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(Yahoo)   Chunks of ice the size of suitcases spontaneously fall from sky. As if we didn't have enough to worry about   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2002-10-02 03:36:58 AM  
All I can think about after reading this one is: Joe Dirt.
2002-10-02 04:03:15 AM  
Right. like anyone believes anything that comes out of spain.
2002-10-02 04:03:18 AM  
Call me when it's chunks of molten lead the size of Buicks, then I'll get to building my underground sanctuary.
2002-10-02 04:05:27 AM  
Global warming causes ICE.

Bwahhhhh ha ha ha.

When will they realize that it's a chaotic system that you can't do a damn thing about. Sure, you can cause that system to change, but being chaotic, you will have no idea what the results of that will be, until it actually hapens.

Global warming is melting the ice.
No, global warming is making it snow more
no global warming is making blocks of ice fall from the sky
no wait, global warming is making more ice.

2002-10-02 04:06:18 AM  
Always helpful against these little critters

[image from classicgaming.com too old to be available]
2002-10-02 04:09:35 AM  
Would these chunks of ice happen to be blue? If so, stay away. Trust me. Git yerself a shovel and bag it before it melts or wait for the hazmat team to arrive.
2002-10-02 04:12:01 AM  
Jay-Tea, time to play some SMB3
2002-10-02 04:13:32 AM  
This sounds like total bullshiat. I could probably calculate the velocity of updraft necessary to keep a 10kg piece of ice in the sky long enough to grow that large but an educated guess would be at least 250-300mph. Sustained updrafts of that velocity range in a clear sky, um well, probably not. If the air had enough moisture to create those HUGE pieces of hail it would create clouds when the updraft caused it to reach it's saturation point.
2002-10-02 04:26:50 AM  
Wasn't this posted just a few days ago ??
Scientists study megazomessomethings, still no cure for cancer - tag went along those lines.

Whoever picks these stories DOESN'T READ FARK
2002-10-02 04:31:40 AM  
Discussion page for megacryosomes here
2002-10-02 04:36:10 AM  
Cant....Fall..Asleep. Giant blocks of ice might kill me. Im never gonna look into the sky again
2002-10-02 04:51:23 AM  
Curses! My ice dropping zeppelins weren't to attack for another two years. Ah, but the scientists still have no idea what's really going on. Thus they'll be totally unprepared for phase II of my plan: Operation Thud. Basically I hurl meteors at various world leaders until the survivors capitulate.
2002-10-02 05:06:05 AM  
Nobody farks with The Jesus.
2002-10-02 05:12:22 AM  
The scientist addresses the belief that they must be from the toilets of passing aircraft by saying that it is easy to differentiate between ones that had come from a toilet, and those that are naturally occuring.

He also says "The blocks form between four and two-and-a-half and six miles above ground"

One would think that it would also be easy to differentiate between 2&1/2-4 miles & 2&1/2-6 miles, but then again I ain't no scientist.
2002-10-02 05:13:46 AM  
2002-10-02 05:31:57 AM  
ice ice baby
2002-10-02 05:32:32 AM  

ice ice baby
2002-10-02 05:33:08 AM  
arse again

ice ice baby
2002-10-02 05:35:13 AM  
Now with added http:

[image from cnn.com too old to be available]

ice ice baby
2002-10-02 05:37:30 AM  
Ok this is the last one I promise (now with added jpg)

