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11324 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Oct 2002 at 7:06 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-02 07:10:35 AM  
Who cares if it's a repeat? I'm first.

*cricket sounds*
2002-10-02 07:10:59 AM  
nice repeat from earlier... and a couple of the recent posts have gone missing? Admins drunk agin?
2002-10-02 07:11:18 AM  
Hang on - I've got dejà-vu on this one...
2002-10-02 07:13:42 AM  
beauty repeat, i only have to hit my page down key once to see it again. nice job
2002-10-02 07:13:53 AM  
Hold on, now...maybe he called twice. Zwetschkenknoedel sounds like shiat.
2002-10-02 07:15:41 AM  
Since I love wagons, I am going to openly state that this is a repeat!
2002-10-02 07:15:44 AM  
i am a little tired today
2002-10-02 07:19:38 AM  
Now I'm convinced their doing it on purpose.

I said in a Fark praise line 'Fark rock even when they have a bad day'.

This is looking like one of those bad days.
2002-10-02 07:19:45 AM  
Here's the story you should be reading:

Doctors grow pigs teeth in rat intestines
2002-10-02 07:21:32 AM  

Submitted that one a week or so ago. Cool, no ?

Three articles from seven = repeats.

No soup for you !
2002-10-02 07:22:03 AM  
I think I'm on to something. I can't get an article posted. I guess the trick is to find one that has already been posted and submit it again. But ya gotta do it while it still fresh.
2002-10-02 07:22:30 AM  
Headline's not even that good. Surely they could be a bit more original.
2002-10-02 07:24:13 AM  

So what's your point? This is repeat week. And . . . they're growing pigs teeth in rat intestines, people!!
Oh, never mind, I'm an idiot.
2002-10-02 07:24:51 AM  
Holy shiat, the Boobies on this was YESTERDAY, there was plenty of time for this submitter to see it and say "you know, maybe I aught to keep this one to myself"
2002-10-02 07:25:32 AM  
*ring ring*
-Hi, this is God.
-Hey, didn't you just call an hour ago?
2002-10-02 07:27:28 AM  
"Articles Submitted #" reigns supreme. Everything else pales in comparison.

I didn't submit this article, but if I knew one of my repeated submissions would get posted, I would submit it!

I think a lot of people would... "Articles Submitted #" is sort of a status symbol, and I just wanna be cool!
2002-10-02 07:27:53 AM  
Boy calls police to report Fark repeat.

Ok, I had to post something.
2002-10-02 07:28:19 AM  
Dazoli: Don't remind me.

I bet no-one's read about the Cambodian death cult yet. Huh? Huh?
2002-10-02 07:28:25 AM  
Where my biatch's at?
2002-10-02 07:46:49 AM  
Lugas they are trying to tempt you into buying TotalFark, the land where "missing" articles go.
2002-10-02 07:47:36 AM  
probably in a pile of intestines
2002-10-02 07:50:43 AM  
Aegeus-I read about it (Cambo gas baths) and submitted it 2 days ago. I am sure it will show up tomorrow (or next week or ...) after it gets posted from a different source.
2002-10-02 08:01:50 AM  
Oh, well. Let's see what else is on this "internet" thing . . .
2002-10-02 08:22:06 AM  
Do you totalfarkers see these repeats?
2002-10-02 08:24:20 AM  
Before he was complaining about eating it. Now he's got the (s)hits.
2002-10-02 08:31:06 AM  
RandomBob We see the same article from about 15 different sources.
2002-10-02 08:35:14 AM  
Little shiat
2002-10-02 08:38:51 AM  
Aegeus: Funny how the world starts looking more and more like a bad science fiction film every day...

I wonder if the cambodian death cultists will ever turn up in a chick comic... and if they would be bothered by the lake of fire :)
2002-10-02 08:42:35 AM  
Canned seal with zwetschgenknoedel, anyone?
2002-10-02 08:44:51 AM  
It's deja vu all over again!

