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2007-10-31 3:00:40 PM  
3 votes:
When I was younger, I would always wake up in the middle of the night with a mysterious figure hovering above me, breathing heavily. It had the face of an old woman, and long, flowing white hair. I would always complain to my folks that there was a ghost in my room, but they just laughed it off.
Finally, after bothering them every night for a week, my dad gave me an aluminum baseball bat with the words "Ghost Thumper" written on it, "Keep this next to your bed," he explained. "Next time you see a ghost, hit them with this!"
Sure enough, that very night, I woke up at 2 am. As the sleep dissipated from my eyes, the visage of the ghost appeared above me. "You're so peaceful when you sleep," croaked the ghoul. It started yammering on about the beauty and innocence of children. I knew this was my opportunity. I grabbed by Ghost Thumper and took a swing. Contact! I kept hitting her until she stopped putting up a fight. I left her quivering on the floor, as I dove under the covers. I would remain there until daylight.
I still remember the date. February 21, 1985. It was my 5th birthday. It was also they day that they found my great-grandma beaten to death (in that very same bedroom, spookily enough).
2007-10-31 1:46:13 PM  
3 votes:
My ghost baby story happened a little over a year ago.

A few days before the incident, we had finally gotten our then 9 month old daughter sleeping in her own crib in her own bedroom. We installed a baby monitor and turned it on at night while we slept.

Well, around 3 AM one night, I woke to hear the baby crying. By the time I went into her room, she was no longer crying but she sat up quickly when I came in. I nursed her until she was passed out, put her back in bed and then stumbled back to my bedroom. But by the time I got back in the room, she was making whimpering noises. I wondered if she was getting sick.

She never stopped whimpering and after just a few minutes, started crying full force again. I got up, went to her room, and again, she had quieted down but sat up quickly to greet me. I nursed her again, settled her back down and went back to bed.

This pattern repeated itself over and over for two hours. I would lay her down passed out, but by the time I got back, she would be whimpering and sometimes even crying. Finally I woke my husband and asked him go in with her. He went out of the room and I crashed on the bed trying to rest a little.

Instead of calming down, though, she got more and more agitated. She started screaming full force. And it was such an odd cry--raspy and not at all like her normal cry. I thought by this time that she must be getting sick. I listened for what my husband was doing to calm her, but heard nothing. Finally, I got up, angry that he wasn't talking to her or singing to her or anything and that I wasn't going to get any sleep at all.

And then the terror struck. I left our bedroom, entered the hallway and saw that her door was open. My husband was holding a perfectly calm baby in his arms, yet I was hearing her screaming coming from the monitor in our bedroom. In my groggy brain, this could mean only one thing--a ghost baby was haunting our monitor! I screamed, waking the actual baby, pissing off my husband and causing the dogs to jump to alert status.

Then I realized the monitor was on the wrong channel and remembered that our neighbor was "sleep training" her son by letting him cry it out all night until he passed out in exhaustion. Apparently I had been waking up our actual baby all night by bursting into her room after hearing the neighbor baby, and at the same time keeping myself awake and miserable for a considerable time. In short, I am an idiot.
2007-10-31 1:34:12 PM  
3 votes:
In September of 1984, I was a senior at xxxxx in xxxx, Oklahoma and performing/practicing two evenings a week with the Northeast Oklahoma College Orchestra in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Tahlequah is about an hour's drive from xxxxxxx, but the hills and scenery made the long drive a pleasant one.

One night, practice was cut short with the conductor informing us of a severe storm approaching the area. I left Tahlequah at approximately 7:30 that evening and proceeded to drive home.

I was just outside of town when what appeared to be a large, white bird skimmed the hood of my 1979 Mercury Cougar and glided up over my windshield. I ducked fearing a collision, but not before seeing that the bird's wingspan covered the whole front windshield in both width and length. I was relieved when the expected collision did not happen and continued on my way home without stopping.