[image from cnn.com too old to be available]

ice ice baby

althought it loses it's punch on the fifth attempt...
2002-10-02 05:38:25 AM  
It is these large blocks of ice that will lead to the extinction of blondes.
2002-10-02 07:01:58 AM  
Gear Jammer the ones that come from aircraft toilets are easy to recognise because they are a) mostly blue, and b) really stink :) Height of formation = not a factor in identification.
2002-10-02 07:26:08 AM  
Ice the size of suitcases? Why wasn't this caught at the airport secutity station?
2002-10-02 07:26:14 AM  
*ring ring*
-Hi, this is God.
-Hey, didn't you just call an hour ago?
2002-10-02 08:12:46 AM  
"The sky is falling!" Chicken Little surrenders!
2002-10-02 08:18:14 AM  
This makes me think of that scene in "The Truman Show" where the light falls from the sky. Does anyone else ever wonder if we're some sort of alien's science experiment? Like planet earth is little Johnny Alien's 3rd grade science project? Anyone?
2002-10-02 08:38:37 AM  
"I'm not worried that a block of ice might fall on your head ... "

Of course, why should he worry about the rest of us?

The rest of the quote was "I don't give a shiat about ya'll, I'm worried about my head, and my head only."
2002-10-02 08:47:51 AM  
Frozen toilet waste from aircraft.
2002-10-02 09:30:49 AM  
...like frozen dingleberries from angels. ....er airplanes.

...you have to admit though - hoax, hail, airplaine, whatever... ...if you were walking down the street and a big old chunk of ice crashed into the nearest car/person/building - it would certainly be a story you told a lot. - On that note has ANYFARKER or ANYFARKER -1 degree of seperation EVER had/heard of this happen(ing)?
2002-10-02 09:34:42 AM  
This just goes to show that scientists don't know shiat about anything. First they say they're "meteors" then "hail". The only thing we do know is that huge slabs of ice are hurling at us from the atmosphere and no one has a clue how they got there. In fact, all sorts of things fall from the sky and no one knows where they come from. frogs (not Frenchmen, they've already surrendered), periwinkles, blood. Charles Fort catalogued all sorts of similar reports 80 years ago and basically came to the conclusion that scientists have their heads up their asses and have no idea about what's going on. I think that conculsion is even more valid today.
2002-10-02 10:52:13 AM  
Hey, if Jesus says ice is going to fall from the sky, then ice is gonna fall from the sky.
2002-10-02 11:01:38 AM  
What happens when an airplane going 500 mph hits a big block of ice?
2002-10-02 11:03:21 AM  
(insert clever repeat notice here)
Because we can't all be clever.
2002-10-02 11:23:50 AM  
A chunk of blue ice landed in my back yard once. It was travelling almost horiziontal, as hit a few objects in a straight line before it smashed into my garage.
2002-10-02 11:24:35 AM  
THe soputh shore of Long Island where I live is one of the busiest flight paths in the world.
2002-10-02 04:13:53 PM  
You have no idea how funny this headline is when you read the one above it on the list.
2002-10-02 04:31:29 PM  
Were they blue? Remember that thing about how airline would dump the toilet water? Hahahahaha...

Or, it could be HAIL. You know, when ice falls from the sky?
2002-10-02 05:44:22 PM  
NakedApe wrote: "What happens when an airplane going 500 mph hits a big block of ice?"

You know, you might've just cleared up a few major mysteries with that comment.
2002-10-02 05:56:41 PM  
"Its isotopic composition bears the signature ... of Iberian rain."

Isn't Iberian Rain one of those new-age Windham Hill artists?
2002-10-02 05:57:49 PM  
The Frozen rain in Spain

doesn't fall from a plane

but will pfuk your &hit up

all the same....
2002-10-02 06:12:35 PM  
Bored English farmers :: Crop circles.

Bored Spanish farmers :: Ice meteors.
2002-10-02 07:46:00 PM  

Errr no, they can tell where the iceblock formed by checking the number and type of microbes and dust particles caught up in the water at the core of the ice and matching it up with what we know is in each stratospheric layer. The weather ballons check this stuff all the time.

Was this supposed to be a side jab (however baseless at global warming, or do you still believe in flat earth also ?
2002-10-02 09:04:08 PM  
Tadlette Um, my earlier comment was a stupid joke, pointing out the poor writing of the article. Not a serious comment refuting the findings of the scientist.
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