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(Fortune)   In the spirit of equal rights, women now marrying trophy husbands willing to stay home and watch kids   ( divider line
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7075 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Oct 2002 at 5:07 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-02 10:43:20 AM  
and apparently you don't have to be handsome....

[image from too old to be available]

pardon me, i'm gonna go start and get in on this.
2002-10-02 04:25:29 PM  
(Jack Butler) "I yelled at Kenny for coloring outside the lines! Megan and I are starting to watch the same TV shows...and I'm liking 'em. I'm losing it!"

One of my favorite drunk flicks.
2002-10-02 05:10:58 PM  
Women 1 Men 0

It's a sad, sad day in America
2002-10-02 05:11:22 PM  
where do I sign up?
2002-10-02 05:11:28 PM  
*waves hands*

I'd volunteer!
2002-10-02 05:11:45 PM  
Cool! I'm a trophy husband!

Saddly I'm the "everyone gets one for participating" trophy. But I still look good polished and standing in the display case.
2002-10-02 05:11:46 PM  
Rich hot sexy female japanese CEOs.... Marry Me!! I cook, clean and don't deal with children. I'll tie you up when you want and record bukkake videos for you.
2002-10-02 05:12:09 PM  
Make me your biatch, no problem. Just buy me something on your way home.
2002-10-02 05:12:19 PM  
Hey, staying at home all day and watching kids, I'm great at that! ( Well, except for the trivial matter of watching kids I suppose ). Where do I sign up?
2002-10-02 05:12:32 PM  
Hey, if I get to keep my video game budget, I'm up for it.
2002-10-02 05:14:01 PM  
I would absolutely love to stay home with the kids instead of sitting here pretending to work all day. Office life is mindnumbing. I would be able to chill with the kids and teach them things like "This is how daddy reads FARK", or just watch daytime television with them and not worry about my TPS reports.
2002-10-02 05:15:02 PM  
Househusbands schedule:
8am: wake up. Wish your wife a good day at work.
8:30-9am drive baby to babysitter that wife doesn't know about.
9am-9:30am pick up your mistress, drive her back home for some hot all-day sex .......
5pm with baby in arms, and mistress gone, open door for the wife and ask her how was her day.
2002-10-02 05:15:32 PM  
Guy, he looks kinda like David Morse..
2002-10-02 05:15:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
You get your biatch ass back in the kitchen, and make me some pie!
2002-10-02 05:15:49 PM  
Greggieb, you call office life mindnumbing and then the only thing you can think to do with the kids during the day is watch tv? Hmmm.
2002-10-02 05:16:10 PM  
The best part about having a rich wife is that women dig money.
2002-10-02 05:16:25 PM  
Hell ya!

Minus the children part. Sounds like paradise. I'd never need pants again!
2002-10-02 05:17:02 PM  
As she dries her hair, husband Ken brings her a cup of coffee and asks if she'd like a banana.

This is how most of my porn movies start.
2002-10-02 05:17:10 PM  
Office life is mindnumbing.

I'm living it man. I can't believe how hard it is to drag oneself into a job where there is literally almost nothing to do. If someone told me in college I'd get 35k to stare at a wall, I would have jumped on it. But now...
2002-10-02 05:17:19 PM  
Hey as long as if they divorce he gets half, stay at home dads are just fine with me.
2002-10-02 05:19:21 PM  
What if you're a chick who has to work but would really rather be a trophy wife - making the dinners, keeping the house pretty, sending your man off to work with a kiss and a sack lunch, and spending the day alternating between talk shows and hot-housewife-porno-fantasies? Oh, right. The days when you could go to college just to get your Mrs. are long gone. Effing Pink Collar hell. Grr.

Sheesh, I don't know where that came from. :)
2002-10-02 05:19:22 PM  
My girlfriend and I have discussed this very thing and we've agreed that if either one of us is making enough money when it's time to have kids the other will stay home. I'm cool with the concept of doing the dishes, floors, laundry etc, as long as she's bringing home the bacon. Besides, would give me more fark time.
2002-10-02 05:20:15 PM  
I would love to do that, but would suck at it.

I can't keep house.
2002-10-02 05:20:26 PM  
And still no free boobies.