The air had a heavy feeling and there was a growing fog, but the night was still clear enough for me to watch for my landmarks. A typical girl when it comes to directions, landmarks are essential for me. Even when the drive was a straight run like this one was, landmarks are comforting. Some time later, I noticed that I had not seen a familiar landmark, an unpaved road that turned off to the right, but figured I had missed it due to preoccupation with the bird incident. Time passed, I kept driving, but now I was getting nervous for while the scenery was as I expected it to be, I did not see any of my familiar landmarks. I started wondering if I had somehow turned off the highway without realizing it.

I was considering turning around to head back towards Tahlequah when I noticed a man up ahead at the side of the road. I could not see him clearly but got the impression of the wind blowing dust all around him. It was his eyes though that caused my sudden unease. Even at the distance I was from him, his eyes glowed a bright electric blue. I remember thinking there was no way I was going to stop for him - impending storm and no other traffic be damned, the night had been weird enough without stopping for a hitchhiker with glowing eyes. Nevertheless, I continued to let the car slow and finally, stopped ... even while I was conscious of telling myself I was not going to that very same thing. The man got in silently and I started back down the road.

Although he was sitting next to me in the front seat, I could not get a clear image of him. It was as if I did not want to see him and was therefore refusing my mind clarity. I did, however, try to make small talk. I timidly asked for his name, giving mine when I received no reply. I attempted a few other questions that were also met with silence and after a short time, gave up with a nervous laugh.

I was scared now. It seemed like I was driving a long time. I knew I had not turned off and was on the right road, but the one town that stood between Tahlequah and my town seemed no closer, nor had I seen any of my landmarks. I was lost, even though I knew there was no way I could be. More than the silent man next to me, the dichotomy between those two existing realities is what scared me the most. I knew I was lost but I was not lost. I nervously ignored my silent passenger as I tried to reason out my situation, and admittedly, tried not to panic.

All of a sudden, I felt a wave of nausea and dizziness pass over me, but it passed immediately and was quickly forgotten as the stoplight in the center of Xxxxxx, the town between my town and Tahlequah, rushed towards me! I was elated and as I slowed for the light, turned towards my rider with a huge stupid grin and laughed. I was getting ready to exclaim, "We made it!" for there had been in the back of mind a worrisome doubt that we would. The words died in my throat because the man was no longer there. Bewildered, I looked for him and instead of finding him, saw a medium sized dog out my passenger side window sitting in the deserted parking lot of the closed gas station on the corner. The dog was white with brown markings, but more importantly, possessed those same glowing electric blue eyes. I acknowledged him through our eye contact then he turned away and I drove the rest of the way home without incident until I reached the town limits.

Upon entering the town limits, I was immediately pulled over by a police car. They asked if I was Cxxxxxx, and I replied that I was and asked if my mom and dad were okay. They assured me they were but also informed me I was in a lot of trouble and I was to drive straight home, following me to make sure I did just that. I was not even in the driveway when my parents came running out. My mom was yelling at me and crying at the same time. My dad just stood there glaring and pale. My 15 year old sister was crying and yelling along with my mom. I was, again, simply bewildered.

After things calmed down, I found out the reason for them being so upset and having the police watch for me. It was four o'clock in the morning when I made it home ... eight and a half hours after I had left the college for the hour drive home. Several tornadoes had made a direct hit in the area on the route I took and the roads were torn up and damaged. My parents had police and family up in the area looking for me and/or my car while they waited at home in case I arrived there.

Some elders in the area say I passed through the veil and that it was a skinwalker who acted as my guide in order to enable me to get home safely.
2007-10-31 1:08:28 PM  
3 votes:
One night my wife was "in the mood" so she kissed my cheek and rolled over to put her eyeglasses on her night stand before the fun began. As she rolled over to put them down she screamed bloody murder and while laying down, she somehow jumped over me and curled up on the floor on my side of the bed. When I asked her what the hell was wrong she was crying and screaming "do you see her? DO YOU SEE HER?" I looked over and saw nothing. She then described what she saw.

