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2002-10-02 10:24:20 AM  
Just wait for the ultimate in fast food mergers and we will end up with the McWhopper Meal - Biggie Sized.
2002-10-02 10:25:06 AM  
We control the vertical.

We control the horizontal.

Assimilate or die!
2002-10-02 10:31:02 AM  
None of this AOL-Time-Warner business. Let's get this straight:

AOL-Netscape-Time-Life-People-Warner-HBO-Cinemax-Disney-Turner-MGM-Kin​ney-Ente rtainment Weekly-Seven Arts-Lorimar-Telepictures-Castle Rock-New Line-Fine Line-Hanna Barbera-Ruby Spears-De Patie Freleng-Cartoon Network-Pathe-Electra-Rhino Records-Rhodes-WarnerVision-DC Comics-Allied-Ghost Planet-Atlanta Braves

Phew, what a mouthful. No wonder they skip most of it. And that's only what I could dig out in a coupla minutes searching. Ted Turner has his tentacles into everything media-related.
2002-10-02 10:31:37 AM  
Nairbyelroc, lines at Disneyland are so passe. They have that easy pass system now. I think I've said too much.
2002-10-02 10:37:22 AM  
Oh, and, of course: CNN-Boomerang-Atlanta Hawks-Atlanta Thrashers-Nascar-Turner Construction-Disney

Plus, at one point, the WCW

Thankfully, Murdoch is similarly equipped, and seems to be preventing a total media takeover.

See also this Columbia Journalism Review page for a more detailed listing.
2002-10-02 10:37:23 AM  
Dated, but funny, a hail UniCorp!!


NEW YORK-MCI-WorldCom and Bank One-Chase Manhattan merged in a blockbuster $112 billion deal Monday, forming the world's largest telecommunications/banking company and reducing the number of existing corporations to six.

"This is an exciting move for both companies," said Donald Cosgrove, CEO of MCI-WorldCom, whose subsidiaries include SBC-Ameritech, Bell Atlantic-NYNEX and McDonnell Douglas. "As a result of this historic merger, we should be in much better position to consolidate vast amounts of wealth and power in the coming years."

The other five remaining corporations are Daimler-Chrysler, Monsanto-American Home Products, Shearson-Lehman-Chemical-Citicorp-Travelers Group, Paramount-Viacom-ABC-Disney, and Lockheed-Northrop-Boeing-Pepsico.

According to Forbes managing editor Russell Belanger, at the current rate of mergers, there will be only one corporation in the world by 2000.

"The six remaining corporations have shown great interest in merging with each other," Belanger said. "Clearly, the stage is being set for the long-discussed creation of UniCorp, a $92 trillion corporation that produces every product on earth, from canned yams to basketballs to poison gas."

Belanger said mergers are desirable because they give corporations "synergy," enabling them to better sell their products. "Take Paramount-Viacom-ABC-Disney, for example," he said. "Disney makes the movie, Joel Siegel of Paramount-owned ABC-TV gives the movie a rave review, and Disney subsidiaries Blockbuster and McDonald's promote the video release of the movie in their respective stores with mail-in rebates and Happy Meal action figures. It's a win-win scenario."

Bill Clinton, chief executive of U.S. Government, a division of MCI-WorldCom, praised Monday's merger as "an excellent move."

A spokesperson for the newly formed Bank One-Chase Manhattan-MCI-WorldCom said the company plans to cut 92,000 jobs this month.
2002-10-02 10:51:53 AM  
an entertainment "Axis of Evil"
2002-10-02 10:54:10 AM  
Yeah, like I said, just making the product list to ban would be insane.
2002-10-02 10:59:47 AM  
AOL/Time Warner is already a monopoly as is and should be smashed into smaller pieces, preferably followed by Viacom and Microsoft.
2002-10-02 11:04:30 AM  
Go to Google.ca. type in "go to hell", being sure to include quotation marks. Click google search and be amazed at the first two returns.
2002-10-02 11:05:57 AM  
10-02-02 10:59:47 AM Bbcrackmonkey
AOL/Time Warner is already a monopoly

Huh? Howso? As long as Murdoch is in business, Turner'll never gain enough market share in any segment to be a monopoly. Not even nearly.

Yes, it's a BIG conglomerate. Yes, we should excersize healthy paranoia when listening to what its various branches have to say about eachother. Is it a monopoly? Not until stores start selling "Turner-Channels-Only" TV sets, and probably not even than.
2002-10-02 11:08:00 AM  
Some advertising slogans for General Products Inc., New York, New York:

"You don't have to like us, you just have to buy from us."

