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(AZCentral)   Man invents odorless toilets - tries to take all the fun out of pooping   ( divider line
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7240 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Oct 2002 at 2:45 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-01 09:10:38 AM  
One thing I will not miss: sitting on a stinky toilet still warm from a hairy ass other than my own.

One thing I will miss: The satisfaction of fouling an entire bathroom with the odor from my toilet turkeys.
2002-10-01 10:13:42 AM  
Now if they could just take care of the occasional splash that tightens your sphincter to the point of crushing rocks.

Is there an actually phobia for that?
2002-10-01 10:29:06 AM  
This problem is easily avoided. Everyone just be like me. You see my shiat does not stink. :)
2002-10-01 10:51:50 AM  
Droppin' the kids off at the pool will never be the same.
2002-10-01 11:00:53 AM  
shiat stinks? gofigure.
2002-10-01 01:40:38 PM  
Rave reviews at a nursing home?!? I didn't see anything about odorless bedpans.
2002-10-01 02:48:36 PM  
My wife will be thrilled.
2002-10-01 02:48:41 PM  
damn, looks like no more bathroom clearers =(
2002-10-01 02:49:04 PM  
I could still stink that thing up...
2002-10-01 02:49:25 PM  
2002-10-01 02:49:47 PM  
2002-10-01 02:50:16 PM  
I'm still waiting for the toilet that doesn't
2002-10-01 02:50:29 PM  
2002-10-01 02:51:52 PM  
If it doesn't stink, you aint doing something right.
2002-10-01 02:52:05 PM  
Just drop a couple sheets o' paper in the pool before you drop trow, and no splashes will harm your starfish!

(decifer that, if you dare)
2002-10-01 02:52:22 PM  
there's nothing like toilet humor.*sigh*
2002-10-01 02:52:31 PM  
[b]B4st4rd[/b]: not a chance. A toilet bowl has acoustics like Carnegie Hall; even the tiniest squeaker of a fart will sound like an Saturn V rocket taking off.
2002-10-01 02:52:43 PM  
Whoooooie! You don't wanna go in there.
2002-10-01 02:52:54 PM  
Maybe I'll be allowed back in the house now and won't have to drive to the nearest gas station anymore "when nature calls".

Of course, that thing ain't "odorless" until it passes the "Too2EZ Beer 'n Burritos Toilet Stress Test".
2002-10-01 02:52:58 PM  
Odorless toilet? That sounds like a wager to me.
2002-10-01 02:53:02 PM  
lets turn this thread into "what is the best term for taking a crap" how about: Dropping the kids off at the pool.
2002-10-01 02:53:24 PM  
Ah crap, I'm still stuck in UBB mode. My above p0st was meant for B4st4rd.
2002-10-01 02:53:48 PM  
Scat lovers everywhere must be so upset.
2002-10-01 02:54:16 PM  
Let me see if I have this right. You cannot smell it but your nieghbor can. Hmmmm. Cool
2002-10-01 02:54:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

log, heheh. and it's a floater.
2002-10-01 02:54:29 PM  
He's perfected the odorless toilet.. meanwhile I've perfected the toiletless odor.. Heads up, air biscuit at 3 o'clock..
2002-10-01 02:54:35 PM  
Ash216: Sure, how about:

Deploying the troops?
2002-10-01 02:54:39 PM  
A toilet bowl has acoustics like Carnegie Hall; even the tiniest squeaker of a fart will sound like an Saturn V rocket taking off.

For some reason that really made me laugh.

Just drop a couple sheets o' paper in the pool before you drop trow

I have a friend who swears by this method. Seriously, he tells everyone that will listen.
2002-10-01 02:55:16 PM  
I'll take that challenge.
2002-10-01 02:55:28 PM  
The fan must have got pointed into FARK otday because these articles have stunk up the place all day long.
2002-10-01 02:55:53 PM  
plorp... plorp... plorplorplorplorplorp
2002-10-01 02:56:04 PM  
Corvusnex--deploying the troops farking classic. thats a keeper.
2002-10-01 02:56:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

they're YEARS ahead of us in toilet advances.
2002-10-01 02:56:36 PM  
Playing Tug of war with Cyplops
2002-10-01 02:56:54 PM  
Launching the U.S.S. Brownsmear
2002-10-01 02:57:42 PM  
Flexing your well-muscled turd cutter
2002-10-01 02:57:56 PM  
The only thing missing is the "Still no cure for cancer", then the cycle of bland articles and headlines will be complete!
2002-10-01 02:58:09 PM  
No shiat, thats too bad.
2002-10-01 02:58:47 PM  
It's nice to see this topic stimulate the intellect of the community here at Fark as it enthusiastically responds with toilet humor and poop jokes. I'm just sorry SLAYERSWINE isn't here to enlighten us with his laser-sharp comments on fecal remnants.
2002-10-01 02:58:55 PM  
Poopie Poopie Poopie ....hahahahahaha
2002-10-01 03:01:12 PM  
"Driving the brown Volkswagen to Porcelain City"
2002-10-01 03:01:36 PM  
Ahhhh, it wouldnt be Fark if someone weren't complaining abou the article, the thread or something.
2002-10-01 03:02:05 PM  
Hasn't anyone heard of the "courtesy" flush. You drop the initial load, flush and then the smell pretty much is gone. Then again, if you are a 3-pak burrito/6-pak beer kinda person, one would need a gas mask to go into the bathrom after you're done.

BTW... pinching a loaf, dropping a load, taking a dum (obvious)
2002-10-01 03:02:18 PM  
Dangle a Brownie over the lake
2002-10-01 03:03:09 PM  
I enjoy the term "dropping a mad deuce"
2002-10-01 03:03:22 PM  
FROM THE ARTICLE; It also uses only about half the water per flush as a conventional toilet.

However, if you really do drop a load in it you will have to flush 3-4 times for the poo to go.

How about, "tossin a Baby Ruth into the pool"
2002-10-01 03:04:37 PM  
Putting toothpaste on the ceramic brush
2002-10-01 03:04:53 PM  
"I gotta make a deposit at American Standard State Bank"
2002-10-01 03:05:19 PM  
"gotta go pass the nuts"
2002-10-01 03:05:32 PM  
For fans of the Young Ones:

Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens' POOOOOP!
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