Yogi Berra

Personal favorite : " You can observe a lot by watching"
2002-10-02 08:48:06 AM  
I saw this item on national geographic about an icelandic delicacy. It was about how they kill sharks, and then let them rot for three months *litterally*, to 'let the poison leak out'. After that the meat has a cheesy structure, and they actually eat that! During the three months the meat is left in the open, no animal will dare come near it, let alone eat from it (=hint 1). One man said: "Women will not kiss you for two days after you have eaten this." (=hint 2).

Just thought I should share this with you.
2002-10-02 08:48:42 AM  

The best part was the suicide note they left behind:

"Please, people, do not laugh at us. We committed suicide in the interest of God."

I bet God's laughing now.
2002-10-02 08:54:21 AM  
We eat lutefisk in Minnesota, which is similar to that Panda. It's cod that's been stored in lye for a few months. The story, or one of them, is that the Scots fed it to the Vikings hoping that it would kill them but they liked it. It's not too bad, but it really smells bad while it's cooking.
2002-10-02 08:54:52 AM  
Aegeus: I can just imagine god looking at them when they enter the hereafter: "You did WHAT for me!?".
2002-10-02 08:56:16 AM  
ChadManMn: Maybe I should try it first before having an opinion :) It looked really awful though on TV.
2002-10-02 08:58:58 AM  
Tastes better comming back up the second time.
2002-10-02 08:59:22 AM  

The best part was the suicide note they left behind:

No way, the best bit was where their leader (who goaded them into the mass suicide) didn't follow through and fled.

Next time remember these words ... "after you"
2002-10-02 09:01:09 AM  
Join TotalFark, and you can more repeats like these! Just think, it's the same crap, but more of it! Now pony up!
2002-10-02 09:08:31 AM  

Sure, that's funny. But for real laughs:

The mother -- herself a nun -- of the one monk who died was seen kneeling down and worshipping in front of her blazing son, saying "God bless you," Chhim Sakhon added.

Heh, heh. blazing son.
2002-10-02 09:10:11 AM  
Pete and Repeat were walking down a street. Pete was shot; who's left?
Pete and Repeat were walking. . .
2002-10-02 09:12:34 AM  
Paging the kid with the broom... not.
2002-10-02 09:18:18 AM  

Ok, you win :) Puts a whole new spin on the term 'going out in a blaze of glory' doesn't it.
2002-10-02 09:24:24 AM  
Wow, its not even funny anymore how lame Fark has become. Whereas I used to spend a lot of time here, now its like 5 minutes. Enough time to see all the repeats and sad cliches and usually enough time for one derogatory post.
2002-10-02 09:33:42 AM  
HEY DREW - if you take on fark as a full time job, I won't mind a few pop-ups in exchange for a solid news list.
2002-10-02 10:07:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-02 10:13:26 AM  
Whew, getting a little hysterical in here. I understand how frustrating it can be to have clicked on a link twice. That is a whopping three seconds of your life you will never get back. While I could suggest anger management classes, it's way too much fun to read the roast.
2002-10-02 10:20:09 AM  
Rubble We get other articles that you never see though. And have you noticed the complete lack of
img.fark.netView Full Size
links the past few days on FarkLite? TotalFarkers haven't.
2002-10-02 10:23:58 AM  
I saw this item on national geographic about an icelandic delicacy. It was about how they kill sharks, and then let them rot for three months *litterally*, to 'let the poison leak out'. After that the meat has a cheesy structure, and they actually eat that!

Mmmmm.... Hakarl.
[image from isholf.is too old to be available]

I don't think I'd eat it
2002-10-02 10:25:21 AM  
Isn't there a script we can run that automatically puts derisive comments in a repeat thread? There should be.

If this had happened in America, the 911 operator wouldn't have been all calm and told the kid to try the plum dumplings again. A SWAT Team would have been dispatched to the house and the kid would have been fined $700. Probably.
2002-10-02 10:33:39 AM  
Sharks have poison?
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