"Bringing you all the goods and services we think you should have."

"Buy from us. Or else."

"General Products gives you a choice! Take it or leave it!"

"Why are we advertising at all? You, after all, have no other options..."
2002-10-02 11:08:53 AM  
Damn, I guess that internet email tracking software thing just didn't work out. Oh well, I got a free trip to Rat World for my efforts.
2002-10-02 11:10:38 AM  
All apologies for the farked up googlewhack. When we did it a few weeks ago it came back-1-AOL 2-Walt Disney 3- Microsoft. Don't know why it didn't work today, but I should have tried it first. My bad
2002-10-02 11:19:30 AM  
2002-10-02 11:39:23 AM  
Actually, that's an interesting point... if there's only one corporation into which everything else is merged, why advertise? Like somebody else is going to get your money?
2002-10-02 11:40:36 AM  
In the future, there will be just 2 corporations:
Disny-AOL-Time-Warner-Citibank-Apple-Sun-MCI-worldcom-sprint-Vivendi-​E​xxon-Mob le-Westinghouse-At&T-Lucent-Intel-motorola-monsanto-Semins-nVidia-Best​lement-B ritishTelecom-ADM-Nabisco and Microsoft
2002-10-02 11:44:06 AM  
Wireguy - Someone told Google, and since Google and AOL are in bed together, someone put in some manual search hints, I'd guess.
2002-10-02 11:50:23 AM  
The evil empire. I luv it. I am part of it.

[image from gifs.net too old to be available]
2002-10-02 12:47:59 PM  
coorporations are in it for themselves. they dont sit around in board meetings trying to see what "they can do to make life better in america." No, they sit around thinking how they can rip off the consumers for as much money as possible to pocket all the earnings. Welcome to reality, business makes money the cause of, and root to all evil.
2002-10-02 12:49:35 PM  
I think I'm going to go live in a cave.
2002-10-02 01:46:36 PM  
Their new name is gonna be "TriOptimum".

/me weeps cuz nobody has SS2 anymore...
2002-10-02 04:14:41 PM  
[image from perso.club-internet.fr too old to be available]
Zorg. Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

Fire one million...
2002-10-02 04:30:28 PM  
Larconcc: Hell, I was talking about changing the company in smaller ways, like... Offering a new color of Fruit Loop.

New Froot Loop?!? Are you MAD, man? Society would not be able to keep up with such a sweeping change!

On a more serious side, I hope that everyone is aware that within another 20 years or so we'll pretty much have a half-dozen supercorporations pumping 95% of the global economy. National boundaries will soon cease to matter as much as brand loyalty.
2002-10-02 04:40:54 PM  

When in doubt, blame it on the jews
2002-10-02 05:00:29 PM  
Espertron Best.Quote.Of the Day.

Anyone remember Conglomo from Rocko's Modern Life? The company Ed Bighead worked at?
2002-10-02 05:00:29 PM  
And why, pray tell, is that bad for me as an individual?

No choice?
Uh, I have a hard time with an aisle full of different detergents as it is. P&G has control of a lot, but do you see the product diversity going down hill?

Price fixing?
Well, maybe... But I doubt some of the logic behind this. Market forces cut both ways. As prices increase, so to do salaries. There may be periods of lag for workers where it's harder, but generally the market balances itself out.

Blatant Evil Lies?
Not sure where to go with this one, unless it leads to my personal injury or death. And if either of the two above happen, well, that's what they make ambulance chasers for. And if I'm dead, what do I care?

Now, I'm not arguing for monopolistic behavior, nor am I completely serious about any of the above points. But... Come on, man.

Has it hurt us that 80% of all published media comes from 5 companies? Everyone was worried about that 5-10 years ago. *poof* - Internet. Now no one is worried anymore.
2002-10-02 05:10:44 PM  
fark aol time warner!!! how could they buy out disney!?! i think we should get bugs and daffy and micky and pluto and kick the shiat out of all those corrprate bast4rds!!
2002-10-02 05:12:20 PM  
i remember rockos moderen life...back in the day when good cartoons were played!
2002-10-02 05:34:43 PM  
Larsoncc, it's bad for you as an individual if you decide to, for example, start your own widget company and find out that you have to compete with the 3.2 million employees of UberWidgets, a wholly owned subsidiary of SuperMetaMegaUltraCom, as well as their multi-trillion dollar advertising budget which they can bring to bear on the 40,000 radio stations and 27,000 TV stations which they own around the world. Hell, depending on the country you're in they may even have you arrested.

