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(Orlando Sentinel)   Seniors fight for right to keep on driving   ( divider line
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2002-10-01 07:57:05 AM  
I don't know whats worse.... elderly drivers or people who drive and talk on the cell phone.
2002-10-01 07:57:42 AM  
"You see, I'm 92, and the world doesn't allow for many lapses from people my age."

nobody deserves any lapses when it comes to a few thousand pounds rolling down the road at 65 mph
2002-10-01 07:57:47 AM  
Old people are stupid.

Name that show...
2002-10-01 07:58:25 AM  
homer simpson!!! whoohoo!
2002-10-01 07:59:18 AM  
wait wait..that's "old people are useless.." my bad
2002-10-01 07:59:56 AM  
These blue-haired seniors are just plain scary drivers. They can hardly see over the steering wheel, nevermind focus on what's going on around them...
2002-10-01 07:59:59 AM  
"I do everything for Thelma," she added sweetly. "I am very fond of her."

hmmmmm that sentence plus the possibility of Geena Davis riding in the car with the old bat = trouble.
2002-10-01 08:00:55 AM  
keep guessing... but it is animated....
2002-10-01 08:01:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Byron Cox, the 96-year-old driver who struck and killed Brandi, hadn't taken a road test since he got his driver's license in 1918.

So sad...
2002-10-01 08:08:20 AM  
Old people will continue to drive. Why? Because they make up a significant portion of the population and John Q. Congressman wants your vote, Edna!

fark old people. fark old people right up their geriatric asses.
2002-10-01 08:10:19 AM  
I think we should start fighting old people to keep them locked up in their houses. Just my opinion, my job's been taken by a 72 year young bastard...who doesn't own a computer. I do CAD...figrue out my degree of hatred.
2002-10-01 08:16:11 AM  
Senior citizens should be allowed to drive.... to the home. I will open used car lots on those properties since the old folks won't need their vehicles anymore.
2002-10-01 08:17:13 AM  
Alot of these old folk get their just dessert when they eventually pull out into the path of some truck. It seems to be a fairly common way to end one's twilight years here in Fla.

Sadder is when they pull out in front of some motorcyclist or hit the gas instead of the brake and drive thru the front of some bank or convenience store, injuring innocent bystanders.
2002-10-01 08:21:47 AM  
Affectionately known as...

[image from too old to be available]

(anyone stuck behind a couple of old people will know what I'm talking about)
2002-10-01 08:26:48 AM  
Tharp acknowledges that she has had a few run-ins on the road, and her car provides ample evidence. The 1988 "Oldsmo" -- all that remains of theCutlass Supreme's maimed nameplate -- sits like a wreck awaiting a tow in front of her apartment. Both sides are crumpled with dents. Cracks sprawl the width of the windshield. A taillight is smashed. The rear bumper dangles.

Since 1990, Tharp has been involved in at least five collisions, state records show. Her license was suspended last year after a concerned family member canceled her insurance.

I think this says it all. yea family member, but you shoulda done it sooner!
2002-10-01 08:26:50 AM  
Methinks seniors need to get something straight:


Driving is a privilege; as such, it can be taken away at any time. If it was a right, people wouldn't have to get a license and be subject to regulations and restrictions in order to drive. The problem is that the AARP is perpetuating this "right-to-drive" myth.
2002-10-01 08:26:54 AM  
i HATE the old people in florida. screw them all. i have a half a million dollar medical billing account for a group based in florida and the patients are by far the WORST patients i have ever had to deal with. its mostly snowbirds so they are all new york/new jersey assholes that just decide to moved down south because of "da weatha." they all want to argue, they call with bad attitudes, assume you are screwing them at all times, and biatch and moan about a farking $12 bill. they all need to lose their licenses. just as punishment! ugh! okay, sorry, had to vent.
2002-10-01 08:29:59 AM  
Driving is a privilege

Isn't that the slogan they use in all those old-time DMV instructional movies? If that's the case, then where is the confusion coming from ...
2002-10-01 08:30:00 AM  
Just yesterday in NH we had an 84 year old from the F-state mistake the gas for the break in a parking lot and crash through a liquor store window.

We should have mandatory road testing for all every 10 years, over 60 every 2, and every year after 70.
2002-10-01 08:30:15 AM  
I knew a bloke who said "they can take my license when they prise it from my cold dead hand."

And one day that's exactly what happened.
2002-10-01 08:31:05 AM  
Amen Benf000!
2002-10-01 08:34:16 AM  
I was born a poor black child...

Actually, I was born and raised in Fla. Part of my time was spent in Central Fla. Every Fall the place was overrun by midwestern yankees (Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan) driving Crown Vics or Mercury Marquis' with compasses on the dash. The women all wore big flowery dresses and the men were always bald or wearing baseball caps.

Do directional signs in the midwest say: "Indianapolis - 43 Degrees NNW, etc?" If not, why do these people need compasses?
2002-10-01 08:34:39 AM  
All people should be retested after 3 accidents, in any time period (i.e 3 in 2yrs, 3 in 5yrs or whatever), and after you turn 60 you should get tested every three years until you turn 70 then you should be tested yearly.I am sorry that your too old to drive and that you feel you should be able to continue driving but R TOO FARKING OLD! and I agree totally with 9/10
2002-10-01 08:37:00 AM  
All_Farked_Up, I agree with your proposal on mandatory road testing. I propose every two years after age 65 and every year after age 75.
2002-10-01 08:39:47 AM  
oh, and you shouldn't be able to drive until you are eighteen. Too many farkin R-Types on the road dammit.
2002-10-01 08:46:47 AM  
I see too many old people driving way too slow on the highways totally unaware of the traffic. This is more dangerous when everybody else is trying to avoid their Buicks and Oldsmos. Make em take a test, they scare me.
2002-10-01 08:48:22 AM  
Oh, by the way, were any bottles hurt or killed in that liquor store attack.
2002-10-01 08:50:40 AM  
Or maybe, like most things, driver skill should be noted on an individual account.
2002-10-01 08:50:43 AM  
"I felt I was discriminated against when my license was taken away," Tharp said.

