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(www.connpost.com)   Man forces woman off the road for using a cell phone. "I'm prejudiced against people who talk on cell phones while driving."   ( connpost.com) divider line
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2002-10-01 04:20:51 PM  
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2002-10-01 04:39:05 PM  
I agree, femme_fatale. If we had more Charles Bronson-like cell phone vigilantes out there, I'd feel much safer on the road.
2002-10-01 05:09:45 PM  
"It's dangerous," Knight reportedly said to police about talking on cell phones while driving.

Hehe, but going TJ Hooker on another driver and forcing them off the road isn't. This story is kind of a companion to the earlier story about seniors keeping their licenses.

Then again, reading this article everything is "allegedly" and "reportedly" and "I didn't say that/yes you did."
2002-10-01 05:22:06 PM  
This guy had a termite infection in his house. So he burnt down his house.
2002-10-01 05:38:18 PM  
Sorry, Femme_fatale. Hate to disagree with you and your lovely self, but this guys needs a
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tag. Granted, I hate seeing people talking on cell phones while driving, but that old codger's a little psycho.
2002-10-01 05:46:16 PM  
my remark was done a little tongue in cheek. While I don't agree with what he did, I do have to say I've felt like doing it myself sometimes.
2002-10-01 05:54:50 PM  
Been there, too. Then again, I've felt like running some 77-year-olds off the road as well.
2002-10-01 06:03:50 PM  
I think the old man and the young chick should just be killed and made into soylent green and cell phone micro chip thingees.
2002-10-01 06:44:33 PM  
I've often wished I had a cell phone jammer in my vehicle... they can't be THAT hard to make
2002-10-01 08:05:52 PM  
Go for it, Femme! Cell phones mixed with sports utes scare the holy crap out of me. I get 10-12 calls a day on my cell and will answer while in motion but pull over to talk.

They say talking on a cell phone is as bad as DUI. I disagree, I am a better drunk driver than cell phone driver.
2002-10-01 08:13:29 PM  
Hero tag indeed. I sometimes talk on my cell phone when driving, but I'm cautious about it. I keep calls under 30 seconds and I pull off the road if I'll be on longer than that. I only make calls if I'm at a red light and very rarely while I'm actually driving on the freeway. I understand lots of other people do this, but not all are cautious. I never felt like smacking a woman in the face until I saw this dumbass blonde in the next lane... she looked like she was talking like a valley girl (like, oh. my. god! are you serious!? yadda, yadda, yadda), she had her cell phone in her left hand (makes her unable to use her directionals) and she was playing with her hair with her other hand. Not to mention, she was also going about 85 on the freeway. She was the average soccer mom driving a minivan with 2 little kids jumping up and down in the back seat and nobody wearing their seatbelt. So, I cut her off and she slammed on the brakes and then cut me off, so I cut her off again and she got off the freeway. Biatch.
2002-10-01 09:13:48 PM  
Definitely hero. Yakky biatches are a menace anywhere. Giving them a cel phone and a vehicle is like giving Sharon a 'Map of the Palestinian Terrorists' brochure.
2002-10-01 09:31:14 PM  
I do not know how dangerous people on Cell phones are but man are they farking stupid looking.
2002-10-01 09:33:40 PM  
Yak yak *drift left* yak yak *drift left* yak yak *huge over-correction for drifting left* yak yak.
2002-10-01 09:35:53 PM  
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is for the woman right?

serves her right....
2002-10-01 09:36:22 PM  
"I think you are endangering others on the road, so I'm going to endanger you in order to get you off the road"

Yep. Smart move, Ace.

Dumbass tag would have been more appropriate.
2002-10-01 09:36:24 PM  
2002-10-01 09:36:25 PM  
How 'bout smoking or eating. Or looking at a map. Same shiat different day people will always just be people. The whole cel phone thing is baloney.
2002-10-01 09:36:28 PM  
Wouldn't folowing him to his house be a form of "Road Rage". They should have arrested her too.
2002-10-01 09:36:36 PM  
Can we pull over and beat the hell out of elderly drivers for leaving the turn signal on or weaving into your lane? Or how about wailing on riceboys for ridiculous looking vehicles? Unless a cell phone user can't handle their vehicle and has demonstrated that, let them use the friggin' phone. I see plenty of people who can't handle the car without a phone.
2002-10-01 09:37:12 PM  
People that talk on their phones a lot are the same people that can't drive worth shiat in the first place. You should be allow 15 driving minutes each month with cellphone plans
2002-10-01 09:37:40 PM  
If the guy was smart, he would have built one of these.
2002-10-01 09:40:24 PM  
[image from x-entertainment.com too old to be available]
"I'm not saying he should have done what he did, but I understand."
2002-10-01 09:40:54 PM  
Okay folks who didn't read the article. The guy in question is 77, and he thought she was on the phone, when in fact she wasn't. He swerved towards her under a bridge. She followed him and confronted him.

When she told Knight she could have been hurt, he said, "That's what I intended," according to police reports

So, which is more scary, a 19 year old you think is on the cell phone, or a 77 year old who believes in vigilante justice for cell phone talkage that isn't?
2002-10-01 09:41:18 PM  
Old codgers. God love 'em.
2002-10-01 09:41:54 PM  
I like to slam head on into people who don't turn their highbeams down. 'cause it's dangerous to drive with them on.
2002-10-01 09:42:27 PM  
I agree the hero tag is in order for this guy. Everytime I see one of these bastards that feels so important that they've got to be on the cellphone 24/7 talking loud and shiat I just want to punch a motherfarker in the mouth.
2002-10-01 09:43:10 PM  
I'd love to see statistics comparing drunk driving and cell phone driving. I'll bet people on cell phones are as dangerous or more dangerous as drunk drivers. The hero tag is more than appropriate.
2002-10-01 09:43:16 PM  
With apologies . . .