When she put her glasses on the nightstand she felt a hand grab her arm. Thinking it was our daughter She looked at where the hand came from and it was a little girl about 5 years old with a pale white face, sores all over it, SCREAMING with an overstretched mouth WITHOUT SOUND, and her hair was flying all over the place like she had a box fan in front of her. (kinda like the ghosts in the Exorcism of Emily Rose....which my wife had never seen and freaked the hell out when she saw it.)
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Needless to say I didn't get any ass that night.

2007-10-31 12:36:58 PM  
3 votes:
Redwing: I like Turtles
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Well, my sister will back me up on this even if no one else will. When we were little, we lived out in the country in Virginia near the NC border. My room was at the end of the hallway on the corner of the house. At this time I was about 7 and my sister was about 4 or 5.

I would always keep the window down in my room because it got unnaturally cold if it was open (even during the spring/summer) One night I woke up to find my window open, so I got up to close it and I saw something pull its little black hand off the ledge and go scurrying out into the yard and up the tree that faced my window.

I slammed the window shut and locked it and started screaming for my sister (whose room was right next door and whose window faced the front of the house as well. She ran into my room and looked at me with big eyes and said, "Did you see them?" I asked her what she saw and she said she saw something with red eyes running away from my window on two legs and climb up the tree. She said there were more in the tree. She said she's seen them before.

After that, they never tried to open my window again, but I would see them from time to time until my family outgrew the house and we moved away when I was 10.
2007-10-31 10:43:30 AM  
3 votes:
Long story short? It's a streetlight.
2007-10-31 1:17:39 PM  
2 votes:
When I was in my early thirties, I moved out of my parents house and started college at VCU, in Richmond Virgina. I rented this old row house, where supposedly six sorority girls had been slaughtered by one of the local homeless men. Every night, when I would start to go to sleep, I'd hear this vibrating noise followed by a chorus of giggling. I figured it was just the lesbians who lived downstairs, but one Halloween night the noises got so loud that I had to cover my ears. It sounded as if they were right in the room. I wasn't sure what to do, so, naturally, I took off my Transformer pajama bottoms and stood with an erection in the middle of the room, eyes closed. It wasn't long before I felt a sucking sensation on my Optimus Prime. I didn't open my eyes until after I'd ejaculated, but when I looked down, there were six heads floating near my crotch. The next day, the Fark headline read: Six Severed Sorority Sisters Suckle the Sinew of a Stupefied Sophomore.
2007-10-31 1:10:56 PM  
2 votes:
I got married.....
2007-10-31 12:39:29 PM  
2 votes:
Fark is going to discontinue the boobies threads.
2007-10-31 2:53:01 PM  
1 vote:
Okay, I was on the couch, eating some of those white cheddar puffed cheese balls, watching TV. I heard a strange noise. It's hard to describe but it sounded like a siren maybe an old air raid siren or something. I got up to investigate, still eating, and found nothing. I walk around the house, stuffing my face because I'm nervous and the air siren noise starts to get faster. I totally freaked out now, What the hell? Where is this noise coming from?
I turn the corner in one of the hallways and I'm face to face with something. I don't know what it is. It looks like a glowing blob standing about as tall as me with a red tint. I start to run, cheese puffs falling all over the place. It's following me!! I turn through another hallway and I take a quick peek behind me. There's four of them!! FOUR! They all look the same but they are tinted a different color. I take a shortcut through the dining room back into the room I was watching TV, the air siren noise is going so fast now, still eating from being scared shiatless. All four of these things find me. And as they are advancing on me, choking down cheese puffs I find this really big puff at the bottom. It's glowing but I eat the thing anyway and all four of the ghosts turn blue and start to run away. So I chased them down ate them too.
2007-10-31 2:47:42 PM  
1 vote:
Mine isn't scary, at least it wasn't to me at the time...