Five accidents in ten years and she felt it was discrimination.

A poor driver and stupid to boot.
2002-10-01 08:50:47 AM  
In general, "driving" in Florida is an exercise in frustration. Between grandpa doing 57 mph in the passing lane and boy racer doing 115 in the breakdown lane, it's hard to imagine a place conducive to driving (other than Rhode Island).
2002-10-01 08:52:44 AM  
Er, less conducive to driving.

It was that farking Dell Dude's fault.
2002-10-01 08:53:15 AM  
safety experts say growing older does not in itself diminish driving ability.

PC doublespeak. Let's continue...

But as people reach their late 60s and beyond, they are more likely to incur medical problems such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, strokes, glaucoma and diabetes that can hinder driving ability, safety experts say.

Aha. So, since as you grow older, you're more likely to have medical problems which can hinder driving ability.

To tighten that up, as you grow older, you're more likely to have hindered driving ability.

Thank you, drive thru. Just not thru a wall or a plate glass window or something.
2002-10-01 08:55:48 AM  
Wasn't it Seinfeld that did the bit about old people pulling out of their driveways. He said something to the effect that after a certain age you earn the right to just go when you feel like it (boy, that has a few meanings). "OK, I'm pulling out -- NOW!" Sad thing is, like alot of Seinfeld's humor, it's rooted in truth. And it's dangerous as hell. Just another thing you have to watch for down here when driving.
2002-10-01 08:59:41 AM  
I'm extremely sorry to interupt a wonderful discussion, but I don't know where else to turn. I need help in identifying a 'Mystery Woman' for a company contest. They don't know the power of Fark. :-)

Anyone know who the heck this is?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-01 09:04:02 AM  
i went to orlando last spring and witnessed 2 accidents involving seniors in one week. my favorite was an old lady that drove straight through a toll gate in front of me, breaking off the arm. 20 ft. later she slams on the brakes then slowly drives away. about a quarter mile later the highway divides and she gets confused about which way she wants to go and ends up stopping in the empty lane right before the cement divider starts. then without looking she hits the gas and swerves into a lane, sideswiping another car. please, don't take away her right to drive.
2002-10-01 09:10:51 AM  
I agree with 9/10... Noone has the right to drive, you must earn it by passing your driver's test. I agree there should be a system setup that if you have more than 3 accidents in 2 years you should have to retake your drivers test.
2002-10-01 09:14:24 AM  
oops I thought I closed my bold.. sorry!
2002-10-01 09:14:47 AM  
You know, if it wasn't for medicine and technology, we wouldn't even have this posting, nor this discussion about old poople. Why?! Because we've totally undercut good ol' mother nature...that's right! NATURAL SELECTION! I propose we go back to a system like in the middle ages, when if an old person couldn't pull their weight in society, they'd just be sent out in the woods to die or something ala Monty Python (I'm not dead yet!!) Humankind just won't let natural selection do it's rightful thing anymore and having our roads clogged with FARKING BUICK DRIVERS GOING AT MOST 30 IN A 55 is one of the prices we're paying for it. Ok..rant over ;)
2002-10-01 09:15:02 AM  
2002-10-01 09:15:24 AM  
Count_Farkula It is Ms. Ida Hitit.
2002-10-01 09:19:54 AM  
There's a couple - She's 92, he's 96 and they get married. THey decide to drive to Niagra Falls for their honeymoon. What do you think they do for two weeks???

Try to get out of the car!
2002-10-01 09:24:28 AM  
Count_Farkula: It's either Elle McPherson or Natasha Henstridge (alien from "Species")
2002-10-01 09:25:29 AM  
Everyone is harping on the "five accidents" thing. I had one bad year I was in three, none of which were my fault.

Left turner in front of my motorcycle in an intersection.

Car ran a red and t-boned my service truck.

Rear-ended sitting in traffic at a red light.

It's not old people who need to be taken off the road, it's INTERSECTIONS. My insurance bill was sky high for the next three years due to the fark-ups of others.
2002-10-01 09:26:46 AM  
My grandmother just got her license at age 68. Thank god she just drives to church and back. (and BINGO)
2002-10-01 09:27:59 AM  
Count_Farkula I don't know her, but I'd like to...if you know what I mean. Looks like she has a great...personality. Huge...tracts of land, if you know what I mean.
2002-10-01 09:28:09 AM  
I want to die peacefully in my sleep just like my Granpa. Not sreaming and pissing myself like the passengers in his car.
2002-10-01 09:28:58 AM  
CB: Insurance companies suck. You don't even need to be in you car and get hit to have the rates go up.
2002-10-01 09:29:12 AM  
Count Farkula

That, my friend, is Elle "The Body" MacPherson.

And yes, I'd like to hit it.
2002-10-01 09:29:46 AM  
Left turner in front of my motorcycle in an intersection.

I'd argue that when you're on a bike the "left turn in front of you" is _always_ to be expected, and you are partially at fault in such a situation.
2002-10-01 09:30:37 AM  
Elle McPherson.
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