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(Yahoo)   Huffington Post, November 2007: "Unmarried Women: This Election's Holy Grail." November 2008: "Democrats would have won if all those unmarried women weren't so stupid"   ( divider line
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2007-11-05 2:21:36 PM  
written by that noted political visionary, Christine "I starred on Chicago Hope" Lahti
2007-11-05 2:22:00 PM  
They aren't just this election's holy grail, my friend.
2007-11-05 2:33:25 PM  

They're too busy buying shoes!
2007-11-05 2:39:07 PM  
FTFA: The odds are pretty good that you are or have been an unmarried women.

I'm thinking the odds for most Americans is somewhere around 50/50.
2007-11-05 2:40:11 PM  
The truth is these 20 million women have become the Holy Grail for both parties. For the first time in history, the majority of US households are headed by someone who is not married and a whopping 24% of the US population is unmarried women. The face of our nation is truly changing.

Wow, shocking.
US population: ~300,000,000 * 24% = 72,000,000.
2004 voter turnout: 60.7% * 72,000,000 = 43,704,000.
72,000,000 - 43,704,000 = 28,296,000 (>20,000,000).

So unless a significant portion of these unmarried women she's citing are ineligible to vote, they actually were overrepresented in the last election.

The odds are pretty good that you are or have been an unmarried women.

Um, yeah...

Women have a lot of power. More so that we often realize. In our day-to-lives, we are mothers, daughters, teachers, doctors, scientists, nurses. We are police officers, fire fighters, factory workers and yes, actors. But, we are also the deciders if we choose to be. We are who we've been waiting for.

2007-11-05 2:42:23 PM  
Dumbest. Headline. Evar.
2007-11-05 3:39:59 PM  
I think that quote should have been the headline.
2007-11-05 3:42:01 PM  
Giving women the right to vote is like giving a pyromaniac gasoline and a bunch of matches.
2007-11-05 5:10:02 PM  
Of course they're not voting. They have no one to tell them who to vote for.

2007-11-05 5:12:44 PM  
Subby is just jealous because Democrats get women without annoying "Warning: do not over-inflate" tag hanging off of them.
2007-11-05 6:50:13 PM  
Numbers 31:17-18 Therefore kill all that are of the male sex, even of the children: and put to death the women, that have carnally known men. But the girls, and all the women that are virgins save for yourselves.
2007-11-06 7:59:34 AM  
The submitter is lying about Huffpo - claiming that left wingers are calling women stupid and wishing they didn't have a vote.

In fact the right wingers, including Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly are the ones who have been publicly doing this.

This is the Republican strategy for 2008. They will be telling the American people again and again that they shouldn't vote for Democrats because they're Republicans.

That's why Drudge invented the lie about Clinton being a closet homosexual - because so many Republican homophobes are.

That's why Tucker Carlson invented the lie about Clinton being a neocon - because the Republicans are neocons, and are miserable failures at foreign policy.

They'll also lie and claim that Clinton is in the pocket of big corporations - because the Republicans are.

I've even heard them claiming Clinton wants to invade Iran. More lies.
2007-11-06 4:44:03 PM  
ilambiquated: They'll also lie and claim that Clinton is in the pocket of big corporations - because the Republicans are.

So it's not big corporations, just really rich people? 68% of the people donating to her campaign are giving the maximum amount. That's the highest percentage of any campaign, Democrat or Republican. Her biggest supporters are PACs and rich people.
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