When I was around 11 or 12, my folks had bought my Great Grandmother's house in Tawas, Michigan - the two-story house was about 100 years old by this time, and my Great Grandma had moved to St. Helen, to a trailer next to my uncle's house. It was a "weekend" home, mostly for staying in when we went up for the weekends, when my Dad went fishing, or for family get-togethers...

One night, I awoke to the sound of creaking coming from outside of my room. My room was on the first floor, my parents slept upstairs at the top of a staircase with a door at the bottom. I got up expecting to see somebody walking around downstairs, but I saw nobody, and the creaking sound continued... the source was coming from the living room area in the front of the house (um, not my parent's room, I had thought of that). Upon entering the room, I saw the source of the noise... and old chair (one of those stuffed chairs that rocked), was rocking, hard, back and forth. I stood and watched this for a minute or so.

I reached out, touched it, and it stopped. Looking behind the chair, there was nobody; there was no breeze, and there was no traffic outside. I hadn't even held the chair - just touched it, and it stopped. Then I tried pushing the chair, already knowing what I would see - the chair rocked back then forth then slowed to a stop. I tried again, same result, the chair would not rock on its own.

Usually, this sort of thing might freak me out, except that I knew, from what my relatives had told me, that this was the chair that my Great Grandfather, who passed away shortly before I was born, sat in all the time. I actually slept very soundly at that thought, that my Great Grandpa was watching over us at night.

The house is gone now, we built a newer home there a few years later, and tore down the old one. The memory of that night still remains, though.
2007-10-31 2:20:12 PM  
1 vote:
For the first 18 years of my life, I lived with my mom (a single mother) in sort of a duplex apartment in a small town in Minnesota that was haunted. I guess that's the best way to put it. I'm a firm atheist and don't believe in a god, or the supernatural for the most part - but it's hard to deny that sort of thing with what I saw in that apartment.

My mom said it started when I first started talking. What was strange was when my mom noticed that I'd put my arms out towards an empty space in the room and just start talking away, mostly babbling, like I would whenever a neighbor or family member came around.

When I was about 9 years old, I was going up the stairs to grab something in my room. The upstairs of that place had sort of a cross shape - the top of the stairs ended at the bottom of the cross, there was a long-ish hallway, then my mom's room on the left and my room on the right and the bathroom straight down the middle.

Well, as I reached the top of the stairs, I started down the hallway and stopped when I saw someone step out of my room.

And I guess "someone" is the best way to describe it. It stood upright, had arms and legs and looked like a small child, maybe 6 or 7. It was a little shorter than me.

Its shape sort of blurred slightly when it moved, and it didn't have any real definition. You could see that it had arms and legs and feet, and hands with fingers, but you couldn't see defined clothing or anything. It was just all white. Its head seemed a little larger than normal, sort of misproportional.

It walked out of my room, casually, like it was walking in its own apartment or something. Then it stopped in the middle of the hallway, like it caught me in the corner of its eye and I startled it. It turned, and looked at me.

And that's what creeped me out. Its eyes and mouth were nothing but dark caves - it looked like there was a little bit of white stretching between surfaces, but for the most part it was just black holes. It didn't have a nose, or any other defining features, just sort of an off-rounded head with little wisps of lines that looked like they could be hairs, but kept appearing and disappearing, and wafting around.

Here's sort of a quick photoshop sketch of it I did while writing this (really quick, since I'm at work right now - but you get the idea).
i19.tinypic.comView Full Size

It looked right at me, then it turned back and ran. Straight across the hallway and into my mom's room. At first, I didn't know what to think. I thought it could be some other kid from the neighborhood playing a prank maybe, or something like that. So naturally I went into the room to look.

There was nothing there. I checked behind the door, in the closet, under the bed, the room was. Empty.

