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2002-10-01 12:25:37 AM  
Babe? Pics, please?
2002-10-01 12:26:51 AM  
Que ???
2002-10-01 12:27:12 AM  
Cuckoo, you beat me to the Weeners, but also to the request for pics to see if she truly is a babe
2002-10-01 12:27:24 AM  
yeah i saw that one.

gangbang girl #32?

mediocre at best...
2002-10-01 12:27:47 AM  
farking filter....la primera responso
2002-10-01 12:27:52 AM  
More importantly, how did she get out of the kitchen, and who gave her a pair of shoes?
2002-10-01 12:28:06 AM  
That is what passes for "antics" these days? pussies
2002-10-01 12:28:13 AM  
Someone submitted that. Same story w/pic.
2002-10-01 12:28:22 AM  
2002-10-01 12:28:38 AM  
She was giving handjobs in the corner for a dollar
2002-10-01 12:29:11 AM  
Hahaa. Speaking on that subject, Notr's B*tch is a great video. I'd hit it.
There's a party in my pants.
2002-10-01 12:29:34 AM  
thanks, SuperCMC, shes kinda cute, but not a "babe" in my book
2002-10-01 12:31:14 AM  
[image from sportsbybrooks.com too old to be available]

yeah.. i wouldn't mind some antics with her.
2002-10-01 12:31:16 AM  
obligatory "hit it" comment.
2002-10-01 12:31:21 AM  
I heard she will do it for a pack of smokes and a happy meal
2002-10-01 12:31:30 AM  
[image from sportsbybrooks.com too old to be available]

Unless she had a fake ass or something........I'd hit it
2002-10-01 12:31:33 AM  
Damn it, I went and looked for the photo, so all of you are going to look at it anyways!

[image from wcco.com too old to be available]
2002-10-01 12:31:34 AM  
Is she single? or at least open to experiences?
2002-10-01 12:31:41 AM  
Haha. Small world. Gbjerlsu, you are the second person I have seen on here that goes to LSU.
2002-10-01 12:32:05 AM  
[image from sportsbybrooks.com too old to be available]

So-called "TV sports babe" Anne Hutchinson.
2002-10-01 12:32:14 AM  
ahhh anne hutchinson overload.
2002-10-01 12:32:24 AM  
I'd hit it and hit it and hit it and hit it...
2002-10-01 12:32:26 AM  
Pic of Anne: (assuming my l337 html skills are still working)

Anne Hutchinson
2002-10-01 12:32:33 AM  
Would someone please post the picture of her?
2002-10-01 12:32:48 AM  
Hef needs to call this chick....
2002-10-01 12:33:14 AM  
Ooops - those pictures are the ones I linked to. Nevermind folks, nothing to see.
2002-10-01 12:33:26 AM  
Bukkake party! Her house!
2002-10-01 12:33:41 AM  
we need some other pics to see what the rest of the package looks like. certainly looks like she'd fit in at a frat party.
2002-10-01 12:34:17 AM  
I'd hit that like the Mob hits a snitch.
2002-10-01 12:34:44 AM  
[image from haightscross.com too old to be available]

my pleasure Andonbray
2002-10-01 12:35:43 AM  
eddie guardado hit it.
2002-10-01 12:36:22 AM  
Phish - Damn, she looks a lot better in the other pic.
2002-10-01 12:37:29 AM  
Allow me to show my chauvinistic side...
I hate the idea of chick sportscasters-
especially in football.
My philosophy is that's what the cheerleaders are for.
(which incidentally they hardly ever show- and WHY is that?)
2002-10-01 12:37:56 AM  
What exactly did she allegedly do? It doesn't really say in the article. She partied? That could mean anything.
2002-10-01 12:38:54 AM  
I think Anne Hutchinson was some high-strung 17th century Christian biatch. Wouldn't hit it.
2002-10-01 12:39:42 AM  
Lets give a big Fark hello to Anne

2002-10-01 12:40:09 AM  
this was news way back when the twins clinched the division.

not so much, now.
2002-10-01 12:40:14 AM  
So, the upshot is that sports and blonds don't mix?

2002-10-01 12:41:15 AM  
Reitan was out of town when the C.J. piece ran, but upon her return, she was confronted with raw tape of the locker-room episode, which, sources say, shows Hutchinson pouring beverages over several players' heads, trading tokes on a cigar with second baseman Luis Rivas and squealing with delight while being chased around the room.

Dear sweet mother of God!!! Does the Pope know about this?

Sheeesh! Get a grip. It's not like she was caught doing triple penitration scenes in the showers. Fricken puritans.

Let the girl have some fun.
2002-10-01 12:41:37 AM  
She smoked a cigar, got chased around the locker room, acted giddy and poured champagne over players heads.
No mention of her flashing her hooters.
2002-10-01 12:41:45 AM  
She has a crooked smile, thats a sure sign of chlymidia
2002-10-01 12:41:53 AM  
She looks sporty to me. What's the problem?
2002-10-01 12:41:56 AM  
Isn't this the gal that once got busted for snorting NutraSweet 'cause she thought it was diet coke?
2002-10-01 12:43:34 AM  
HellRaiser: I'd much rather look at chick sportscasters like this than John Madden's gigantic melon. Not that most of the women sportscasters have any clue about sports, but I'm really not paying attention to what they are saying.

Oh, by the way, I'd hit Ann as well.
2002-10-01 12:44:08 AM  
Ohh... She toked a cigar, poored beverages over the players heads and "squealed with delight while being chased around the room.". pff what a letdown. The text made up untill that point made it sound like a ganbang

And seriously though, how important is it for sports people to be 'serious' jornalists anyway?
2002-10-01 12:44:12 AM  
Walljasper - You are wanted in yesterday's blonde thread.
2002-10-01 12:44:18 AM  
sorry about the all bold...new to this HTML thing
2002-10-01 12:44:33 AM  
the right eye is always higher than the left eye.

why is that?
2002-10-01 12:45:05 AM  
Walljasper I hope you blew the dust off that joke before you brought it in here, its old but still good.
2002-10-01 12:46:19 AM  
I've seen her in person before at some sporting event or another, and all I can say is: I'D HIT IT!
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