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2001-07-28 10:23:53 AM  
Why bother with a treaty when the tinfoil yarmulke works so well?
2001-07-28 12:21:41 PM  
and why is that scary?

We need an "it's about time" tag.
2001-07-28 01:27:53 PM  
Time to go get new eyeballs......
2001-07-28 01:50:52 PM  
"In the past the individual could face risks and pressures with preservation of his own identity. His body could be tortured, his thoughts and desires could be challenged by bribes, by emotions, and by public opinion, and his behavior could be influenced by environmental circumstances, but he allways had the privilige of deciding his own fate, of dying for an ideal without changing his mind...New neurological technology, however, has a refined efficiency. The individual is defenseless against dicrect manipulation of the brain..." ....isn't that how human physcology works? anyways, this is a Geocities Website, Tom, Dick and Harry could have made it!

She Who Tokes
2001-07-28 02:07:33 PM  
*holds up a yo-yo*

You will not allow this to happen.. you will keep mind control alive... You will watch Battlefield Earth.
2001-07-28 02:15:21 PM  
Today I passed a guy collecting money for something called Jerseyans Against Drunk Driving(JADD). What I want to know is how collecting spare change will help them out...if they even exist.
2001-07-28 03:30:47 PM  
Oh, my eyes.... the pain... the colours... the huge blocks of near-unbroken text... the horror... the horror...

Maybe this horrible style is some bizarre attempt to control our minds. In some oblique, curliqued way.
2001-07-28 05:43:18 PM  
I am completely against banning mind control.
2001-07-28 06:55:36 PM  
i'm with spacegoat. anybody wanna join my international society for the promotion of mind control?
2001-07-28 08:12:04 PM  
I'll join ya, Meat.
2001-07-28 08:40:53 PM  
RakF- hehehehehe, space jews!
2001-07-29 12:22:56 AM  
Turn on your white light
In my open eyes
Oh girl, you hypnotize me
I feel your white light
You're so bright
I'm hypnotized
And as you're looking at me
It's a deep ecstasy
And no word is enough
Just shine the light in my eyes
And hypnotize me love
2001-07-29 02:41:25 AM  
Count me in too... International uh.....france with surrender....
2001-07-29 03:11:05 AM  
it is preferable to use a tinfoil lined meat helmet.
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