That wasn't the first or the last thing I'd seen in that apartment. From day one until I left at the age of 18, we saw all sorts of things there. That was the one that really stuck out in my mind though. My mom and friends of mine had seen the "child" too in similar situations, always in the upstairs. We'd also see little flecks of light floating in the air in some places, a whiff of the smell of cigar smoke in an upstairs bedroom at 11:00, nightly. There were even times where larger, adult-sized entities would follow us around, looking like tall, well-defined, opaque shadows. Friends of mine refused to stay at that apartment, especially after we got a photo of a purple, human-shaped light object descending the staircase one day.

After I moved out, my mom bought a house that she lives in now, and neither of us have seen anything like that since.

Sometimes I want to stop by there, maybe contact the people that live there now and see if they experience what we did.

I've never done any actual research on the place either. Like what used to be there, or previous tenants or anything like that.
2007-10-31 2:12:09 PM  
1 vote:
The other night we were out late in the downtown area of our town, hurrying towards our car in order to avoid a thunderstorm moving in off the ocean. I was really startled to hear what sounded like a woman screech "Help Me" from a nearby house. Let me set the scene- the home, built in 1905, is a two story, large home currently slated for demolition and completely boarded up. It sits on a bluff overlooking the river and is rather creepy on nights such as this one.

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My husband, who was standing next to me at the time, did not hear a thing, which was interesting, but the oddest thing was that the sound came from the top of a tree in the back yard of the home. The tree is near a 2nd floor window, which is boarded up. We searched the area for about 20 minutes, but couldn't find anything that would account for the noise. We gave up and headed home.

The next morning a friend messaged me to discuss another home in the area that we've been doing some research on. She commented that she wished she were at work (as a 911 dispatcher), as they get a lot of calls from the area. I inquired about the nature of the calls and here is what she said:

"We get "ladies of the evening" calling up all the time, saying that there are screams coming from that area, but they never say its from inside the house- its like its in the yard of that big white house"

I describe the house and she responds:

"AAAHHHH yes that sounds right. They call to report a woman asking for help. I can't remember what time of the night or what nights are the "norm," but i do remember getting calls, and they are always drunk chicks and 'ladies of the night', always female now that i think about it and they always say it sounds like a female voice yelling for help. Of course when the cops get out there the person calling it in is long gone and theres never anyone screaming.

There is one officer that you cant PAY to go to that location- she REFUSES to respond to either house, flat out, unless someone is getting shot at she isn't going."

Now we were really interested. The house has no history of ghost stories or anything that we can find, other than these people reporting the woman screaming. So, we decided to go back and see what we could find. While we were there, we couldn't find anything that would account for the 'screaming woman,' but we took some pictures.

Then we came home and started reviewing the images. Here is what we found (pay attention to the lower left side of the image):

i232.photobucket.comView Full Size

Ahh! Beware the ghost kitties luring innocent passersby into frivolous 911 calls!
2007-10-31 2:06:54 PM  
1 vote:
I was about 14 years old. We went hunting in Texas, on my family's land, about 300 acres of scrub brush. First visit that season. When we went to enter the house, my little brother of about 4 years old wouldn't go near it. He just stood by the car, staring at the door. We tried pulling his hand off the car and he started crying so we said forget it. When we finally opened the door we saw that somebody had been squatting in there and had done a bunch of that Santaria crap, pentagrams and bird feathers all over the place.

We cleaned it up and forgot about it, but it was strange that my little brother sensed something inside. Or maybe it was just a creepy old farm house.
2007-10-31 1:57:25 PM  
1 vote:
An extremely modest man was in the hospital for a series of tests, the last of which had left his bodily systems extremely upset.

Upon making several false alarm trips to the bathroom, he decided the latest episode was another and stayed put. He suddenly filled his bed with diarrhea and was embarrassed beyond his ability to remain rational.

In a complete loss of composure he jumped out of bed, gathered up the bed sheets, and threw them out the hospital window.

