We don't need this in the gene pool.

[image from levelsixdesign.com too old to be available]

2002-10-04 09:40:39 AM  
Yeh, yeah I will pipe down. But in response to Sos and his charming suggestion about HM Queen and Westminster Abbey, I won't because a) I'm a republican and b) an atheist. And as for saving our European arses agin, great I appreciate your help. You were only two years late last time.

*retires to the bunker*
2002-10-04 09:41:01 AM  
The key diffence here is this guy called a still grieving widow, propped her up in a public forum to ridicule her loss, all in an attempt to get ratings and more money.

I don't care if self-annointed 'shock jocks' have tasteless senses of humor and make fun of sensitive issues. But there is a key difference here.
2002-10-04 09:41:50 AM  
It's funny, I thought Farkers would've been chuckling it up. Guess I haven't been here long enough.
2002-10-04 09:42:23 AM  
If it was your wife, sister, mother would it be funny? It's not funny because it is personal and directly hurtful. She is not a public figure.
2002-10-04 09:42:29 AM  
You're not married are you?
2002-10-04 09:43:09 AM  
Lol, they've disabled his email in the Java Applet on their server...guess they're getting a few nasty letters!
2002-10-04 09:43:48 AM  
Sorry goddamnlimey, I know, but after hearin the Brit's pissin' and moanin' and then Clinton (asshat) bashin' us over there and those three traitors in BAGHDAD... I lost me head (plus I live near Montgomery County a little tense now.)
2002-10-04 09:43:53 AM  
wow, lots of responses, i still think the hypocrisy is there. it just takes one popular person to act sanctimonious and the sheep will follow. Look at that photoshop of that guy "on top of" the wtc. It was fine to ps that after 9/11 but then on 9/11 part 2 everyone suddenly and at the same time became sensitive to the issue. There's a diff between what this guy did and that, but it comes from the same part of the brain, i think.
2002-10-04 09:44:14 AM  
PJ But in response to Sos and his charming suggestion about HM Queen and Westminster Abbey, I won't because a) I'm a republican and b) an atheist. And as for saving our European arses agin, great I appreciate your help. You were only two years late last time.

I don't know how the hell you got that out of my post, but you might want to reread the thread. I called the guy a Jerk, and that's about it. I said nothing about England.
2002-10-04 09:44:21 AM  
Firstmattinspace: I didn't say she is fully recovered. I just said she's probably boinking someone else. I only said 'probably' to be provocative. I meant she 'could' be boinking someone else.

What kind of idealistic fantasy do you live in where you can't concieve of widows boinking? Many WIVES boink other men at some point in the marriage. Not that I don't feel bad for her. Don't get me wrong. It's just that this thread was only going one way.. so I suggested an alternative view? Is that so wrong?
2002-10-04 09:44:32 AM  
When I said "It's funny", i meant the fact that I thought Farkers would've been chuckling it up, not the joke.
2002-10-04 09:46:05 AM  
Among the links on the station's link page are The Shane Company and Voice Stream. I would suggest that letters to these two companies explaining that you will no longer frequent these stores as long as they endorse actions such as those of this morning DJ would be more effective.
2002-10-04 09:46:12 AM  
Later PJ.

Can someone tell me WTF an ARSE is?

2002-10-04 09:46:19 AM  
i thought it was funny
*ducks and runs*
2002-10-04 09:46:39 AM  
Sos: molto apologies it was Ironcross I should have referred to
2002-10-04 09:48:16 AM  
'Arse'? Its what your Ameringlish has corrupted into 'ass'
2002-10-04 09:49:05 AM  
I picked it up PJ. Thought you bailed. Two years late? Hmm, ole Winnie boy made sure we got in the war withholding that info about Pearl Harbor, eh?
2002-10-04 09:49:16 AM  
One point all of you is missing is how did he know she was there? how did he know the hotel and room number? Did some asshole listner that works at the hotel tip him off? If so that guy needs his ass kicked too.

BTW, Does anyone have a piture.
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