2002-10-02 05:20:46 PM  
I cook, clean, take care of kids, attend social functions, can manage a social calendar, fix household items, and repair cars.

If you would like to reach me about marriage...
2002-10-02 05:21:36 PM  
I would love this.
2002-10-02 05:23:44 PM  
"Jaaaaaack, you're doing it wrong."
2002-10-02 05:24:23 PM  
And even better, when the kiddies go off to school, your set!
2002-10-02 05:25:34 PM  
I wouldn't mind...
2002-10-02 05:26:10 PM  
I don't understand why you ignorants are saying this is a bad thing. I always wanted to be a stay at home husband... now it may finally be socially exceptable! I love it when a childhood dream comes full-circle.
2002-10-02 05:26:58 PM  
Acceptable, rather.
2002-10-02 05:28:37 PM  
Of course, if they get divorced, he should get ONE HELL OF A SPOUSAL SUPPORT judgement. (Yeah, right.)
2002-10-02 05:28:54 PM  
"220, 221 what ever it takes"

"Honey if you want to reach me I will be at the gym or the gun club"
2002-10-02 05:30:38 PM  
Sign me up!
2002-10-02 05:30:49 PM  
"220, 221...whatever it takes..."
2002-10-02 05:30:54 PM  
I want a biatch.
2002-10-02 05:32:38 PM  
I've always wanted this. I'd much rather go to work every day while my husband stays home ... that is, as long as he is competent. Time to go win me a trophy.
2002-10-02 05:33:27 PM  
I don't know if I'd be cut out for this.. after all what rich woman would want me with my goofy grin and freakisly long tongue?
2002-10-02 05:33:46 PM  
2002-10-02 05:33:58 PM  


2002-10-02 05:34:12 PM  
Well JennyBean, where do I send my resume.
2002-10-02 05:34:39 PM  
I swear this is true, but you won't believe me. I was that stay at home wife for a year. I thought it would be just like you described, but it wasn't. I was bored out of my freakin mind!! Everyone works - I had no one to play with! Daytime TV is worse than any torture I can think of. I couldn't WAIT to start working again! Granted, I'm bored at work alot too, but at least it isn't Oprah and I have people to talk to.
2002-10-02 05:35:51 PM  
No trust me guys. Being a "stay-at-home" dad is fricken great. I got to leave the high pressure office environment and all its annoying politics that came with my old job as a systems engineer. The kids are in school now, my youngest will start going full days next year. I get time to publish a webcomic. I get to work on my music career, doing commissioned composition work, recording engineering, session work and jobber work.

This is fricken awsome.

Sure, I had to change poopy diapers but that ended three years ago. Now I've got it made in the shade.

Plus when the kids are at school I can surf for porn on the net.

How can you not love that?
2002-10-02 05:37:06 PM  
Finally maybe the whining biatches will give it up with that discrimination bullshiat.

"But, but, why should he get promoted over me just because he's here every day longer than I am, doesn't have to take off to get the kid from the nurses office at school because his tummy hurts and run around after i get off work to do errands. It's not fair that he has a stay at home wife to do everything for him so that he can concentrate on his carreer."

You make your choices, you live with the consequences. If you want to be a housewife, you will not be a successful businesswoman as well.
2002-10-02 05:37:18 PM  
ooh, me me! i could so totally handle being a kept man, so long as the woman was at least moderately attractive and not totally annoying.
2002-10-02 05:37:26 PM  
Yeah, I'm so down for that. Just keep me satiated with electronics and video games, I'll do whatever. Well, mostly whatever.
2002-10-02 05:37:45 PM  
JennyBean...Nice pictures on the phone by the way
2002-10-02 05:39:11 PM  
For all those lovely ladies out there--I'm available AND I can take care of kids (a diaper's a hat, right?)
2002-10-02 05:40:29 PM  
I'm a trophy husband... but I something you'd find on top of a Special Olympics trophy.
2002-10-02 05:41:07 PM  
My wife and I have agreed that if she gets a job making more than me then I will resign and stay home. Every morning I'm going to bum 20 bucks off her then drop the kid off at school or my mom's and screw around the rest of the day. And if those PTA biatches give me the cold shoulder I'll beat them up. I mean come on, they're girls.
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