A drunk was walking by the hospital when the sheets landed on him. He started yelling, cursing, and swinging his arms violently trying to get the unknown things off, and ended up with the soiled sheets in a tangled pile at his feet.

As the drunk stood there, unsteady on his feet, staring down at the sheets, a hospital security guard, (barely containing his (laughter), and who had watched the whole incident, walked up and asked, "What the heck is going on here?"

The drunk, still staring down replied: "I think I just beat the shiat out of a ghost."
2007-10-31 1:31:21 PM  
1 vote:
I don't believe in ghosts. I don't think they're real.

Too bad for me. I've not only seen a ghost, but I've physically been touched by one. Long before I knew the taint of drugs or alcohol, when I was but a young lad of 6 or 5, I was attacked.

I was walking around my parent's waterbed. This is significant because they had a solid wood base for the bed. In other words, there was no "under the bed" to be found. The bed was huge and took up most of the room. There was but a two foot wide walkway around the bed through the room.

So there I was, walking closely to this "solid wood" base. I looked down. I'll never forget the hand. A black, gnarled, evil hand reached out. It was pure black, as if it absorbed all light and radiated nothing. Its fingers most resembled those of the beasts from "pitch black." And it was reaching through solid wood.

I refused to believe my eyes. Who would? Even at that age I knew science. I knew what I was seeing was "impossible." But, it didn't matter. It was real. And I knew the truth when it touched me.

Yes, the hand grabbed my left ankle. That didn't frighten me as much as when it squeezed, ready to pull me to wherever. I felt its hand tighten on my flesh. I felt its intent. The hand had no padding, no meat, no flesh of its own. It was cold and harsh. And it kept tightening.

I kicked, I screamed, and I kicked again until the hand let me go. I then jumped up on the bed (monsters cannot go through bedding) and screamed for my dad to carry me from the room.

He did, and I never saw it, or anything like it, again. but it was real. It was no dream. I saw it. I remember the sight. I even remember the exact site, the exact intersection of tiles where it occurred. Most of all, I remember it's touch.
2007-10-31 1:26:19 PM  
1 vote:
I recently bought my girlfriend an old Crosley Radio. It's currently sitting downstairs at our place. One night while my girlfriend was out of town for work, I was upstairs playing on my computer when I heard music coming from downstairs. It went on for about 5 minutes or so then stopped, shortly after that the radio came on again and kept going for 10 minutes or so. I decided to man up and walked downstairs to make sure somebody wasn't in the house just messing with me, but everything was locked up tight and the radio was turned to "off" but it was still pumping out music. I walked over and pulled the plug on the radio and it kept playing. At that point I decided we really didn't need that radio anymore.
2007-10-31 1:21:35 PM  
1 vote:
Alright, might as well join in on this party.

Up until last year, I had always considered the premise of ghosts rather ridiculous. However, last year I moved into an apartment on the bottom floor of a house in downtown Madison, WI (which I later found out was atop one of the first settlements in Wisconsin). My roommate and I saw a few things there that scared us shiatless, but I'll share the first, as that's the one that terrified me the most.

I fell asleep in my room watching Conan with the sleep timer on. I woke up less than half an hour later, as Conan was still on. (I only share this, because this is makes me feel confident that I wasn't dreaming) I don't remember who he had on, but I glanced away from the television into the opposite corner of my room from my bed and I see someone standing in the corner, staring at the wall. I tried to move, but couldn't. I tried to say anything, but all I could venture was hyperventilating. This seemed to catch it's attention as it whirled around and began to stare intently at me.

I don't think I can ever forget the face on this thing as long as I live. It looked like a girl of 18 to 21 with long ratty black hair, a faded gray shirt, and old holy jeans. Where her eyes should have been was filled with blackness. She smiled at me as she reached in the pocket of her jeans and pulled out something small and black. She began walking towards me and my bed, and I'm terrified - still unable to move. She starts unfolding whatever it was she took from her pocket, and it became larger and larger. From what I could tell, it seemed to be a growing black void. She got roughly a foot from my bed and I regained control, rolled over, and she was gone.