In communist Russia, drivers will cellphones run drivers without cellphones off the road.
2002-10-01 09:44:42 PM  
Gomer! OMIGOD! You must live in Austin! I just don't feel right unless I'm almost killed by some dumbass on a cell phone and I swear to God it's almost ALWAYS a blonde in an SUV yapping on a cell phone! Man it is so IRRITATING!!
2002-10-01 09:45:17 PM  
You know, a decent hands-free headset goes for about 20 bucks at Radio Shack. Go buy one & do other drivers a favor. I still don't understand the need to hold a headset to your ear when you have this obvious, practical solution.

Not condoning what the dude did....but I understand

/Chris Rock
2002-10-01 09:45:17 PM  
God these phone vigalantes piss me off. Talking on a cell phone while driving is no more dangerous than talking to a passenger while driving. Dumbasses. Everytime I see one of those stupid "Hang up and Drive" bumper stickers, I get in front of that person, put my phone to my ear and slow wayyy down. fark em.
2002-10-01 09:46:35 PM  
OK, I can't stand when people are driving and talking on the phone, but this guy is a dumbass. The girl said that she never actually made the call and regardless if she is telling the truth, she didn't cause an accident, he did. He even admitted that he tried to injure her. Then he followed her home. Go ahead and ban them, but it doesn't give anyone the right to be a vigilante.
2002-10-01 09:46:48 PM  
You know who should be run off the road? Farkers going 100 down a highway that swerve around people going 75 (in a 55 zone mind you), blaring their horn, and flippin the bird, because the people going 75 just aren't going farking fast enough.

Yes, this happens to me occassionaly. :P
2002-10-01 09:46:48 PM  
I'll bet his day job is with the people who kill abortion doctors because they are against killing.
2002-10-01 09:47:51 PM  
I am good about not blabbing on my phone in public places.

I was listening to my automated bank teller through my cell phone in the grocery store - I just wanted my balance.

some pissy woman mumbled something about cell phones...

I said 'do you hear me talking dumb biatch?'

2002-10-01 09:48:03 PM  
She was not on the phone, people

He thought she was. However, I doubt the man could recall what he had for breakfast.

I'm not a fan of people on their phones while driving, I'm less a fan of SUV's (but that's another topic)
But the thing I'm the least a fan of? Being run into a farking wall while in a tunnel.
2002-10-01 09:48:43 PM  
Soccer moms on cell phones in Lincoln Navigators who don't signal (how can they when they're using one hand to steer and one to yap?) are the spawn of Satan's bottom droppings.
2002-10-01 09:50:09 PM  
How about if I think someone is too old to be driving? Can I run them off the road? Or too fat, maybe? Or just too stupid to really have a license? Can I run them off the road too? What a freakin gomer.
2002-10-01 09:50:43 PM  
Talking on a cell phone while driving is no more dangerous than talking to a passenger while driving

With a cellphone, you are usually using a hand to hold the phone, therefore only driving with one. Talking on a cellphone is more like eating, or rummaging around for a CD or something. Dangerous, but not something you should be run off the road for.

But then again, I drive with no hands (knee-steering!) down the main street of my little town just to see if people will notice. Yes, I am that sad.
2002-10-01 09:51:24 PM  
You know the old geezer was thinking :
"This should be agony. I should be a mass of aching muscle, broken, spent,unable to move. And were I an older man, I surely would but I'm a man of thirty--of twenty again. The rain on my chest is a baptism. I'm born again."
Old vigilantes rule.
2002-10-01 09:51:44 PM  
Sweatergirl: I think that point has been made. It's much easier to skip the article & blow off steam about cell phones, SUVs and crappy driving
2002-10-01 09:52:09 PM  
dude, let it go.
2002-10-01 09:52:51 PM  
More people get into accidents because of changing the radio than from using cell phones.

would everyone who wants a hero tag feel different if she was changing the CD in her car and grandpa didn't care for it?
2002-10-01 09:53:05 PM  
Skidnuts and senior drivers, don't forget them;)
2002-10-01 09:53:58 PM  

I got one of those stickers!!!! Look for the dark blue Toyota Van in Omaha Nebraska

One warning. I was the best shorepatrolman in the Orient and I'm 10 times as mean now!!!!!

2002-10-01 09:53:59 PM  
How 'bout smoking or eating. Or looking at a map. Same shiat different day people will always just be people. The whole cel phone thing is baloney.

I agree with ya. If you are gonna complain about how cell phone use and driving don't mix, then you have to add eating, drinking, smoking, reading a map/directons, putting on make-up, or anything else that will take your eyes/mind off the road.
2002-10-01 09:57:12 PM  
Know what I hate? When you're trying to eat a freshly made bowl of clam chowder soup and people get behind you & start honking and flashing their lights and shiat. Especially when you haven't let it cool off yet. Sometimes you spill it in your lap and everything. Assmimes.
2002-10-01 09:57:28 PM  
Spudbundy: An AAA study found just that. Cell phones were waaaaay down the list.

People talking about jamming: The best would be if you jammed one of those snotty self important heart surgeons with their fancy cars, from getting a call into the hospital to perform emergency heart surgery!
2002-10-01 09:58:25 PM  
Anything that distracts a driver from the road should be banned. That's eating, drinking anything without a straw (because if you don't have a straw, it blocks your sight), smoking, reading, putting on makeup, shaving, talking on cell phones, reading a map, etc. The only thing you should be doing when driving is watching the road and those around you.
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