Remember: while the Nazi's were gassing the Jews, all the trains ran on time and all the roads were well-maintained. I'm sure your average German citizen thought that things were Good.

An extreme example to be sure, but it does dovetail rather nicely with your "is that bad for me as an individual" argument; after all, the average German citizen probably had a pretty good existence.
2002-10-02 06:57:08 PM  
AOL-Time Warner...so easy to use, no wonder we're assimilating so many companies on our way to #1.
2002-10-02 07:31:16 PM  
"CompuGloboMegaCorp, hello?"
2002-10-02 08:20:06 PM  
Donquixote - Understandable, but this is why you either a) know your market before you enter it, b) know when to sell, or c) know how to serve a niche market effectively.

Witness the competition to Microsoft. Red Hat survives in the server space through sales and service contracts. Opera survives despite other free browsers. Real Media is one of the leading suppliers of exclusive content, serving some fairly killer marketplaces (CNN), despite other server and client products being free. Hell, despite their product being total crap. In the Content Management space, Microsoft bought their way into the market by buying a well established company.

Keep in mind that most of these companies are publically held. Individuals aren't affected.
2002-10-02 10:57:16 PM  
The problem with that line of reasoning is that no small companies can compete, since the large one making the widget would bring as much pressure as possible to kill the competition. Even if the competitor makes a better widget, the news won't get out with ConHugeCo (or whatever) bringing to bear the force of its huge advertising budget and media outlets. The smaller widget makers have little chance to go in. Does that mean that someone with a better widget shouldn't go into buisness because ConHugeCo already makes one? The problem I see is that there is very little dynamism with large companies making most of the products we use. They have taken over huge parts of the market, and smaller buisnesses have little chance of succeeding since they have little money to work with. I don't see bigger corporations as a benefit, because markets will start to stagnate. Having more independant buisnesses is better, because competition encourages innovation. With more companies competing, better products will come out at lower prices, since each company is trying to get a bigger piece of the market. Obviously there would need to be some standardization, which could be overseen by the government. Damme, I have written too much plus debating on the internet and all... Well salutations and good night.
2002-10-03 06:59:51 AM  
Actually, the huge corporation probably has a patent on a widget, a trademark on the widget, and copyrights on all the documentation for the widget.

But again, competition, even in monopolistic environments, EXISTS.

Your argument can't wish away companies that produce products like Linux, or people that do telecommunications as a coop, or custom/kit car builders, or Weight Watchers (as opposed to Mickey Ds), or private companies vying for the X Prize (getting into space), or Independant Music labels, or local book publishers, or small time ice cream shops, or............. You get the idea.

The point is, on an individual basis, these folks aren't affected by another merger. Heck, they're doing a bit themselves.

There are also (slow) anti-trust laws, to keep massive predators in check (I know, doesn't always work).

I bid you good night. Have hope, the free marketplace CAN work.
2002-10-03 10:40:51 AM  
Larsoncc, there are a couple of flaws with your argument. For one, the companies you mentioned in your post are not media outlets. AOL-T/W and Disney both are. If you can't advertise your product, people won't know about your product, and hence won't buy your product.

Second, let's run through the companies you mentioned:

companies that produce products like Linux: With the exception of Red Hat/Debian, these companies don't make money. Red Hat makes theirs off the service contract as you said, because frankly there's no such thing as Linux Tech Support.

people that do telecommunications as a coop: It's not a money-making venture; it's a not-for-real-profit service.

custom/kit car builders: Do you honestly think they provide any competition whatsoever to The Big Three?

Weight Watchers (as opposed to Mickey Ds): Apples and oranges. Or I should say, big greasy calorie-burgers and oranges. These companies are not in competition with each other.

private companies vying for the X Prize: Honestly I don't think this one belongs in this list...

Independant Music labels: who make no money.

local book publishers: who make no money.

small time ice cream shops: who make no money.
2002-10-03 12:33:53 PM  
I can see it now...

[image from dolooprecords.com too old to be available]
2002-10-04 11:13:49 AM  
yup yup
2002-10-04 11:15:05 AM  
2002-10-04 11:17:45 AM  
glad im getting this practice posting a pic on a dead thread. its my first and all, awwwww
2002-10-04 01:13:05 PM  
wow, what an ordeal, omg, I'm glad this is old post now....
last try, mods delete all mine if this doesnt work...
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