The eeriest thing about the incident is what occurred afterwards. It had been five days since I quit smoking, and I had a back up pack in a fire safe in the closet. No sooner do I think to myself, "God, I want a cigarette" than the guest on Conan speaks up "I'm so proud of myself, I just quit smoking." I thought that was a bit odd, so I grab the remote and change the channel - to a "Talk to your kids about smoking" ad. I change the channel again: an anti-smoking "Truth" ad.

I placed a cross and a bible above my bed and slept with the light on for the next week. With all that happened in that place, I had never been more happy to move out.
2007-10-31 1:15:42 PM  
1 vote:
Here is a OUIJA story, so everyone panic....

My mother's family has a hunting camp in rural central New York State. It was built in the 1860s, on land that was often traversed by Civil War union troops and I'm sure we can throw some Native American burials into the mix as well.
Every July we have a "chowder party" where the familty gets together, gets drunk, and cooks "chowder" in a modified 55 gal drum. (Western New Yorkers will understand, this ain't your Boston Clam Chowdah, it's more of a stew, but I digress...)
In 2004 I took my friend to the family gathering. We, along with my uncle have an interest in the paranormal, while everyone else just thinks we are stupid.
The three of us were using the Ouija board in the upstairs front bedroom. The board was very active and moving quickly and smoothly.
About halfway into the session it stopped abruptly and spelled out J-O-K-E. We all looked at each other, as soon as we took our eyes from the board, we hear this banging at the window.
My family who doubted us were in the front yard. They had put a ski mask on a pole and were tapping on the glass of the second-story window.

The board had warned us.... and we just laughed and thanked it.
2007-10-31 12:49:23 PM  
1 vote:
I had to re-image about 100 PCs and about 20 of them did not work. Turns out they had some oddball OS on them originally and they had to be low level reformatted because Ghost couldn't process their MBRs or some such crap.

True story.

[image from too old to be available]
2007-10-31 12:47:19 PM  
1 vote:
I had been working in a pretty populated building for about five years. After a recent renovation to our restroom facilities, I had to go and what happened in there I will never forget. After I used the urinal, some otherworldly "spirit" flushed it without my touching it. I ran out as fast as I could without washing my hands. To this day, I urinate in jars in my office.
2007-10-31 12:35:49 PM  
1 vote:
One time I took a crap but when I looked for it in the toilet it was gone.
2007-10-31 11:15:10 AM  
1 vote:
Okay, I'll bite. Not really a "ghost" story, but I posted this to a ghost stories newsgroup a very long time ago:

When I was about ten years old, I slept in a "Captain's Bed". It was a bit taller than the usual bed with room for a couple of shelves and a few drawers underneath it. I was prone to tossing and turning when I slept so there would be many a night that I would roll out of bed and be woken up by the meter and a half drop to the floor.

Now I don't know if this was a nightmare or not, but one night I awoke to find myself on the floor, tangled up in my blanket. As I turned my head, I found myself staring into a black featurless face with the exception of two glowing, red eyes. I screamed and the "thing" scampered away, moving quickly out the door of my room and down the hall. Terrified, I attempted to get back into my bed but something was preventing me from doing so. It seemed like there was an invisible wall between me and my bed. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I began to compose myself, I realized that I had actually not fallen out of bed at all and that the "wall" was simply the wall of my room that the bed was up against.

Now, I don't know if I dreamt the whole thing or not but several things I do know:

1. If I did dream the whole thing, then I awoke to find myself standing in bed and sleepclawing at my bedroom wall. This is the only time anything like this has ever happened to me.

2. It did feel as though I had fallen out of bed - something literally jarred me so that I felt I was awake.

3. This experience, even if it was a dream, scared me enough to burn itself into my memory for twenty-three years.

Just my little experience.
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